Fantasy becomes reality

I laid down on my bed, just after my shower and was reading my book called “Ultimate orgasm”, I was naked under my towel and as I was reading my book I started to get extremely horny. I squeezed my left boob and moaned, I was really wet. I pulled out a 7 inch dildo from the drawer and started rubbing it on my very wet pussy. I took some body lotion and squeezed it on my boobs. I put down the book, massaged my boobs and inserted the dildo into my wet pussy, I moaned as I fucked my pussy with the dildo and I removed my towel completely fantasising being fucked by my handsome housemate. We were always flirting with each other but neither had the courage to take it to the next level, besides he was always bringing home sexy girls and once I actually walked into the living room and saw him fucking a tall slim blonde real hard. He didn’t notice my entrance and I walked into my room leaving him with his fuck buddy for the night. Now I wish I had the courage to join in fun that night, I wonder if he would have minded. I’ve never had a threesome before and was fantasising being fucked by two guys now, I pulled out another dildo, sucked it making slurping noises. I took out a vibrator and teased my clit while the dildo fucked my dripping pussy. I wanted Kent so bad. I took the dildo out of my mouth and lubricated my asshole, I loved being ass fucked. Reading books on orgasms has taught me how best to orgasm and I never failed to cum 12 to 15 times in an hour.

I lubricated the dildo and inserted it into my asshole. I used both hands to fuck my pussy and my asshole with the 7 inch dildos. I came and I let out a scream. Cum oozed down my legs within seconds. I left the dildos in me and used the vibrator to tease my clit. I squeezed my boobs and took out a rope and tied it tight around my boobs. My nipples were squished and boobs overlapping eachother, it made me so horny. I didn’t realise that my room door wasn’t shut properly and there was a wide enough gap for anyone outside to see the show. I teased my clit with the vibrator and moaned Kent’s name, making me cum a second time. “Did you call me”, there was Kent next to my bed looking lustfully at me and the sight I was in. “Kent”, I said “Yeah babe”, Kent said while stroking his crotch through his pants. I knew it was finally going to happen. Within seconds his clothes were scattered all over the floor. He grabbed my ponytail and guided his dick towards my thick lips. “You want to suck my balls bitch”? He said as I greedily sucked his dick and balls. His hands guiding my head as I licked his dick with my tongue while sucking it. “Damn” he said. “If I knew there was a whore right under my nose, I would have fucked you sooner”! I sucked his 9 inch thick dick and it grew harder in my mouth. He removed his dick from my mouth and removed the dildo from my pussy. He licked it clean and threw it aside, “You don’t need this anymore bitch, you have a real man now”, he said as he rammed his hard dick into my soaking pussy. I used my hand to fuck my ass with the dildo while he fucked my pussy and I came within seconds. “You are a hot slut you know”? He said as he licked my tied up boobs.”I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I moved in here but wasn’t sure what you wanted”, he said as he rammed his dick into my pussy. He came after 6 more thrusts and he removed his dick from my dripping pussy. He kissed my lips and said he “Would you like more dicks next time”? I nodded yes. “I’ll make a few calls, Kent said as he walked out the door. I continued to tease my clit with the vibrator waiting for Kent to come back, hopefully with a buddy or two.

Added by Kelly

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