A Son Finds His Naughty Mother

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Family taboo,sex stories, A Son Finds His Naughty Mother, Sarah Coyle was on her back, her feet were over his shoulders, his weight held her in place, his hands either side of her kept him there, and his hips were beating down on her like hail in a storm. His thick and heavy prick filled her completely, and she had just cum for the, what felt like to her, the umpteenth time.

And Sarah Coyle was still in awe of how he could make her cum like this, time after time, after time. She swooned each time he hit home, the flatness of his lower body preventing him from going any further than he did. Her day had started like many of the others now did. A knock on her door after Ken, her husband had gone to work.


He had come in, walked upstairs to her bedroom where he knew she would be waiting for him. The signal had been there, it was a prearranged one, he would look for it. It was a half open window in her bedroom, one of the small ones, and the same one every time. If it wasn’t open then he would stay away and wait for the next time. Her husband always insisted on the windows being closed there, so it was the easiest of ruses for their safety to not get caught..

So when she knew it was safe for him, she would open it as soon as Ken had gone to work and wait. And she had not been disappointed yet. Pete came in, hurried to the bed, sat down, took her in his arms and kissed her; he was the most generous, and passionate of lovers she had ever known. He never ripped his clothes off, jumped in and screwed her, even though he could have very easily. He always took his time with her and Sarah loved the way he was.

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Pete was also the most energetic, and athletic of lovers she had ever known, and Sarah had had a few before marrying. When he had finished with her, when he had practically fucked her half to death she would lay there and think, ‘Well, here I am again, fucked to death, and I’ll stay fucked to death forever!’ This didn’t happen every day, twice a week was about the norm, but occasionally it could be three or four, sometimes once, and on the odd occasion, none!

But he was here now, Sarah had gradually got into a routine of rising before Ken did, make his breakfast, and go back upstairs. This had been initiated slowly so as not to arouse suspicion on her husbands part. She showered and got ready for Pete, everything was done to a set piece. Ken would come up, kiss her goodbye, by the time he was about to leave the house, Sarah was giving her hair one last brush and she was looking gorgeous once more, but only for her lover.

The beautiful forty two year old woman lay on her pillow, her hair in a pony tail so as not to impede the kisses on her neck that she loved so much. Her oval face smiling, her symmetrical lips perfect for the first kiss of the day, her wide and deep hazel eyes, her arching brows, her pert nose. The creamy soft and still smooth complexion made his heart flip, just as it always did when laying his eyes upon her once more. His beautiful fabulous cock also flipped and twitched in appreciation of where it would very soon be.

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