Natalie seduces her teacher in the classroom

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Natalie seduces her teacher in the classroom, Natalie’s history teacher, Mr Brooks, was 52 years old. Natalie knew this because she had found his LinkedIn account, looked at the year he graduated and counted backwards. He wore a wedding ring, so she knew that he was married, but he never mentioned his family in class. The few public images she could see from his Facebook profile told her that he liked castles, and drank ale.

Mr Brooks had a full head of grey hair; thick for his age, she thought. Every other day, she could spot a light dusting of stubble appear on his jaw. He had strong, thick fingers which he drummed on his desk when her class was being particularly slow.


He was around 6 foot tall. Natalie knew this because she once stood a little too close to him in the hallway, pretending to wait for a friend. She had glanced up at him and guessed their height disparity. Natalie was 5 foot 4, and felt very small next to him, which she liked. His build was sturdy, but not overweight, as if he used to be muscular and had softened over the years. Once, when he was reaching up to a high shelf, she had spotted a trail of grey hair running down from his navel to below his waistband.

Mr Brooks had a low, gentle voice most of the time. But when something irritated him, it took on a hard edge, and his brow furrowed in an intense gaze. Natalie wished she would look at her like that, but unfortunately, she was a straight A student.

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Natalie thought that Mr Brooks was the sexiest man she had ever seen. And she had decided that today was the day she would make her move.

That morning, she took extra care getting ready. She pulled on the brand new pink lingerie she had bought (red faced) from Victoria’s Secret at the weekend. She made sure to wear her shortest school skirt, and over-the-knee grey socks. She blow dried her hair carefully, used a magnifying mirror to apply her makeup, and snuck into her mothers’ room to steal some Chanel No. 5 perfume. Squirting it liberally over her neck and wrists, she coughed, but was satisfied with what she saw in the mirror.

She walked into class feeling distinctly self-conscious. Not able to look Mr Brooks in the face at first, she crossed her legs tightly and focused on her work. In a quiet period, she dared to glance up at his desk through her freshly styled hair.

Natalie froze; he was looking right at her! Quickly she darted her eyes away, but couldn’t resist moving them back to check… yes, he was still gazing at her, his brow furrowed in the way she had always fantasised about.

Breathing heavily, she looked down at her work again, but moved her arms closer together and leaned forward, so that her breasts in their pink push up bra were more visible. She shifted slightly to the side and crossed her legs, so that a chunk of her thigh was exposed below her short school skirt.

Heart pounding, Natalie looked again towards the teacher’s desk. Oh my god, his eyes were still on her, further down this time, moving over her body. It was working!

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