Wife Fucks Her Younger Brother

Wife Fucks Her Younger Brother.. In My Wife Fucks Her Brother I told you about the time Sue fucked her older brother. This is the true story of when she fucked her younger brother.

My stories may not be as racy as some of the fantasy stories written on this site, but truth usually is milder than made up stories on what one would like to happen.

By the way in all my stories the names have been changed to protect the guilty. (The innocent need no protection) All else is a close to what happened as well as I can remember.

We were living in D.C. At the time when when we were visited on a college break by Sues younger brother Ted.

Remembering how much fun it was watching James fuck my wife I was giving thought to Ted fucking her, but wasn’t real sure on how to go about arranging that.

Several days into his visit during our time of evening drinks the subject of the film James had him deliver for developing several years before. (see of the story of Sue fucking her older brother)

I asked if he knew what was on the film and after long discussion he finally admitted he did and I got him to admit that he had seen the resulting photos. After plying him with more alcohol he also admitted seeing some of the photos we had taken when we were visiting,

Sue immediately asked him if he had seen pictures of James fucking her. Ted seemed surprised that she had been fucked by his older brother. He also appeared to get excited by the idea.

Now with things coming into the open he admitted to fucking Mary. He spent some time talking about how good she was and the difficulty she had sucking his cock.

Sue wanted to know why Mary had a problem sucking his dick.

Ted told her that because he was so large. Sue said she did not believe him.

“I’ll show you then.” he said standing up and unbuckling his pants. (We had had a few by then)

After his pants dropped to the floor a tent was formed in his Jockey shorts. He hooked his thumbs in his waist band and pulled them down to his ankles. He stepped from the pool of his clothing on the floor.

His cock was HUGE. It must have been at least 10 inches long and proportionally thick.

Free of clothing and under Sues gaze it seemed to be getting bigger with little jerks until at last it was standing tall it rose from its nest of red hair at about a 45 degree angle. It’s huge head glistening with pre-cum.

“Damn!” said Sue. “I am not sure I could get that in my mouth either. I want to touch it. I have never seen a cock so big.”

“Go ahead,” he said still standing and sliding his feet a little further apart.

Sue moved from the couch and got on her knees in front of him. She reached out and grasped his cock . She could not get her hand all around it. She reached the other hand around it and started to slide her hands up and down the huge shaft.

With both hands on it there was room for a third, maybe a forth hand on that giant cock.

As she continued to caress up and down the shaft a drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip.

Pulling his cock down Sue licked the drop of pre-cum from the huge head.

Cupping his balls in one hand she continued to lick the head of his cock.

“You keep that up Sis and you are going to get fucked by your little brother.” he said breathlessly.

“You want to fuck her?” I asked.

“I have been wanting to fuck her since I was a little boy.” he said. “I used to sneak around and try to catch a glimpse of her naked in her room or when she was taking a bath.”

I would jack off thinking about fucking her.

Now that she admitted being fucked by James has made me want to fuck her even more.

I got on the floor behind Sue and started unbuttoning her blouse. I soon had her blouse and bra off and was playing with her tits.

“You want to be fucked by your little brother?” I asked.

She was still playing with his cock and balls.

“There is nothing little about him.” she said. “I have never had a cock this big. I am not sure he can get it in my pussy, but I certainly am willing to try”

“If he can fuck Mary he can fuck you.” I said running my hand between her legs and pressing against her clit through the fabric of her jeans. She gave a moan and pressed back.

I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and with her help soon had her nude. I slid my fingers in and out of her pussy as she she continued to lick and nibble on the large cock before her.

Ted removed his shirt and he was as naked as she was. I was the only one wearing all my clothes which I quickly remedied.

With all of us nude Sue took Ted’s cock in hand and started down the hall to the bed room.

I followed as I was going to see if he could get that big dick into her tight pussy..

Guys believe me when I tell you there is nothing like watching a cock go into your wife’s cunt and listening to her moan and sigh as a new cock works her pussy over.

In the bed room Sue lay on her back and put a pillow under her ass raising her pussy up to meet the coming onslaught. I slid two fingers into her wet gash and found it sopping wet.

“I know I am wet, Honey, but I still think I am going to need some more to get that big thing in me. Get the anal lube we use on my ass out of the drawer it should work.” and laughing she told Ted not to get his hopes up as there was no way he was even going to try to get his cock in her asshole.
I gave Sue the pump bottle of anal lube and she beckoned Ted toward the head of the bed where she grasped his cock and began to slather lube on it. Using both hands she slid them up and down the thick shaft.

Her hands looked tiny sliding up and down that big pole.

He began to moan with the sensation of his cock being jacked.

“Now get that thing in me.” Sue told him

He moved between her legs and placed his giant cock head at the entrance of her pussy.

I moved to the end of the bed so I could watch him penetrate her.

He moved the head of his dick up and down her slit coating it with her pussy juice. Sue moaned with anticipation.

He pushed but the head of his cock would not go in her. He kept pushing. The giant head pushed her pussy lips aside and with another push it slid a little more into her.

She grunted as a little of his cock slid into her. I could see her hole being stretched as he continued entering her.

I got the bottle of lube and squirted some into my hand and reached under his hanging balls and began to rub it on his cock.

With the additional lube he slid into her more. She was still moaning and groaning as he entered her stretched pussy.

“God it’s so big” she panted. “I feel so filled. Never have I been stretched like this.”

Ted kept the pressure on and soon I saw the unbelievable. He was fully her. His balls were at the entrance of her cunt. The shaft of his cock was completely inside her body,

No sooner than being in her he started to slowly withdraw. Almost out he started back into her again.

The shaft of his cock was coated with lub and her pussy juice as it withdrew.

The walls of her vaginal tunnel clung to his cock as if they were afraid to let go

Going into her was easier now that he had stretched her out and soon he was fucking her at a good rate his cock going in and out of her wet cunt, his balls slapping her with each thrust.
His cock was covered with a white foam made up of his pre cum and her sex juices.

Sue made whimpering sounds as he fucked her stretched hole.

Her pussy was making wet sloshing sounds as he went in and out.

The smell of her lust heated cunt filled the room.

I was fascinated watching that cock go in and out of her hole. The sight of such a big dick fucking my wife’s pussy was a huge turn on.

I stroked myself. It was a big turn-on watching the scene before me.

After much longer than I could have lasted with a new pussy to fuck Ted began to speed up his thrusting with each thrust getting a “Oh my God!” from Sue.

She was getting close to having an orgasm.

Wrapping her legs around his waist her ass rose up to meet his downward thrust.

Soon there was just a constant stream of Oh my Gods coming from her as he fucked her faster and faster. And she was having one long orgasm.

She was thrusting to meet him as hard and fast as he was thrusting into her..

Her cunt was completely stretched to accommodate his large cock. It was going in and out from tip to balls.

With one last hard thrust Ted buried his cock to the hilt in her steaming pussy and I saw his balls lift as he sent spurt after spurt of cum into his sister’s welcoming pussy.

Sue squealed with the deep penetration

Her pussy could not hold his large dick and all the cum he was shooting into her. Some of the white jizz began to flow around his cock and coat his balls.

With a pop he pulled his glistening cock from her dilated hole. This was followed by a stream of white cum flowing from her gaping hole.

Ted fell over on his back next to Sue breathing heavily as his cock shrunk to almost normal size (normal for most fully hard men).

Sues opening gaped and I could see a pool of cum on the floor of her cunt. Another pool of cum had formed flowing from her onto the bed. One could tell he had put a large amount of sperm into her.

Seeing that sweet pussy like that made me crawl between her legs, slide my cock into her ravaged hole and started fucking her.

My cock slid into her with no hesitation.

I could feel his hot cum in my wife’s pussy and I soon added mine to the pool.

“God I don’t think I will lever be able to get my legs together.” Sue moaned. “I have truly been fucked. I will never call you “little” brother again. We all need to take a shower. I feel like I will be dripping cum for weeks.”

Getting up we went to our large shower. It was big enough for several people at once, soon we were washing each others parts. It was great fun soaping her cunt, tits and ass as our wilted cocks were being attended to.

Even without a hard on Ted’s cock was huge, hanging between his legs like a fire hose. Sue made sure she cleaned each inch of the monster, paying special attention to the purple head.

Once clean and dry we returned to the bedroom where Sue changed the sheets as a large pool of cum had leaked from her onto the bed.

With clean bedding we lay back on the bed with Sue in the middle.

Ted started sucking her tits and I was playing with her love hole.

I was told by Sue that her pussy was tender and asked me to play with her asshole.

I slid between her legs and started licking and tonguing her rear hole. I noticed her cunt was still gaping and I hoped it would shrink to normal (it did).

Looking up I saw that Ted had moved up to the head of the bed and had pressed his large cock head to Sue’s lips.

She was doing a fair job of blowing him. She could only get the head of his cock in her mouth but she was licking and sucking on it with gusto. Running her tongue up and down his shaft she would pause at the top and suck on his cock head.

Ted was beginning to breathe heavily.

I pushed Sues knees up toward her armpits and oiling my cock with the lubrication and slid into her butt hole.

Her ass griped my cock tightly as I went in and out.

I had fucked her ass enough that going into her was easy. I was completely in her and fucking her full strokes when I felt my cum beginning to rise. I shot into her rear hole the same time that Ted unloaded in her mouth. I could see her throat moving as she attempted to swallow his full load. She was not successful, some of it squirted from around his cock and dribbled down her chin. She finished by squeezing his cock and getting every bit of his cum into her mouth.

Every drop of my cum stayed in her ass

Sue got up and washed her face and ass. When she returned we all fell asleep. It had been a busy evening.

The next morning I was awakened by shaking of the bed.

Sue was on her hands and knees with her ass over the side of the bed. Ted was standing on the floor behind her sawing his huge cock in and out of her cunt.

She was breathing hard and I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm

It must have went into her much easier now her pussy had been stretched

I slid between her legs and looking up I could see his rod going in and out. Her stretched pussy lips were clinging to the shaft.

I was getting a real closeup look of her getting fucked. I had seen similar views before but none stretching her cunt as much as this.

Raising my head I licked and tongued her clit. She moaned with each swipe.

In doing so I could not help but have his cock brushing my lips and his balls were drug across my face.

Reaching up I took his ball sack in hand and gently squeezed as he continued to fuck her and I continued to lick her clit.

Sue took my cock in her mouth and brought it a full hard on.

Her bobbing her head up and down on my dick I soon soon had the my cum looking for an exit from my balls.

I garbed her head and held it in place as I emptied my balls in her mouth. She sucked it all down.

I felt his balls lift and start to empty his load of cum in her waiting pussy.

She swallowed every drop of my cum and still managed to let out a scream as she came.

As Ted pulled his dripping cock from her cunt it drug across my lips. He tasted like Sue. Of course he was covered with her pussy juice.

I am not gay, nor am I homophobic. Many times have I had a guy’s dick near my mouth while he was fucking Sue and I was eating her pussy.

I have played with a man’s ball sack as he had his rod one of her holes. Having it done to me felt good and I saw no reason not to pass it on..

I guess what I am saying if it feels good I do it. Dicks do not scare me nor do I feel a desire to suck or be sucked.

If you like it I say no problem. Why some people get upset about it is their problem not mine.

The fact that Sue was letting her younger brother fuck her did not present a problem with me. Both were adults. If they wanted to fuck and there was no chance of pregnancy, why not.

I would be lying however if I did not say the taboo idea of seeing her brothers cock in her turned me on a little more than just a plain dick.

Sexually sated we dressed and later took Ted to National Air Port where he caught a plane back to school.

Sue fondly remembers getting fucked by her “little” brother. It has happened again but nothing is as good as the first time for a new cock.

One of my new fantasies was having both brothers fuck her at the same time. Sorry to say this never happened however.

= = = = = = = = =

Sue here.
I saw hubby writing this and thought I should add my side of the story.
The way hubby described it is the way it happened. He didn’t know what I was feeling however.

First when Ralph admitted knowing what was on the roll of film from James and seeing some of the pictures we had taken when we visited them I was sure James had shown him pictures of him fucking me. After admitting he had fucked Jame’s wife Mary I was sure he knew James had done me.

I was pissed at James for letting Ralph know he had fucked me.

I have nothing against fucking a brother. If they are an adult they can do who they want.

Once I saw how big Ralph was I knew I had to have him. I also knew that for some reason Hubby likes to watch me having sex with other men so he was really getting turned on watching me when I was trying to get Ralph’s big cock in my mouth.

When we got in the bedroom and Ralph was putting that huge cock of his in me it hurt. I have never been stretched so much. I know women are supposed to be able to adapt to any size penis, but it takes a bit of time. Him putting that thing in me hurt in the beginning.

Even after he got all the way in me it still was uncomfortable going in and out, but it hurt in a good way if that makes sense.

The next morning with Hubby licking my twat while I was being boffed made it feel good.

Over all I enjoyed having sex with my “little” brother and have enjoyed it several times since then.

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