Loving Mother, Son lets mother comfort him

Sex storiesLoving Mother, Son lets mother comfort him, Dave Gardner awoke to the sight of sunlight streaming through the thin gaps in his blinds. He rolled onto one side and checked the time on the clock sitting on his end table; it read 6:35am. ‘Goddamnit’ muttered Dave, annoyed that he’d woken up well before he needed to on a Saturday morning. He’d been sleeping poorly lately. At 18 years old it was expected of him to go to bed late and sleep in late, and while he had no problem with the former the latter was proving to be a trouble.

Still groggy, but knowing that he wouldn’t be getting any more sleep, Dave got up and headed out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. When he entered the room he saw his mom, Olivia, sitting at the dining table with a coffee of her own.


At age 36 Olivia was doing pretty well in terms of appearance. She was 5 foot 4, and while she wasn’t stick-figure skinny she took reasonable care of herself. Her body wasn’t her best feature, however. She had a sweet, caring face and long black hair that flowed down the front and backs of her shoulders while she sat at the table, playing with her iPad and drinking her coffee.

Her breasts, though, were nothing short of perfection. They were each just smaller than her head and, while they didn’t sag much, they looked soft and squishy and when she walked they jiggled in a way that could bring a grown man to his knees. She was wearing a fluffy white nightgown with no bra, which was allowing them to hang freely and displayed a modest amount of cleavage, but still enough to make Dave’s mouth water.

Dave hated admitting to himself that he was massively attracted to his own mother. He had always had bad luck with girls when he was in school, and now that he was out of high school his mother was the only woman he saw on a regular basis. They lived in a small town, and Dave didn’t have a job, so he spent most of his days either cooped up in his room playing video games, or doing work around the house. Dave’s father had run off as soon as he was born, and while his mom was working and he wasn’t he did his best to keep the house clean and do any other odd jobs that might be around. His mom was working hard to take care of him by herself, after all, and he didn’t want to feel like a freeloader.

‘Morning’ Dave said as he grabbed a cup and poured himself a coffee from the pot sitting on the counter. ‘Morning dear’ his mom replied. ‘You look tired. How did you sleep last night?’

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‘Horribly’ Dave replied. ‘It took me forever to fall asleep’. Truthfully, he’d spent a fair bit of that time masturbating in front of his computer, but his mom didn’t need to know that.

His mom frowned. ‘Oh dear. Do you want to go see the doctor about it? I’m sure there’s something they can prescribe you to help.’

‘No, I’ll be fine’ Dave said. He was sure it was just nerves getting to him. He was waiting to hear back about his university application. He was applying for a scholarship at a prestigious university in the city, and while he’d done well in school he was still unsure if he’d get in. He didn’t have any other plans for the future than studying to become a civil engineer, so getting into university was the most important thing in his life at the moment.

‘Okay, if you say so’ his mom replied, looking somewhat unsure. She drained her coffee, walked over to Dave and gave him a big hug. She came up to just under Dave’s chin, and in the warm embrace of the hug he became very aware of her breasts pressing into his lower chest. Dave wrapped one arm around his mom’s back and held his coffee with the other, enjoying the hug but also trying to keep his dick down at the same time. Unfortunately it was a long hug, and soon enough he could feel the midsection of it pushing against his mother’s plump stomach as it rose. But either she didn’t notice, or she did and didn’t say anything, because she smiled up at him and broke the hug without saying a word.

Olivia went over to the sink and started doing the dishes while Dave sat down at the table with his coffee, hoping the boner he’d developed during the hug would go down without leaving him sitting there with his coffee long enough that it became suspicious. However, fate had other things in mind that morning.

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As Olivia was leaving the kitchen area the rope on her nightgown snagged on the countertop, undoing the flimsy bow she’d tied and opening her nightgown, revealing her full, soft tits in all their luscious glory. Dave looked straight at his mother’s bare chest, drinking in the spectacle.

The skin of her breasts and bare stomach was paler than the rest of her, milky white compared to the light tan she had on her arms, legs and face. Her nipples poked out a quarter-inch from her chest, presumably a result of the air conditioner that was running, and her areolas were about an inch in diameter. Her tits jiggled hypnotically as Olivia rushed to make herself decent again, evidencing how soft and squishy they must be. Dave imagined himself burying his face in her perfect breasts, losing himself in the soft, warm embrace and teasing her hard nipples until she squealed with delight.

As Olivia closed her gown and tied it up again Dave hastily looked away, hoping against hope that his mother hadn’t seen him ogling her breasts, or that he was sporting a raging hard-on from them. When she was covered again she looked at Dave, blushed and apologized for what had happened. ‘They’re-that’s-it’s okay, mom’ he stammered out, still reeling from the experience. ‘Really, I don’t mind’.

‘I’ll bet you don’t’ Olivia replied as she left the room, leaving Dave alone to figure out the meaning in what she’d said. She must have seen him looking. How could she not have? Dave was still sitting at the table when he heard the water start up in the shower down the hall. Figuring this was his only chance he stood from the table, hard-on still raging, and limped over to his room.

Once inside Dave shut and locked the door, unbuttoned the fly on his boxer shorts and pulled out his almost painfully erect dick. It was normally about 9 inches long, a size Dave was pretty happy with, but right now he could’ve sworn he’d gained another half-inch just from how hard he was.

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He went over to his computer and pulled up his porn folder. He pulled up the subfolder labeled ‘busty milfs’ (no-one else ever used Dave’s computer, so he didn’t need to bother disguising his porn) and started jacking off to the pictures he’d saved. However, before long he had his eyes closed, picturing his mom’s huge, perfect tits as he ran both hands up and down his cock. He made a mental note to feel guilty about it later, but for now the image was burned into his mind and he was too horny to care.

He came quickly, and powerfully, shooting cum all over his computer monitor for what felt like a minute. While he was cleaning up the mess Olivia knocked on his door and announced that she was leaving for work. Dave yelled goodbye through the door, not wanting his mom to see or smell the mess he’d made, and after he’d finished cleaning and heard her car leave he started his own shower. Once he’d cleaned himself and calmed down Dave got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and started on the housework.

Later that evening, after Olivia had gotten home from work and they’d eaten dinner (Dave took his to his room, still feeling awkward after what had happened that morning) Dave was idly browsing on his computer when he heard a beeping noise from his email inbox, indicating that he had a new email. He opened the email tab and saw that it had come from the university he was applying to. Dave only needed to read the subject line to know his fate, however. The big, bolded letters read ‘Dave Gardner: Application Rejected.’ Dave’s heart sank in his chest, lower than he thought possible. He opened the email and read it anyway, but it only confirmed what the subject line had told him.

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