Sonam’s Seduction

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This is my first attempt in sharing a real incident, only thing I am changing are names, places, etc. so that people cannot be identified. About myself, I am a 38 year old male, never married, very committed till about 31 to my GF but since then very frivolous with multiple escapades.

This is the story about one such escapades, about a girl Sonam. I was at that time working in an international charity organization as marketing head. Having recently joined (was 32 then), I was introduced to the marketing agency. The agency team had a servicing girl known as Sonam. Somehow, I was immediately attracted to her. She was wearing glasses and a dress and seemed to have real sexy legs. She was supposed to be my servicing executive from the agency.

As we spoke almost every day due to our work requirements and I started little flirts with her. I came to know that she lives in a PG in Saket, was in a relationship for the last 6 years but never had sex with the BF and is from the small town of Modinagar and this is her first job after MBA and she is 24 years of age.

After lots of flirts, I asked her to come out with me on a dinner date. Realized she did not drink much during the date, I took her to my favorite restaurant in CP, Boom box cafe. While the first date was normal without much action, I was sure that attraction is mutual in spite of her having a BF. What followed were a couple of impromptu dates with me reaching her PG and asking her to come out. Drive around Delhi, doing a little drinking in the car.

On one such impromptu meetings, I took her to my home (Faridabad) and on the way told her how I was attracted to her and wanted to kiss her. Once at my home, I asked her to stay over at next day is a Saturday and it’s a long drive back. She agreed and we ordered some food, ate, watched TV (sitting on my bed).

I sat close to her, put my hand behind on her back made her lean towards me and then I again brought up the topic of kiss. She looked at me and didn’t say anything. I then told her I am going to kiss her and actually kissed her. I then started kissing her but this time became more aggressive and started feeling her from top to bottom. I started feeling her sexy legs up to her thigs as she was wearing I dress I could bring her hands up to her boobs. I started pressing them. All this while the kiss was still continuing.

I then removed my hands and opened her Bra hooks from above the dress (I have a neat trick with lots of practice to do that). And then again kissed her and put my hands and played with her boobs. I took her hands and placed it on my cock over my shorts. She held it and let it go. I kissed her more passionately, without tongues playing a duel, I then opened her dress zip from the back and pulled it down her shoulder, her boob popped out of her dress with the bra hanging. I immediately took her boob in my mouth sucking it and then letting it go till the nipple was between my lips, I started sucking and giving it small bites. She let out a small moan and said, why am I not able to stop you. I have not even let Amit (her BF) suck my boob in all these years. As I let go of her boob, I asked what all was he able to do. She said with Amit on hugs and small kiss not the tongue kiss we did. I laughed on her “tongue kiss” and she became more shy and said why am I making fun of her. I told her there is nothing like a “tongue kiss” it’s a smooch. And that I am glad I am the first one to suck her sexy boobs, they were 34 C at that time.

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