I was jealous of my best friend Jessy. She was beautiful, had good grades and was dating the handsomest guy in college. I had a crush on Mark (her boyfriend) since forever and I really hated her. I always prayed that Mark would break up with her but that never happened. I decided to do something about it so one afternoon I invited Jessy over to my house just to hang out, I smashed up 3 viagaras and mixed it in her drink. Jessy and I watched a movie when I excused myself to go and load the laundry. What Jessy wasn’t aware of was that I had prepared a fuck session for her with some black dudes around my neighbourhood. These guys were nasty and they willingly paid me 50 bucks each for a good fuck with a hot white chick. The doorbell rang 10 minutes later, I pretended to be busy and yelled to Jessy to answer the door. I knew that she would be horny by now because she had finished the whole glass of viagara juice I prepared for her. She answered the door and was surprised to see 4 big black guys at the door. “Kaitlyn”, she yelled “There are some guys at the door”. “It’s ok Jess”, I yelled back, they are just here to check on the DVD player”. So Jessy let them in. I peeped into the living room and noticed that Jessy was restless, she was probably very horny by now. She watched as the guys pretended to check the DVD player. One of the guys sneakily put in a porn video which I had intentionally left there and I knew I had Jessy where I wanted her. The movie showed a white girl bouncing on a big black dick while sucking another and rubbing another with her hands.

I heard one of the guys say “Damn look at this white bitch loving black dicks”.

I peeped into the living room once more and I noticed Jessy’s hand in her shorts rubbing her clit. The guys hadn’t noticed yet as they were watching the porn movie that was playing. Jessy was so horny that she let out a moan and all the guys turned to look at her. “ Woah look at what we have here”, one of the guys said “A horny slut who digs black dicks”. The guys started to undress and I got my phone to record everything. The guys went up to Jessy and one of the black guys with what seemed like a size 11 dick ordered Jessy to suck him. Jessy was still stroking her clit but she obliged. She licked his 11 inch dick as his friends stood there stroking their dicks. She started to suck him and her mouth stretched at the width of it. She was moaning and he told his friend “Strip that bitch, she doesn’t deserve to wear clothes”. His friend with a size 9 dick but thicker than his tore Jessy’s top and bra off her, he then lifted her up with one hand and removed her shorts and panties in just one yank. Jessy was completely naked and she was horny. The guy with the 9 inch dick, lifted Jessy up and sat her down on his huge hard dick. Jessy told me that Mark was a 7 so I knew that these guys were going to stretch her out today.
The guy started to fuck Jessy’s pussy as she moaned. “You like black dicks you little slut”? he asked as he bounced her up and down his dick. “ Yeah bitch grind me” he ordered and Jessy started to grind his dick while sucking the 11 inch guy.

At this time, both the other guys who were very buff with dicks larger than the other two “Jerk me bitch” they ordered and Jessy started to stroke them with both her hands. The guy she was sucking, grabbed her hair and started to mouth fuck her. Saliva oozed odeon his dick and I could tell that he was choking her with his 11 inch dick.

I was so pleased to watch Miss Perfect fucked like the whore she actually is.

“You white whores love our dicks don’t you”? the guy she was grinding asked. “I know your type, you left the porn there for us didn’t you, you little slut”? Jessy was moaning loudly and I could see that she was enjoying every minute of it. The guy in her mouth, finally came and chucked his cum all over her face and boobs. I never knew a guy could cum that much, she was practically drenched by his cum. Her hair also had a cum bath. He withdrew his dick from her mouth and started to stroke his dick to get it hard again. The guy she was jerking on the right was about to put his dick into her mouth when she convulsed and came on the guy who was fucking her pussy. “Oh fuck, fuck meeee”! She screamed as her cum started to ooze down her thighs. I was smirking, I got that in tape. She was enjoying her fuck session with these black dudes. The guy put his dick into her mouth and the guy fucking her pussy continued to lift her up and down his huge dick. The guy she was sucking pulled the dick out of her mouth. “You want this dick in your mouth bitch”? He asked and she nodded. “I said do you want to suck my nasty dick you white whore, yes or no”? ”Yessssssss” Jessy screamed in moans. “Tell me what’s the best fuck you ever had”? He demanded. “This is the beeeeest fuck I ever had” Jessy screamed and moaned at the same time. “Do you want more of us bitch”? He asked. “Yessssss pleaseeee” Jessy begged. He shoved his hard dick into Jessy’s mouth and roughly squeezed her nipples making her moan loudly.

The guy pumping her pussy loaded his cum into her and Jessy convulsed and came again, both their cums running down her legs. The other guy she was jerking now lifted her up and inserted his dick easily into her used pussy. He grabbed her boobs roughly and squeezed them together making Jessy’s moans get louder. “You are our whore now” he said as he fucked Jessy fast, “You won’t be wearing any clothes when we want to fuck you next time, we want you completely naked and we will recommend you to our black buddies,you like that bitch”? He asked as Jessy moaned while sucking the huge dick in her mouth.

Jessy came again and the guy fucking her pussy sniggered. “This bitch sure cums a lot”, he said as he continued to bang her pussy.

The other two guys who were stroking their dicks hardened again and they were ready for more action.

Both men fucking her mouth and pussy came at the same time. She was dreanched in cum and she still looked horny.

“Lick up all the cum you horny bitch” one of them ordered and Jessy tried to lick her boobs clean with her tongue. She used her fingers to clean the cum off her face and licked her fingers clean.

“Do you like being fucked by real men you cum loving slut”? One of them demanded. “Yessss…” Jessy yelled. The two guys who were already very hard by now grabbed Jessy off the couch and spread her on the carpet. One face fucked her and the other fucked her pussy missionary style. She moaned as the guy fucking her pussy squeezed and played with her boobs. “You are our whore now” he said as he rubbed her clit while he fucked her pussy. That was too much for Jessy and she came again, moaning and whimpering loudly. All this while I was recording everything and she hadn’t even noticed.

This was going to go on all night and I just sent out the first video of Jessy’s gang bang to Mark and all the jocks on campus.

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