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My name is Maya, I come from a very conservative family. I have a sweet face with long black hair which I always wear in a braid and I have olive skin tone. My boobs are a nice 34C but I’m always dressed in long sleeved blouses and below the knee a line skirts so no one can really tell what my figure looks like.

However, I started to have sexual feelings from a very young age. I used to mastubate in my room ever since I was 12 years old. Being an only child I often had the house to myself and would spend all my free time mastubating.

Once I was so horny I rubbed whipped cream all over my body and mastubated with a 7 inch banana. I didn’t penetrate deep though as I knew I had to keep my virginity for my future husband. I would play with my clit long enough and cum over and over again, this is how I spent all my free time when I was at home alone. I would fantasise of Eric the hottest guy in school and mastubate in the privacy of my room.

There was a period where I would use a hose and allow the water to hit my clit by controlling the water pressure with my thumb. I used to have multiple orgasms doing that. I pretty much enjoyed being alone at home and I experimented with my body many times.

So by the time I was 16 my body longed to be fucked. I knew I could never do it with a man because I had to uphold my family’s dignity.

One day however all that would change. I just had my shower and my hair was wet, I put on a summer dress without any underwear and went downstairs to watch tv. At this time the doorbell rang and I was startled as I wasn’t expecting anyone. I went to the door and two handsome young men asked me if they could come in to conduct a survey on what teens did during their free time. They explained that the survey was to help understand drug abuse among teens. I reluctantly allowed them in as I wasn’t dressed up to entertain guests. They asked me what I did during my free time and I lied, saying I read books and watched tv. Suddenly I noticed Jeff looking at my boobs. I looked down and noticed my dress had been exposed, almost revealing my nipples. I quickly tried to straighten out my dress but it kept slipping down. Carl asked me “What type of programs do you watch Sweetie”? And I looked down and said “Oh documentaries and stuff like that”, I looked up to see both Jeff and Carl starting at my boobs. I looked at my dress and noticed that my dress had slipped down my boobs so low that my right nipple was exposed. Before I could do anything I noticed Jeff’s dick bulge, I looked at Carl and his dick had a bulge too, I couldn’t take my eyes of it as I grew horny. Thoughts of these two studs fucking me ran through my head and looking into their eyes I could tell they were thinking of fucking me too.

“Have you fucked your boyfriend”? Carl suddenly asked. “I don’t have one” I mumbled not looking at him. “Really? But you are fucking hot”. Jeff said not taking his eyes off my boobs.

“Please leave” I said softly but Jeff leaned down and kissed my lips passionately. This was my first kiss and it was mind blowing, I responded with moans as Jeff squeezed my right boob and Carl squeezed my left. ”I’m a virgin” I said as both Carl and Jeff undressed in front of me. ”Not for long baby” Carl said with a grin. Jeff pulled off my dress and I was completely naked. Jeff told Carl. ”Looks like this little slut is prepared to be fucked”. I was so turned on by then, I started to get wet. Jeff lifted me up on his dick my face facing his and he pumped my wet pussy. It wasn’t hard to enter my pussy because I had stretched it while masturbating all these years. But when the hymen broke I felt a sharp pain mixed with pleasure. ”Oh so you are a virgin” Jeff said as he pounded my pussy. I was moaning and kissing his lips as he pounded my pussy faster and harder. No amount of masturbation can measure with the pleasure I was currently experiencing. ”Hey Jeff turn her around so that I can see what her lips can do” Carl said and Jeff immediately lifted me up and turned me around so that I was facing Carl. Jeff continued to fuck my wet pussy and Carl brought hid dick up to my mouth ”Suck me like you suck a lollipop slut” he said and I immediately obliged. I’ve never tasted a dick in my mouth and I was loving every inch of it. Carl must have been 8 inches long and his dick was thick, I sucked him like my life depended on it and he kept encouraging me ” Yessss bitch keep sucking like the slut you’re meant to be”. As Jeff thrust his dick into my pussy I came all over his dick which made him fuck me harder. I was moaning as I sucked Carl and Jeff squeezed my boobs while twisting my nipples. I wanted this. It felt so good. ” You having a good time aren’t you bitch, this is what you actually do during your free time isn’t it” Jeff said as he slapped my ass and shot hid load of cum into my throbbing pussy.

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