Sonam’s Seduction

This is my first attempt in sharing a real incident, only thing I am changing are names, places, etc. so that people cannot be identified. About myself, I am a 38 year old male, never married, very committed till about 31 to my GF but since then very frivolous with multiple escapades.

This is the story about one such escapades, about a girl Sonam. I was at that time working in an international charity organization as marketing head. Having recently joined (was 32 then), I was introduced to the marketing agency. The agency team had a servicing girl known as Sonam. Somehow, I was immediately attracted to her. She was wearing glasses and a dress and seemed to have real sexy legs. She was supposed to be my servicing executive from the agency.

As we spoke almost every day due to our work requirements and I started little flirts with her. I came to know that she lives in a PG in Saket, was in a relationship for the last 6 years but never had sex with the BF and is from the small town of Modinagar and this is her first job after MBA and she is 24 years of age.

After lots of flirts, I asked her to come out with me on a dinner date. Realized she did not drink much during the date, I took her to my favorite restaurant in CP, Boom box cafe. While the first date was normal without much action, I was sure that attraction is mutual in spite of her having a BF. What followed were a couple of impromptu dates with me reaching her PG and asking her to come out. Drive around Delhi, doing a little drinking in the car.

On one such impromptu meetings, I took her to my home (Faridabad) and on the way told her how I was attracted to her and wanted to kiss her. Once at my home, I asked her to stay over at next day is a Saturday and it’s a long drive back. She agreed and we ordered some food, ate, watched TV (sitting on my bed).

I sat close to her, put my hand behind on her back made her lean towards me and then I again brought up the topic of kiss. She looked at me and didn’t say anything. I then told her I am going to kiss her and actually kissed her. I then started kissing her but this time became more aggressive and started feeling her from top to bottom. I started feeling her sexy legs up to her thigs as she was wearing I dress I could bring her hands up to her boobs. I started pressing them. All this while the kiss was still continuing.

I then removed my hands and opened her Bra hooks from above the dress (I have a neat trick with lots of practice to do that). And then again kissed her and put my hands and played with her boobs. I took her hands and placed it on my cock over my shorts. She held it and let it go. I kissed her more passionately, without tongues playing a duel, I then opened her dress zip from the back and pulled it down her shoulder, her boob popped out of her dress with the bra hanging. I immediately took her boob in my mouth sucking it and then letting it go till the nipple was between my lips, I started sucking and giving it small bites. She let out a small moan and said, why am I not able to stop you. I have not even let Amit (her BF) suck my boob in all these years. As I let go of her boob, I asked what all was he able to do. She said with Amit on hugs and small kiss not the tongue kiss we did. I laughed on her “tongue kiss” and she became more shy and said why am I making fun of her. I told her there is nothing like a “tongue kiss” it’s a smooch. And that I am glad I am the first one to suck her sexy boobs, they were 34 C at that time.

I again kissed her and she closed her eyes and let me kiss her again. I started sucking her upper lip and started playing her boobs, I took her hands out of the dress and the bra straps. I stopped for a second and took my T-shirt off and her dress was now at her waist and she was nude from the waist above. I hugged her tightly crushing her boobs and started smooching her with my hands roaming all over her naked nude back. She had flawless skin very smooth. As we were kissing, I again brought her hand on my cock and made her hold it. I told her see what she is doing to me. She said this is big, I asked how does know as she never had sex. She said she never had sex but had felt her BF over his pants and even his ex bf Praduman. Both of them were small. Now to the size of my cock, I don’t know how you measure it. If its from the balls up or from the inner side. I can although say that fully erect it closes my own navel. Anyway, coming back to the events unfolding, I get her to remove her dress completely and she was only in her panties, she did not let me take the panty off. I also understood that I need not rush. If I am this far then if I am patient, I will get her completely.

I asked her to hold my cock and give me a hand job. I had already opened my shorts button and put her hand inside by shorts and made her touch my naked cock. She held it in her hands and started moving it slowly, I at the same time, started kissing her and pressing her boobs, my other hands started rubbing her pussy over her panty, she held my hand and asked me not to. I understood she is still shy. I agreed and started sucking her boobs. I was sucking one boobs and pressing another and I kept on doing this between the boobs. And in between there were kisses.

Sonam was moaning, saying Ansh, I have never felt anything like it. Please suck them more. It went for quite sometime and I told her let me please you more, let me feel you pussy. She said she is feeling shy. And then I kissed her again, and slowly put my fingers in the waist band of her panty and slowly started pulling it down. She held my hand to stop me and I did for a moment. Then I kissed her again and again started rolling her panties down her smooth things and legs till her knees. From there I used my leg to get it out so that I don’t have to stop kissing her. She was now completely nude and surprisingly shaved.

I started feeling her all over her body while she was holding my cock and I was kissing her? kicked my shorts out and took off my T-shirt hurriedly. She smiled while looking away shyly. I lied down on top of her and started kissing her and playing with her boobs at the same time.

Slowly, I took my other hand and started playing with her pussy lips. She again tried to be shy and held my hand. However, she did not remove it. I kissed her boobs and started sucking her nipple. She put her hands on my head and started moving the fingers in my hair. I slowly started to put the finger inside her pussy. She started moaning and calling my name Ansh. I moved my mouth to her other boob and put another finger in her pussy. She was leaking like a faucet. I looked into her eyes and told her that I want her. She said that she is a bit scared. I comforted her and slowly started rubbing my cock over her pussy while kissing her. I held my cock in a hand and put it on her pussy entrance. I slowly started trying to enter her but it was very difficult. I realized she was being truthful about being virgin. I figured will have to be real slow to push in her.

I kissed her more passionately and slowly started pushing my cock inside her. She was really very tight. The moment a little amount of my head got it. She screamed and I had to put my mouth on her lips to keep the noise from waking up the neighbors. She had tears in her eyes. I consoled her while being still below. I told her its ok, I will go very slow. I kissed her and sucked her nipples and then pushed a little more inside once she seemed relaxed. She again started to scream but this time I was prepared and had sealed her lips so that he sound does not go out.

I again laid still while she got accommodated to me being inside her and got ok with the pain. Once she was ok and then again pushed inside, this continued till the time I was fully inside of her. I then laid still for her to be used to me and was kissing her all over, her lips, neck throat and then back to her lips. However there was blood, but then I know you always don’t get blood as the hymen gets broken by things like cycling in girls as well.

I then slowly started moving in and out, she started moaning and pulled my face and kissed me hard. While I was going in and out, I started kissing her on the neck and giving her little bites, I kissed her nipple and started biting all around her nipples on her boobs. In between she shuddered and I realized that she is having an orgasm. We were all sweaty as if the AC was not working. I let it subsidize while again starting my in and out movement. While fucking her, I gave her a bite on her shoulder and then kissed it. This continued for almost 20 mins, OH I forgot to tell you that I suffer from delayed ejaculation and had gone for numerous tests and the doc said all things are fine and that its some psychosomatic problem and will solve on its own.

Anyway, I knew I am about to cum and so I pulled myself out, got a condom from my drawer and pulled it on to insert again, this time my cock went in easily. Soon I was fucking her again, I pulled her legs and asked her to wrap it around me so that I can go inside her deeper, I started kissing her again and in between kissing her neck and cheeks and giving small bites on her earlobe.

This went on and on till I was spurting cum into the condom and she cummed along with me. We then laid together for some time and then I pulled off the condom, tied it and threw it on the floor. We hugged each other and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up a few hours into the night and saw how sexy she was looking. I started to her hard and decided to have another round, I slowly put my hand on her pussy and started rubbing it, she was half asleep and smiled and gave me a peck on my neck. We were lying side by side, I just picked her leg to make room and inserted my cock in her pussy which was already wet.

I held her leg over my shoulder and started fucking her from the side, she again went for some time. Slowly, I turned so that she was on top and I asked her started jumping all over me, she said it feels deeper like this. I yes, it does and she slowly started jumping up and down and started increasing her speed. My hands were moving all behind her.

I pulled her down so that I could sucking her nipples while raising my hips to meet her in between her jumping up and down. This went for quite some time and then I realized she is cumming. She then just laid on top of me.

I laid her on bed, took another condom, wore it and then started fucking her missionary style while my legs locked with her legs. I also started kissing her. This went for some more time, then I raised her legs and ask her to hold them near her shoulders while I inserted my cock in her pussy.

She started leaking so much that the sheet just below her ass started getting wet. I kissed her and then realized I am about to cum. I slowly filled the condom and then got off to go to the washroom. When I came out, she went in and I laid on the bed and was almost asleep when she came out, Got into the bed hugged me and drifted off to sleep.

We had numerous encounters and eventually her BF also got to have sex with her. More stories based on how people react to this one. Email me on anshthelover{at}outlook{dot}com for direct feedback.

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