Life is a Roller Coaster Ride ( A Real Experience)

Life Is A Roller Coaster Ride( A True Story)

I believe Life is a roller Coaster Ride every now and then life brings you full of surprises. Your relations with old buddies Vanish in a moment , You develop new relations and your relations with old friends with whom you are proud off go so bitter that you don’t feel like calling them and on the other side you get in touch with new friends and they become integral part of your life.

This story is all about such relations which turned into some serious involvements and I am from Indore working in a Reputed Company at a very senior position and I am married aged 45 to a beautiful wife and two kids and we are happily settled and life is going great and we have everything in life which a average family expects.

Our Sex life is also great and we enjoy it very much rather I can say our sex life is much better than an average Indian sex life. We enjoy every bit of it and both of us sexually teases each other regularly which make our sex life filled with fun and laughter.

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It all started when a couple got transferred from Lucknow and came in our colony. My wife was in a kitty where this lady joined her group. My wife casually informed me about this couple and it was just a casual talk wherein she informed me that the couple came from Lucknow and her husband is having some business and her wife is a house wife with 2 daughters.

She informed me that the lady is very smart and looks good as I have already told you that both of us are quite open and we share things very lightly whenever I see a smart sexy lady or a girl I praises her beauty to my wife. She always accepts it with open heart and had never taken it as Taboo

But we were not like this from the beginning of our marriage in our initial days of marriage she was quite possessive and used to doubt on quite some occasions. My personality and nature is such that women feels a great comfort in talking to me and again.

I too in my earlier days was quite shy and it was difficult for me to approach women though I can very well judge that women were attracted to me but my shy nature had always stopped me to approach any women but life is a great teacher and slowly I had developed skills to approach women and gave them a comfort feeling.

My education style status and reputation make women feel open and sometimes they share their secrets with me. I and my wife also gradually learnt to understand each other and as I had already told you that we enjoy a great comfort and we talk sexy on a regular basis.

You will be amazed that during our sexual moments I openly fantasize about other women and she too enjoy being the other lady amazing but true. Now coming back to the story so that day she informed me about her that a beautiful lady had joined their kitty and she is quite attractive and charming in the coming months on every kitty party

She brings more and more information about her and she used to talk about her Husband and about her daughters who were in class 11th and 6th and she used to tell me what dress she had worn in the kitty what was her accessories and matters like that and I too had started taking interest in her discussions and whenever she comes from her next kitty party.

I was eager to know about her and it was almost 6 months and I was regularly hearing about her but never got the opportunity to see her actually I was getting anxious to see her but was not getting any opportunity to see her and then one day my wife gave me news that they had conducted a couple kitty and the entire family were invited.

Initially I told my wife that I do not want to attend the kitty but my wife forced me to join it. So, after some discussions I finally agreed to go. We reached Hotel Sayaji’s at about 9 PM and while I was parking the car I saw my wife talking to a lady who was standing with a man and 2 girls and I approached slowly looking at the couple.

I saw amazing beauty in her late 30’s looking towards me. I reached the couple and & my wife introduced me to Neerza and Pankaj and their daughters Sonali and Saloni quite Impressive I was when I met them. She had a broad smile on her face. She was petite and strikingly beautiful. She had sharp features a tiny nose and a sexy pout her light brown hair were open and there was a warm glow about her.

She was the kind of women men would do anything for and she had that vulnerability in her eyes and a mischievous smile one that could melt many hearts. One that could break someone’s heart their daughters were beautiful as the couple was her Husband was quite smart of almost her age .We went inside and joined the other group.

It was a nice get together and most of the husbands had met for the first time. We all enjoyed the kitty and came back home and I was quite impressed with the ravishing beauty of Neereza that day she wore a Red and Black saree with matching bangles and a light makeup what impressed me a lot was her style which were matched by long high heeled sandals.

I was always taken away with the ladies who had a sense of wearing footwear it always turns me off when I saw a beauty but in wrong footwear I think that it is very important that both men and women should have a nice sense of footwear.

She was in her long sleek sandals and her hairs were nicely cut and dressed. It gave me a feeling she is quite self caring and goes a lot to the parlours and spends time on herself. Any way that day was over and that night and I had a sex fantasizing her but this time I did not openly disclosed it to my wife.

But as all ladies have a great sixth sense my wife too smelled that I was quite impressed with her as I had a little rough sex that day and she with a naughty smile gave me a signal that she understood my feelings in the coming months and we used to meet regularly in some functions and developed a good friendship.

I was having a good friendship with his husband & we used to drink and dine on regular basis every time we meet I saw her in a great new dress and new footwear. She was always gorgeous and I never saw her in a casual dressing whatever she wears and she ensures that her dressing is at the best.

She used to wear all kinds of dresses from sarees to salwar dupatta to jeans and T shirts but most of the time she liked to wear western dresses. She had a strong taste and she had quite an intelligent brain too. Like most of the beautiful women who had beauty but have little brains she was quite opposite to all of them every time she meets she portrays

And leaves a strong impression on me and she always meets me with great confidence and every time she meets she leaves me in a shocking stage slowly and slowly she entered in my senses and I had to literally control my feelings towards her.

She makes me confused and sometimes gave me a look that I got puzzled but she never crossed any barriers and I can feel that it is purely a one sided love and I was attracted towards her style attitude and brains. I started praising her quite often. She takes it positively and always responded me with great a welcoming smile.

She was teasing me and testing my patience and I can say that she knows how to tease men and I was sure that I was not the only one who was attracted towards her and I can very well feel that during our regular family kitties many other men were attracted towards her which makes me jealous all the time.

My days and nights started revolving around her and always wish that someone should talk about her and I always wait that she calls my wife I get the privilege to pick up the phone before my wife picks it up. My wife always teases me that I had gone out of senses yes I had really gone out of my senses .

Sometimes the Animal in me provokes me to become shakti kapoor but then I had to control myself and suppresses it and tamed it to become Amol Palekar days passed and passed and we all were in same situation and I having a good friendship with her husband my wife having a good friendship with her and my kids too had good friendship with their kids.

One day I planned to bunk my office and went to a mall for some shopping and for a movie and I went to Treasure Island and were roaming alone in the mall when I saw her oooh my God what was she wearing and she was in shorts which I never saw earlier or imagined that she likes these dresses too.

She was looking electrifying and off course her favourite long high heeled sandal and hairs flowing here and there like those of Kareena Kapoor every time I saw her she was in a different Sandal and I am sure that those were quite expensive not less than 3000-5000).

So there she was in a totally new outfit looking like a teenager not more than 28 and was having bags in her both hands boys around her were glancing her beauty and some were looking like Dogs eager to eat her and she was walking a cat walk, walk and she was leaving hundreds of dead men behind her carelessly.

I was watching her from a top floor and was quietly following her and she was unaware of my moves and went on from one shop to another then she came out from Reliance Big Store and she saw me peeking from Top. She smiled and waved her hand and I too waved her from top and signalled her that I am coming down.

She waited for me till I came down and came close towards her and a blow of fresh expensive fragrance hits my nostrils. I was again in 9th cloud and lost in her beauty and I was taken by the charm and intoxicating fragrance she wore and I had to hold myself back, telling myself that she was in a committed relationship.

My brain was stopping me to hold but my heart was pounding and instructing me to praise her ravishing beauty and instructing me to say. I am dropped dead to see your gorgeous beauty and great pair of legs but my brain won and I had to put a heavy stone on my heart but still it was stroking hard .

She asked me how come I am in mall at 3 PM and I told her the truth she was amazed & surprised as I was not expected at that time any way I was speech less & were short of words but any how I invited her for a cup of coffee . Initially she hesitated a bit but then accepted my invitation.
We went to café coffee day and ordered for 2 cap chino coffee

Neereza : Coffee is good.
Me: Thanks nobody is there with you?
Neereza: Sometimes I like to shop alone.
Me: Oh ok then my eyes went to her beauty and her dress and she caught me looking at her body.

Neereza: Smiled why are you looking me like that?
I thought this is the right time to get her. I leaned a little and gave her a naughty smile and looked at her with intense eyes wondering what to say to her .

She glanced at me straight into my eyes and then when I was about to say something she could probably sensed that I am going to say something which could complicate our relationship
Neereza: I have to go?
Me: What?

Neereza : I have to go and she repeated again
Me: why? my voice chocked
Neereza : I have to go my daughters are waiting for me!
Me : Dumb no words

Neereza : Ok bye , See you

Me : Bye , Take care
I reached back home , stunned dumped and lost that night I drank 3 pegs more than my normal intake of 3 and could not slept whole night.

She came and again in my thoughts and my entire night was restless. Next morning it was Sunday and was around 11 when my landline rang and I lost in my senses picked up the phone. Hello a sweet voice came and she was there! I was excited and say hi to her.

How are you? She asked I am great I said yesterday the coffee was really great and thanks for making me so special. I had almost gone speechless and before I could say anything she said is Gunjan there my wife yes a silence and I called my wife they had a long talk and I was eager to listen what they were talking.

My life had surely become a roller coaster life sometimes it was taking me on top and then suddenly it brings me down and she surely is treating me like a kite sometimes setting it free and then suddenly tightening the chord. I was moving with her wishes swinging here and there and I was in a total mess & can’t decide how to move ahead and it continued for a long time.

Three long years passed and she kept stunning me and treating me like a kite every time she met me on our every meeting she gave some luscious looks & leaves me like a man in the dessert looking for water. She was like an illusion and whenever I runs towards it got vanished in the dessert and I had started developing a tees in my heart and I felt like a lost player.

My wife used to tease me regularly and stops me of dreaming her and one day after having 2 pegs in the evening with my wife. I told her that I got everything which I wished in my life then when I am going to get her and she laughed at me and said never how it can be what is stopping and the marriage and my heart replied it’s the marriage which is stopping.

She is a happily married wife having a complete family a loving husband and a rich life and I thought and we men manage to have our share of erotic, extra marital experiences, but many Indian women are not always so lucky. All human beings, including women, have a natural unknown buried desire for extra marital encounter, whether they admit it or not.

Some of them manage to cheat others take their lives as it comes and forsake what could enlighten their lives. I thought that the best way to fulfil this lacuna in the life is to go ahead as it comes but again is it so simple for women cheating her husband and family no and my brain answered.

One night after me and my wife had 3 drinks I asked her why is it so difficult for a women to proceed even she has the desire in her and it’s the Indian culture upbringing and Taboo my wife said which stops Indian women Indian women are taught in a way that she has to accept her husband no matter and he is impotent and he beets her or incapable of giving enjoyment etc.

My wife disclosed that night you know Raj Neeraja Lost sex desire a few years back and I got alert and how come you know about it. She told me few days back and my wife said why? I was eager to know and I do not know but she does not like sex but then why she wears so sexy dresses.

I thought why is it that she wore dresses so sexily and men are flattered and I remembered the Mall incident my experience says that a married women dresses beautifully either for her husband ,when she is with him but when she is out alone specially in places like Mall she dresses it nicely so that men does not eve tease her and if she is wearing sexy dresses

She intentionally wishes that men should look at her closely and praises her beauty and then the subject sexcomes in place actually she is teasing to look more sexy and wish to have sex and if her husband is capable enough she will certainly have sex with him or else she explore sex in other men and though it is not certain that she will surely catch hold someone but she has it in her mind.

My brain started thinking why she said she does not like se? If she does not why is she roaming alone in the Mall wearing a mini why is she making every one a fool and I was sure rather confident that any women who is not interested in sex have the desire to tease men and she is bluffing of course.

She is predicting as if she is cool may be her husband is not giving her a proper satisfaction or he may be one of the typical Indian Men who finishes before it gets started they just don’t bother that their wife is still unsatisfied and because she is an Indian women can’t complain to him slowly.

I started fantasizing her daily a man craves only for things he doesn’t have. Mostly fantasies in sex are cravings for the things you missed the most, things you haven’t experienced and experiencing the same couldn’t be easily possible. I’ve started getting a weird taste for women while I fantasize.

I don’t imagine a slim, sexy, cup shaped boob’s baby; may be because that’s already what my wife carries. I kept on fantasizing her slim yet full bodied figure her natural erect boobs , her slender figures having nicely painted nails with Diamond rings one black color ring on her thumb whatever she is wearing is adorable in my own imaginative devil world.

I love to see women who are married; who are into their late 30s; who has huge boobs; clean body, shaved armpits and pussy, a mole above her lips, back, on breasts or below navel; who has the capacity to carry me over her for an hour; a lady with bulged ass cheeks; long hair almost touching ass cheeks; and above all a sensual lady fragrance.

I don’t know how much my other senses work, but I’m sure I have a dog’s senses when it comes to smelling and I’m very specific when it comes to fragrance of a woman, just can’t stand bad body odour. These are the different things in women which turns me on and I fantasize the same.

Sometimes fantasizing is more soothing than sex for a change because you see and almost feel everything that your partner probably doesn’t possess in the mean time on every meeting we had started developing a soft chemistry jokes and she too responds seldom on one such occasions we had chatted for a long time and things were quite interesting.

Those were the days when I was so happy of myself which I had never in my whole life and it was like the first love and all the time I used to wait for her SMS . She too keeps on teasing me with her light SMS which I kept on reading for many days and I was actually in love with her and I was always high without any alcohol my days were flying high and then as someone rightly said every dog has it day

I too got my day after about years long wait. I was coming from my Gym a soft music was running in my system and it was related to my Life , It was from the movie Rajnigandha sung by Mukesh as it says Kai Baar Yuhin bhi dekha hai Yeh jo man ki seema rekha hai Maan todne lagta hai Anjani Aas ke piche Anjani pyas ke piche Maan daudne lagta hai.

What a song and how much it was relevant to my life and I sighed and was lost as I reached Palasia to my surprise, she was asking some auto rickshaw to drop her at house since it is just a km distance, no auto fellows are ready to come. I asked her, what happened no one has come to pick you up. She said, her husband gone to Bhopal for three days on business trip, and her driver is on leave.

I offered her a drop since her house also closer to mine. She sat in my car on my way home every day after Gym. I use to stop for smoke and then go home on that particular day, even my family gone out of station for attending some marriage and was expected to come back after 4 days hesitantly

I asked her, if you don’t mind, can I stop for a smoke and she said no problems. I parked nearby a shop where no people are around. I picked up a cigarette, and started smoking and told her sorry. She said no problems, you can smoke, I don’t mind once I finished smoking, I picked up a pack of cigarette, as no one was there at home so I can smoke freely.

I won’t smoke in front of my kids, but my wife knows that I smoke then we started again going towards her house while driving I was talking to her and didn’t realized there was a road hump it is my routine route, but still sometime we forget when some lady is next to you or with you

And applied brake suddenly to reduce the speed because of the impact, her body came hit my side as a soft pillow with force, and she got hold of me with her hands to avoid falling due to sudden brake even after crossing the road hump, she was holding her hands in my hip. I started driving my car slowly as I noticed there was another road hump which is bigger than the earlier one.

I got again a hit from her boobs, and now this time she moved her hands from hand to my thighs. I didn’t say anything, she was moving her fingers little bit closer to my dick, but she didn’t touch it. I got erection fully but somehow covered with my tops pulling down, so that she cannot watch my bulge. After crossing two more streets, she asked me to stop.

I stopped in front of her house though I came many times to her house but for your curiosity it was an independent house with high compound wall and gates. She got down from the car and opened the gate. I told her; Ok let me leave, see you immediately, she said, No, how you can go like that; you should come inside and should have a cup of coffee.

I don’t want to disappoint her, even I wanted that something has to happen between yes, but I can’t accept her invitation immediately. So bluntly I told her that, sorry I can’t come inside your house for a cup of coffee. She was shocked after hearing the tone of the words used, after a minute of pause.

I told her in a soft voice, but I can come inside your house for a Tea, because I don’t like coffee. She realized that again I am playing with words, and started laughing. The she opened the gate further, making way me to enter with my Honda and I went inside the compound and parked the car by then she closed the gate, and opened the door.

We went inside. It was a duplex house with nice interior in the hall there was a big 56″ LED TV, with Home theater system center of the hall was fixed with Italian leather sofa, in white color, making the ambience of room more beautiful. I was amazed by the decoration of her Drawing room which was decorated with wood.

A master piece Centre table was in the centre of the hall and I saw pictures of Romans and Egyptians on the walls no doubt the house was well decorated and I liked her taste. She asked me to seat on the sofa, and switched on the TV to watch, Some Hindi movie was going on, I didn’t concentrated on the TV instead.

I opened up the newspaper which was there in the glass table. I started reading, by then she went inside kitchen to make the tea on the top of the glass table in five minutes time she came out of the open kitchen with a tray and two cups of elaichi tea. The aroma of elaichi spread over the hall. She came and sat near to me and took a cup and given to me.

She picked up one. I said thanks, and started sipping the tea. In the TV a DVD movie was on Hindi Movie, the name unknown and the scene was Hero and Heroine was arguing on something in their bedroom, suddenly he slaps her, and then realizing his mistake.

He apologize her and started having love with her continuing their love, he starts removing her tops and kissing (now days, lot of erotic scenes are there in the in the Hindi movies, than English movies). She was also watching the movie having her Tea.

You know Neerza your Husband is very lucky! I told her why she asked because he married a beautiful lady like you. She blushed and smiled I want to tell you something? With some hesitance I told her what and she said looking straight in my eyes. I cleaned my throat and said you are very beautiful

I was little worried looking at her face and expressions. I know that and I had heard it many times! She said absolutely KLPD and I thought she is a real teaser! I was feeling little uneasy because she did not gave importance to my praise. I hold myself for a moment & said I know that you are every man’s dream and this time she laughed out loudly.

Why ? What makes you think so? We have been going out together many times and I have seen men watching you closely & giving a naughty smile is that so and I never noticed? She laughed again. She was making a fool of me but I too had my plans. You know what makes you different from other women what ? She looked again straight into my eyes.

A naughty smile and I too looked into her eyes and said it’s your feet which are most sexy part of your body is that so? She asked yes not only that your slender fingers with the rings and red hot lips makes everyone crazy about you. This time she became serious & looked at me suspiciously.

A silence for about a minute and she moved uncomfortably on sofa. I got her and thought of moving ahead and immediately shyari struck to my brains Meri ankhon ne chuna hai tujhko Duniya dekh ke Kiska chehra ab main dekhoon duniya Dekh kai Chand bhi dekha phool be dekha sahir mehfil tare chanda koi nahin hai aaisa Tera husn hai aaisa , tera husn hai aaisa

Bahut khoobsurat hain ankhan tumhari bana lijiye inhain kismet hamari. She looked stunned at me unable to answer and completely lost then after a long silence she murmured no one praised me like this before. She was completely lost and while she was keeping the cup by mistake her hand banged my hand

And the tea cup slipped off from my hand which led to the tea spilled over my tops sport shirt. She really felt bad about her and asked me to remove the sport wear, so that she can wash it in the machine within five minutes and get it dried. I refused saying it is ok, anyways it should be washed today, and the maid will wash it.

She said, no please give it I will wash it in few minutes and I kept on refusing, because I won’t wear inner vest during this gym session, because, it will get stuck to body along with the sportswear, because of sweat but she didn’t leave me she came close to me and started pulling out the tops from the top when she came close to pull up the tops

Our body was getting touched so closely and her boobs were touching my chest. This time I was not able to control myself and thought of going ahead and make a move not bothered about the consequences and I hold her hands and pulled towards me for a moment she was in shock but then I can see a little smile on the corner of her lips.

I just stopped reacting to her; she removed my tops, and started staring at my body. It was average built with little bit of belly. I just pulled her to my side and hugged. She didn’t say anything; she was just standing in front of me holding my tops shirt. I took her silence granted and kissed her gently in her cheek and then slowly moved to her red rosy lips in a second or so.

She started reacting positively by rolling her tongue with mine then slowly she responding positively dropping my shirt and hugged me, and we were continuing our kiss since I finished the gym and my sweat was mingling with each other’s body and giving another erotic sense to both of us. I took courage and removed her tops also.

Wow, I got a view of plump big boobs she was also not wearing any inner wear in the top immediately and I got hold of them and started pressing, squeezing. We were hugging tight to each other and our lips were locked for a long time. I was started to feel sex heat with his lovely long kiss. The kiss was very long. We finished the kiss and she pulled me above her.

I have started to rub my body with her hot body. I pushed my face on her boobs in excitement which she enjoyed. I was on her keeping my head/face on her chest. I was moving my fingers on her boobs and I felt that his small nipples too went little hard by my touching. I took one of her nipples between my two fingers and have started to pinch it.

It became harder and I have made a way by siding hairs from his nipple so that I can have a clear view of it. It was very small and lovely nipple. I could not stop myself from taking it in to my mouth. She too enjoyed my sucking of her nipple. I was sucking it for a long time to the best of my ability and made her hotter.

I was feeling clear presence of her hot body. We were smooching each other like mad’s both of us were so excited that our mouths filled with saliva & we made each other faces wet with that and the excitement was unbearable & uncontrollable and we were feeling to enter in each other’s body. She was moaning and I too with pleasure.

I just moved my lips down and started sucking her nipple and pressing the other one. We continued this for another 10 minutes till a noise came outside and we were distracted and I looked into her happy eyes and we again hugged together and I was tired, and she was also.

I just lied down on the beautiful white sofa, and she fall on my top. We were laid down hugging each other. I asked her do you Smoke’. She replied yes, because sometimes my husband takes me to business parties, where these are common. So I took a cigarette and lighted and started smoking, and also shared it with her.

Once the smoking is over, she taken my tops and put it in the automatic washing machine and set the time after that she came and sat next to me and started rubbing my chest. I felt so nice, and told her, thanks for the treat, but still missing the feast. She smiled and told, of course, I can throw a party to you, only you will be there.

I asked her when? She spontaneously told, if you want today evening itself. I thought for a while, and said yes anyways it is Sunday, no work, no shopping, no park as kids are not there and no watching TV, because same old movies will be repeated again and again by then the washing machine given alarm that the cloth is washed, she went and picked up the cloth and slightly ironed it and given to me.

I worn it and sat for a while. She also wore her tops. She picked up another cigarette and lighted herself and after couple of puff, she given it to me. I told her and I am lucky today to have such wonderful sharing and caring friend. She hugged and kissed me on my lips, and told me bye, will wait for the evening party. I also kissed her again and gone back to my home on the way home.

I was thinking what a turnaround she showed few months back my wife was telling me that she had stopped enjoying Sex but today she was just opposite to that and she was surely bluffing every one her husband her friends every one she is just bluffing on the contrary she had shown a great animal inside ready to tear off males.

I watched an English movie in DVD, and then went out for lunch in a hotel. Came back home and had a cigarette, then had nice sleep till 4.30 PM. Prepared a coffee I and then watched news and discovery channels then it was around 6.30PM, took shower and got dressed with a casual ¾ cotton pant and sleeveless Tee’s.

I had Axe effect sprayed over my body and bit over the dress locked home, instead of going to Neerza’ss house. I went to the market place, and visited a medical store, purchased some items hope you understand what it was and went to nearby sweets shop, picked up some saucy sweets like Rasagulla xream Cake and butter scotch Ice cream.

These items are to give it to her, don’t think any other ways. By then it was 7PM, and I started moving towards Neerza’s house. Once I reached the street of Neerza’s house, I called her and informed her that, I am waiting in the corner of the street. She asked me to come to near to her house when I reached her house and the gate opened and I went inside and parked my Honda .

By then she closed the big gates and came near me. I just hugged her and kissed her on her cheek. She smiled and we went inside her house. She locked the door and took me to the first floor of her house, and showed me the bedroom. I really got surprised to see, it was neatly maintained with pink colour shaded walls with some nice art pictures.

If you see little bit concentrating on the pictures then only it will be visible. It is a kind of modern art. I was enjoying the pictures; I got disturbed because of her call. She asked me to follow her and I did and we reached the terrace of the building. It was like a heaven and the entire terrace was covered with the lawn

And on the sides it is full of flower plants with different colours in the middle a sofa kind of swing facing opposite side and in the center of the swings a small glass table was placed. The swings are covered with sun shades. I observed the swings, and the table.

If we sit on both swings, we will be facing each other on center table, there were two beer bottles and two beer glasses with some snacks. We walked away on the lawn and occupied the swings on both sides facing each other. She opened up the beer bottle and filled the glasses.

Both of us took up a glass and said cheers and started having it. She started talking about her husband like where she met, and how they are managing the family and kids etc. She shared a sexual experience which she had with her husband hearing that and I got erection.

I moved myself next to her, and kissed her on the lips then I kept the glass down the table and held her face and started kissing her deeply after few minutes, she got released from me and removed my sleeveless T-shirt. Forgotten to tell you guys, she was wearing a white ladies shirt, which is little transparent and designer cotton petticoat.

She wore a light make up but had applied Red hot Lipstick as usual she was wearing a long high heeled Sandal which has small rings attached to it her long slender fingers with Diamonds were really killing. She applied some soothing fragrance probably Gucci and was looking dam sexy.

I also started unbuttoning her shirt, she stopped me and told don’t remove now, you will enjoy if it is there after some time. I just kept quiet and picked my beer glass and lighted a cigarette. She also started having her beer. The time passed just like that with chatting each other’s fantasies, by then we completed our beer bottles then I moved now close to her

And started pressing her boobs and kissing her on cheeks, fore head, lips etc and then I slowly moved down and started sucking her boobs over the shirt. Now I realized the reason why she told not to remove her shirt when my saliva got mixed up with her shirt.

I can view her boobs like real one and because the transparency is more when the shirt gets wet you must have seen this type of shirts in Indian porn film. The girl wears this type of shirt and takes showers, so that the entire body will be visible inside the shirt, because the shirt gets stuck to the body because of the wetness.

Now I can see her boobs and her brown nipples. The nipples got stiffened because of the sucking. When we both were enjoying sucking the boobs, the drizzling started. We were in high passion of sucking and enjoying the sex, we didn’t bother about the drizzling. Because of that her shirt got wet and now I can see her entire tops like a real one without dress.

I started enjoying sucking her boobs while playing with other one squeezing. The rain water which got into the shirt of her and I get a feeling of getting milk from her boobs, while sucking and I started kissing her completely firstly and I kissed her feet and she withdraw her feet and looked amazed towards me.

What are you doing she said in a husky voice I’am kissing the most beautiful feet’s in the world don’t do that it’s wrong nothing is wrong I said you are my goddess and I am praising every bit of the Goddess but still and I kept my hand on her lips and instructed her from my eyes to be silent. She accepted my command and surrendered herself tome

I again kissed her feet slowly I started sucking her fingers her thumb and then the bottom of her feet and she started laughing and I am feeling Gud Gudi don’t do it but I did not listened to her and kept on kissing and licking her fingers and feet electric shocks started passing from her feet to her brain and she closed her eyes

And kept her hands on her nipples which had started getting harder and I slowly kept on licking her slowly and moved towards upper parts of her body from legs to her belly and I stopped at her belly and with my tongue started circling around her navel. She can’t hold herself and hugged my head tightly and started pushing inside her belly

And I kept on kissing her belly for some time and then moved towards inner thighs and this was too much for her and with a great force she leaned forward and hugged me tightly her embrace was so tight that I started suffocating in her boobs. I released myself and again pushed her backwards instructing her without speaking to lay and enjoy.

It was really making me wild and I pulled her petticoat down to go further steps. She allowed me to remove her petticoat and designer panty. She removed my pant and I was left with only the boxer. I moved head down kissing her entire body and reached the pussy area. It was clean shaven and looking awesome. I started licking it and slowly moved my tongue inside her pussy and pulling her clit.

She started moaning when this play is on suddenly it was started raining heavily. We didn’t bother about the rain and continued our play because of the sun shade on the swings we didn’t get much rain inside, except the rain drops came in side through sideways because of the heavy wind. I took her in my both hands and moved out of the swing area

And we land up in the lawn lying next to each other. I just going wild sucking and licking her pussy. She was starter moaning and screaming with pleasure. The sensation of her soft, smooth skin caressing her straining dick and his nut sack on my ass hole was unbelievable.

Just by making love to a sexy women like her, sent my blood rushing to my love tool making it even harder than I thought possible during all these years I had been making love to my beautiful wife. I didn’t hear my own breath coming faster and faster or the moans erupting from me but she did.

She grabbed my buttocks firmly pressurizing me to enter more and more to the very depth of her. We both felt that the head of my long and hard dick hit the back wall of her deep vagina, her cervix consume the tip. I grabbed her boobs in my hands and massaged them in time with the rhythm of my penetration.

She took in every bit of my hardness, the lips of her pussy reaching out for my balls. She felt her wonder walls quiver and spasm as her pussy got wetter and hotter. I was continuing pushing in and pulling out my cock in of her fully, as my hunger enveloped her. She could feel my hot rod growing inside her.

I knew she would soon explode not a single word had been exchanged between the two after we started making love and we both were speechless but still we were speaking so much looking each other eyes .She looked at me, visibly aroused, and felt my body reacting to the elements of my strokes

And I had to close my eyes as the climax erupted from me and it started deep in my lower abdomen and quickly spread to her squirming pussy and then the rest of my body. I screamed out fuck me hard, fuck me fuck me now! The heavy rain water was pouring on both of us and suddenly. She saw how her pussy clamped down on me as it showered me with her juices.

Barely able to move inside me, she forced her way as deep as she could go as I could feel his hot fluid push at the opening on the head of my throbbing cock as she buried himself deep inside me, his cum mixed with mine. The sexy bodies of ours first tightening then relaxing once spent.

She collapsed on top of me and he kissed my full mouth, her tongue flitting in and out of my slightly parted lips. I could taste myself on her when she pulled back to look at me and I was smiling and she smiled in return then he pulled himself completely off of me, stood up and looked around.

My hanging cock was going softer and coming down slowly and slowly pointed downwards silently, he picked up his trunks and casually, he put it on and started to look towards me. I was continued to lay there totally astonished with what had just happened between us unexpectedly.

I was enjoying the after effect of a very good fucking session we had on the terrace and hard hitting rain and I was lying naked on the terrace and was feeling pleasant effect of cool and watery air of the showers on her lovely body. It was giving a wonderful feeling when cool air passing between my naked legs, touching her wet pussy.

She had a satisfaction on her face that her day was made. We both remained naked for next one hour completely drenched in rain and had another round and fell exhausted in each other arms you made my day , thanks a lot and it was a pleasure which I had experienced differently since I married .

After that we shared our last 3 years of relations and got to know that she liked me from the first meet but had not got strength to conveyed it to me but incidents one after the leads us to this stage which we were not having any control.

We never had the relations of a great love but it was need of our bodies after all we both were happily married. Did I tell my wife about this naaaah you know why? Anyone wants to share your thoughts and feedback and want to have relationship please write to me on [email protected]

A story by Rajveer singh

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