Substitute for Dad, Mother takes son as a substitute lover

Substitute for Dad, Mother takes son as a substitute lover, This tale dates back over thirty years ago. I nineteen years old and was still living at home with my parents and two younger sisters. My older sister had married and left home in the previous year and my brother had recently moved in with his much older girlfriend and so I was the oldest sibling still at home. I had a bedroom all to myself for the first time I could remember which allowed me the freedom to have a wank whenever I felt like it which as I didn’t have a girlfriend was pretty much constant. Prior to my brother moving out it had been difficult to get time alone, luckily I worked on shifts and so when I was on nightshift I at least had a chance to crack one off when my brother was at work during the day.

Although I wasn’t a virgin I didn’t have a great deal of sexual experience most of my encounters had been drunken quickies at parties or fumbles in the back of my mate’s car if I got lucky in a club.

I had got back into playing rugby during the last year though because of working odd hours it was difficult to get much game time but my fitness had improved and I had developed a good set of muscles.

One morning after a late shift I was woken by my mother bringing me a cup of tea. Since I was about fifteen I slept naked even on the coldest nights and I had a tendency to kick the covers off in my sleep. This particular morning mum hadn’t knocked before coming into my room so I woke as I felt the bedcovers being pulled straight and her asking if I was awake. Most of me was still half asleep but my cock was standing to attention as normal in its full morning glory. My hazy brain didn’t register until much later that my mum must have seen my erect cock before she pulled the covers over me.

She had woken me early as my dad had been taken into hospital yet again the night before and she needed a lift to get there for visiting hours. He had been in and out of hospital for the last two years for various reasons and for the last twelve months he had prostate problems which meant he had to wear a catheter. My dad was nearly thirty years older than my mum and we had been his second family, she had married him when she was twenty four. My brother had come along twelve months later and then they had produced children at a rate on one every eighteen months for the next six years. My dad had nine children in total four from his first wife and five with our mother. At the time we were growing up we never considered our parents would enjoy an active sex life but when you think back to weekend mornings and afternoons when their bedroom door was locked and some of the odd noises emanating it is now obvious they were very active.

Mum put my tea on the side and said she was going to take a quick shower while I woke up and drank my tea.

“You really need to find yourself a nice girlfriend to look after you!” she said.

I did have a chance to reply before she walked out of the room and the comment went out of my mind as I sat up and my cock poked its head out of the covers. I waited until I heard the bathroom door close and then began stroking my still hard cock.

I normally thought of models in the porn magazines that my brother owned or at one time I imagined screwing his girlfriend when I found a couple of topless pictures he had taken. This time as my mind wandered I thought of my mum washing herself in the shower I felt my cock stiffen and twitch as I pulled at it. Suddenly I felt the rush as I began to come and the first shot of spunk hit me under the chin. It felt weird making myself come thinking about my mother’s naked body.

I quickly mopped up the copious amounts of spunk and sat up to drink my tea. I had just finished it as my mother knocked on the door to say the shower was free. My cock was still at half mast as I pulled on a pair of shorts to take the few steps to the bathroom, mum’s door was slightly ajar and I caught sight of her naked back as she dried herself and my cock reacted by stiffening.

For a forty-six year old woman who had given birth to five kids she still had a slim figure could easily pass for a woman in her thirties. She was petite woman only 5’1″ tall with toned legs, a pert bottom and a pair of rounded C-cup breasts that considering they had suckled five babies still defied age and gravity.

I ducked into the bathroom and forced my erect cock to point at the toilet bowl so I could have a pee and ease the stiffness before my shower. I took a lazy shower and then started to shave at the sink with my towel wrapped around my waist.

Without knocking my mother came into the bathroom to hang up her towel and stood watching me shave.

“All that Rugby training is giving you nice muscles I can see them rippling,” she said laughing.

She ran her hand across my shoulders and back then slid her arms around me affectionately.

“You take after your father with those broad shoulders and big hands but you get your height from my Uncle Jim,” she said in a slightly vacant way as though she was reliving an old memory.

I felt my cock twitching and swelling again as I tried to finish shaving but I nicked my upper lip as I tried to hide my newest erection. I swore as I blood dripped from my lip and my mother maternally turned my head towards her and pressed a finger on the cut. She glanced down and smiled as she saw the tent my cock was making of the towel around my waist.

“You definitely take after your father and Uncle Jim,” she said under her breath.

I didn’t pick up on the comment as I was more concerned in trying to hide my still growing erection.

Mum picked up the flannel and dabbed my cut lip then pulled my head down (I’m 6’2″) and kissed my upper lip.

She said, “There I’ve kissed it better for my baby boy, now hurry up and get dressed or we will be late.”

Then she tenderly wiped away the remainder of the shaving foam from my face. I looked down and stared at my mother’s cleavage and my cock stiffened to its fullest extent almost brushing against her body. I felt the urge to pull open her bathrobe to but she stepped back. Mum left me in the bathroom and I quickly finished drying off and went to my bedroom to get dressed with my cock still hard and throbbing. It didn’t subside until we were in the car driving to the hospital.

My dad was quite agitated during the visit worrying about getting our holiday caravan shutdown for the winter and organising the fees for next year. I said I would take mum down to the caravan site the next weekend as I would not be working. He calmed down a bit and mum sent me off to get a couple of drinks from the canteen.

My dad was in a side ward with only three other beds in it but they were unoccupied. The curtains were around dad’s bed when I got back and I hesitated thinking the nurses or doctors might be with him. I looked around for my mum but couldn’t see her anywhere in the main ward so I went back to the side ward and heard a muffled groan and then my mum’s voice behind the curtain.

I pulled the curtain back and mum told me she had just been making dad more comfortable. I assumed she had been struggling to help him sit up in bed as she looked quite flushed. My dad seemed much more cheerful and when we left him he was having a laugh with the nurses as they brought the patient’s supper round.

Mum told me on the way home that the doctors would be keeping dad in hospital for another couple of weeks and he had insisted that we go to the caravan on Thursday so we had plenty of time to get it closed down and the fees settled. I was slightly pissed off at this as I had planned to go out ‘on the pull’ with my mates on Thursday to a new club.


I had been working night shifts until Thursday morning and my manager had kept us back for half an hour as he had to announce some shift restructuring news so it was almost 10 am by the time I got home and I was past tired so I persuaded mum to leave earlier to head down to the caravan. It was a warm day for late September so I changed into a pair of rugby shorts and a tee shirt. I threw a change of clothes in a bag as we would be staying at least one night and hurried my mum out of the door.

We were at the caravan by 2 pm and set about tidying the place up and I cut back the weeds and grass outside. Before long I stripped to the waist to keep cool and enjoy the sun on my back. Mum came out with a cold drink and she had her blouse tied up around her waist as she was feeling the warmth of the day. The campsite was fairly deserted as most people had young families so only came down at weekends during term time. We sat for a while having our drinks when mum suggested leaving the tidying until the next day and just enjoying the sun for the rest of the afternoon. I was starting to feel the lack of sleep so I readily agreed and got out a couple of sun loungers.

Mum went back into the caravan to get a book to read and I lay back and began to doze off to sleep. I woke with a start as mum dripped cold sun cream on my chest.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to make you jump but you will burn if you don’t put this on,” she said with a smile.

She was kneeling beside my sun lounger and it took a second for me to focus and realise she had changed into a bikini.

She noticed me look and said, “I couldn’t find my swimsuit so I put on one of the girls’ bikinis; it doesn’t look to bad on me does it?”

“No, it looks nice,” I replied.

I assumed it belonged to my youngest sister as the top was obviously at least a size too small, she was quite flat-chested compared to my mum and other sisters who were also at least a C-cup. I realised I was staring at my mum’s cleavage and forced myself to look up.

“I’ll rub the sun cream in,” I said.

She replied, “Don’t worry I’ll do it, I know you will miss bits and have burnt patches. Now lie back and don’t start fidgeting like you used to when you were younger.”

I let my mum rub in the cream as I tried to think of something to keep my cock from growing. It had woken up as soon as I saw her cleavage and now was getting harder and longer as she spread the sun cream over my chest and stomach. I gripped the arm rests of the lounger as I thought it might help and hoped mum would think I was doing it to stop squirming as I have always been ticklish.

As she rubbed the last of the cream into the skin just above my waistband I could feel the tip of my cock trying to poke out of top of my shorts. Her forearm brushed over my stiff cock and she seemed to move her hand back and forth as though she was checking how big it was. I realised I had closed my eyes and when I looked at her face I saw she was looking at the bulge in my shorts. I glanced at her cleavage and saw her nipples had got hard and were poking through the fabric of her bikini top.

I felt her fingers slide over my shorts tracing the line of my engorged penis. I wasn’t sure what to do I thought I should push her hand away but I really wanted her to rub my cock harder. It was my cock that seemed to take charge as it stiffened again pushing against her fingers and poking above the waistband of my shorts. Mums fingers moved to the tip and she traced them over the head.

“Mum I’m sorry,” I blurted out.

I moved my hand over my burgeoning erection but she just took my hand and held it in her lap.

“I think we should go inside for a while to let you calm down before anyone comes past,” she said and stood up and pulled on my hand.

We stepped inside the caravan with my cock still poking above out of the top of my shorts. Still holding my hand she led me to the bedroom.

She hugged me, “It’s okay I have seen it like this before,” she said, “Will it calm down or do you have to sort it out?”

But before I could reply she said, “Or do you want mummy to help?”

I didn’t say anything at first and she smiled at me.

“Well if I am going to help I had better see the whole thing,” she said.

Then she tugged my shorts down and wrapped her hand around my shaft stroking it as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Her other hand took mine and she placed it on her breast and squeezed.

“Squeeze mummy’s tits for her while I see to you,” she muttered.

I was more taken aback by my mum using the word “tits” as I had never heard her use any swear words even mild ones. She leaned forward and rubbed her face against my hardness.

Mum murmured, “Oh this is a big cock have you used it properly yet?”

I instinctively held her head closer and rocked my hips rubbing my cock over her cheek.

“I have had sex with a couple of girls at parties but we were a bit too drunk to enjoy it,” I confessed.

“Did they suck you too?” she asked her voice seeming slightly breathless.

“No,” I moaned.

“Okay baby I’ll show you how nice it is,” she said.

I felt her lips kiss the tip of my cock and her tongue lap the head as she stretched my foreskin back. Then she opened her mouth and took the head in as she stroked with her hand. Mum’s head bobbed up and down over the head of my cock as she massaged my balls gently with one hand while the other stroked the shaft. After a couple of minutes work by my mother’s mouth I felt my spunk rising.

I groaned, “Oh Mum I going to cum!”

I squeezed her tit hard as I ejaculated. Mum still had her mouth over the head of my cock and she swallowed as my spunk splashed in her mouth. She continued to stroke my cock as more spunk spurted out and she swallowed again. I squeezed her tit in rhythm to each spurt and I could hear her muffled moaning.

She finally released my cock, “Your cock tastes good baby,” she said smiling up at me.

“Thank you, that felt so good,” I said shyly.

“Do you want me to make you come too?” I asked nervously not knowing how far she wanted to go with this.

“Do you know how to baby?” she replied.

“I think so, I read about it in a book,” I mumbled realising how stupid it must sound.

“You had best show your mummy what you know and I will tell you what I like!” she laughed.

I knelt down in front of her pushing her back onto the bed and kissed her lips gently at first and then harder as she opened her mouth. I slipped the fabric of her bikini top from her breasts and pinched her erect nipples making her moan and she broke our kiss to encourage me.

“That’s nice baby I like that!” she moaned.

I kissed her neck and moved down to her right nipple and sucked it into my mouth running my tongue over it and then nibbling at it with my teeth. I moved over to her left nipple and sucked it until it was hard.

Mum moaned louder, “Oh that’s so good my baby boy, suck your mummies tits harder.”

I was now kneeling between her legs as I ran a hand over her stomach and then over the material concealing her pussy. Her hips rocked against the palm of my hand pressing her mound against my fingers. I flicked the fabric to one side and felt the moist pubic hair below as I traced the outline of her pussy lips. Her pubic hair was dark, neatly trimmed and glistening with moisture.

Although I had read about a woman clitoris and vagina I didn’t really know what I was doing and I hesitated until my mum put her hand over mine and directed my fingers to her opening.

“Fuck me with your fingers first,” she panted.

I easily slipped two fingers in as she guided my hand until I picked up a steady rhythm counting time by my mother’s gasps. She suddenly arched her back and her pussy muscles gripped my fingers as she came.

“Oh Christ yes baby,” she groaned.

Her hips ground back and forth after the first wave of pleasure subsided and she rode my fingers enjoying further jolts of ecstasy. Finally mum pulled my head close to her chest.

“Thank you my baby you made mummy come really hard,” she murmured, “Have you ever licked a girl’s snatch?”

“No,” I replied, “Can I do it to you?”

“Of course baby, but if you don’t like the taste let me know,” she reassured me.

I slid down her body and adjusted her hips to get an easier angle and she pushed a pillow under her bum.

“This will make it easier on your neck,” Mum said as she spread her legs wide and pulled her own pussy lips apart.

“Kiss me at the top and try to find my button with your tongue,” she instructed (she didn’t use the word clitoris).

I traced the line from her finger tip straight to her clit with my tongue; it was no problem finding the swollen protuberance. My mum’s moans indicated I was definitely in the right spot and just like sucking on her nipples I pulled it gently with my teeth and ran my tongue over it.

“Do that again!” she panted trying to push her pussy closer.

My nose was buried in her slick bush of pubic hair and I could feel juices running over my chin.

“Finger me too!” she gasped.

I obeyed slipping two fingers deep into her. Mum held my head against her clit with one hand and grabbed at her own arse cheek with the other digging her nails into her milky white flesh. I rested my thumb in the crack of her arse and rubbed the sensitive skin between her arse and her pussy.

“Oh fucking Christ I’m cumming again,” she shouted this time.

Her body bucked against the bed but I managed to stay focused on her clit and kept up the tonguing and fingering as another orgasm spread through her. Her pussy clamped on my fingers and it took most of my strength to keep thrusting them inside her. She shouted again and suddenly stopped breathing and went limp.

I panicked thinking I had hurt her then she gasped for air. I crawled onto the bed beside her and hugged her close as she panted and I could feel her pulse fluttering.

It took several minutes for her to be able to speak then she said, “I love you my baby boy sorry did I frighten you?”

“I thought you were having a heart attack,” I replied.

She laughed, “I sometimes faint when it is so intense; that was very intense. I suppose those girls you fucked before didn’t react the same way?”

“No we were drunk and it was difficult to get my cock in their vaginas. I only really got the tip inside before I shot my load. I suppose I was too excited,” I said.

Mum snuggled closer, “They probably couldn’t adjust to how thick your cock is; I could hardly get it in my mouth. It is thicker than your Dad’s and he is the biggest man I have been with.”

Naively I asked, “How many men have you had sex with?”

“Gentlemen don’t ask questions like that, especially not just after getting sucked off!” Mum chided.

Then she laughed, “But as you are young I suppose I can forgive you.”

“I have been with eight men properly including your dad; does that shock you?” she continued.

“Not as much as you swearing and talking dirty I suppose,” I answered truthfully.

Mum laughed again, “I only need to swear when I am horny and needing a good seeing too.”

“I’m ready to feel this thing inside me,” she said then stroked my cock, “You can be number nine, if you can get hard again?”

I didn’t need to reply as my cock stiffened immediately in her hand. Mum straddled me and began rubbing her pussy along my shaft her lips caressing and teasing my pulsing cock.

“Have you got any rubbers?” she panted.

I shook my head, “I didn’t expect to need any,” I said weakly.

“Okay but you can’t come inside me, tell me when you’re about to come and I will finish you off with my mouth,” she instructed.

Then she positioned my cock against her opening and eased down making me gasp as I penetrated her.

“Oh Christ you have a lovely cock,” Mum moaned.

She rested her hands on my chest and slid further down my shaft lifted off a little then pushed further down taking me inside her completely. She ground her pubic bone into mine and groaned.

“Yes that feels so good, now rub my button as I ride it,” she instructed.

She placed my thumb on her clitoris and she started rocking up and down taking me in and out of her pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting and relaxing in rhythm to her movement I took her breast in my free hand and squeezed and rubbed her nipple. As she increased her pace I began thrusting back to meet her on the down stroke.

“Good baby fuck your mummy harder, I am going to come soon,” she shouted.

Then she screamed and ground down on me.

“Christ yes, I love you baby!” she moaned.

Her body arched back her nipples were hard and she rocked with each pulse of her orgasm. I was still hard inside her when she collapsed on my chest as she lay still I began rocking my hips beneath her making short thrusts inside her pussy.

“Baby be gentle I need to recover,” she whimpered.

I continued rocking in and out and soon she responded her pussy muscles gripping me at first then her own thrusts.

“I’m going to come again,” she whispered.

Her body stiffened against me and she dug her nails into my chest. I kept rocking inside her making her whimper with pleasure then I felt the rush of my own cum.

“I’m going to come now,” I groaned and tried to pull out.

“No baby, do it in me, I want your seed inside me!” she murmured.

I ejaculated so hard my balls ached and her pussy muscles seemed to be milking them dry. Mum held me tight and we didn’t speak for a while.

Eventually I said, “Are you okay Mum?”

“Yes of course baby; sometimes it’s just good to lie quietly after making love. But we must use a rubber next time as I promised your dad I wouldn’t get pregnant again.” she said.

I sat up not sure what to say or think.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Its fine baby, your Dad suggested I find someone to give me some physical pleasure as he can’t at the moment,” she soothed, “Then, when I told him about seeing your cock in the mornings and how big it looked he told me it was okay if I wanted to take it further as long as I stop when he is fit again.”

She saw the disbelieving look on my face.

“We are a very broadminded couple, we both love having lots of sex,” she said, “And he has been devastated since his prostate problems that he could do no more than make me come with his fingers.”

“I’ve felt so horny for the last few months that every time I have caught sight of your cock in the mornings I kept imagining you fucking me stupid with it,” she confessed.

“Now I don’t have to imagine it and it was better than I thought it might be,” she added as she pulled me close and kissed me, “I’ll understand if you are too shocked to let this happen again and I will always cherish this moment.”

I saw tears begin to creep from the corner of her eyes. I kissed her face tasting her salty tears.

“Mum I do want to make love to you again,” I assured her.

“I suppose I am just confused as I’ve always assumed it was not right to lust after your own mother,” I tried to explain, “I fantasised about you when I have been wanking lately and every time you touched me I got hard. I didn’t dream you felt the same way.”

“Let’s just say you are helping your Dad out and learning a new skill,” she whispered, “I intend to teach you everything I have learnt from my lovers.”

We kissed and caressed each other without saying anymore then I laid her on her back and slipped inside her again. We made love once more this time slowly and with more control and as I neared my climax I withdrew and mum slid down the bed and squeezed my cock between her breasts for my first ever tit-wank.

After as we lay together Mum promised to show me more ways to please a woman and to tell more about her own experiences. She warned me that it made her horny when she spoke about past loves so I had better be prepared to service her needs, but that is another story.

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