Mere bete ke saath sex ka pehla anubhav

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Hello 🙏

Note: I request all you mothers to read the post completely once. This post will change your life. And will make the mother-son relationship even stronger and more joyful. To read the complete post, click on See more/Read further.

Hello to all the mothers, my name is Anuradha and I am 42 years old. I am present here today to share my experience with all of you and to answer the questions that all of you mothers have in your mind, and your inner desires that you keep suppressed in your mind or hidden inside you. Unable to understand the emotions arising.

Today I am sharing my own experience with all of you, which is completely true, by reading and thinking about this experience of mine, you can make your daily life joyful.

As a woman and mother of a son, I am going to share with you all those feelings and things which a mother cannot share with anyone and least of all with her husband, by doing so one It is natural for there to be a change in the husband’s perspective and due to this natural change, the father starts considering his own son as his competitor and starts competing with him and when this happens, the father starts hating his own son out of jealousy, which is the same for a wife. It affects the relationship of a woman with her husband and the relationship of a father with his son to a great extent, which is not good at all.

I was married only after passing the intermediate examination. Even after marriage, I continued my studies and today I am working as a doctor. I was married to a boy who was eight years older than me, at that stage of age when girls get attracted towards boys of their own age or like to make friends.

After marriage, my husband established marital relations with me on the very first night of marriage. That night it was my first sexual experience. Yes, it was not like the way I used to sit and talk with my friends in school, meaning nothing like love. Yes, it can be said that my husband just satisfied my hunger. However, it was a pleasant experience.

We have been married for more than twenty-four years. We have a son and a daughter who are 16 years old and have been living in a hostel for the last two years and my son is 21 years old who is completing his higher education this year. Kar has returned home from the hostel. Even after twenty-four years of marriage, I love sex and my husband still enjoys it. It is pleasant but not orgasmic.

It is not wrong to say that satisfying a woman is not an easy task. And with increasing age, this sexuality increases even more in women, even if the size of a woman’s husband’s penis is not enough to satisfy her, but whenever a woman sees a young man whose penis size is less than that of her husband. If the penis is bigger than the penis, then she starts getting attracted towards that man and starts feeling excitement. But she feels insecure about having sex with another man.

Something similar happened with me too, since I am a doctor and I meet many people every day, many of them are very close to me, some of whom I get sexually attracted to and start feeling excitement, which is natural.

One day when I returned home from the hospital, I realized that it had been more than a week since my son returned from the hostel and I had not even talked to him properly since I had come to the hospital at 10 in the morning. I leave for work and come back home after 5 pm. My husband is also often out of the house for work, so I felt that I should talk to my son. After many years, he has returned to his home. When he comes, he must have either his mother or father with him to share his experiences.

So in the evening, after doing all the household work, I go to her room to talk to her, where my son also talks to me about many things related to his hostel and friends, since it is night time and he has not taken off his outer clothes. Were wearing. He was in front of me in his underwear and vest while talking. My attention was drawn to his bulge visible through his underwear. I tried to ignore him but my attention was drawn away from the conversation with my son and towards his erect penis. Eyes were watching him as he appeared to be much longer and bigger than usual. Looking at him, his length appeared to be 6.5 inches to 7 inches and his thickness was also more but he was not making any movement which piqued my curiosity. Was made even bigger to see if it is in a calm state? And how much bigger it can become when excited.

I was really looking forward to seeing his penis naked, I was starting to feel aroused. I had forgotten that he was my son, thinking about whom I started feeling wet and I immediately got up and left his room. I was surprised because this had never happened to me before that due to sexual attraction towards other men. This was the first time that water came into my vagina. That night I masturbated imagining my son’s penis and went to sleep.

The next day, like every day, I did all my household chores and left for the hospital and the whole day I was thinking about what happened last night and was feeling guilty, all kinds of thoughts were coming in my mind.

After thinking about all this for about half a day, I calmed myself down and tried to keep my mind calm by changing my perspective. I started wondering why I felt this way. I am a doctor and understand everything but my mind was not able to accept it or I did not want to accept it. But in the end I accepted it.

Many of you women who are mothers of a young son yourself might be thinking that I am a very bad mother for thinking this about my own son. And so that you don’t think like this about me, you must read this post till the end and then think.

Since I am a woman, I know very well the questions and thoughts going on in your mind. You and I all know that a woman gets attracted to some of her close, relatives or male friends many times throughout her life, even if this attraction is for a few moments. And when this happens, women have a different type of desire due to kisspeptin hormones. And if you yourself feel safe with that man, then when this happens, there is a different happiness inside us and we try to attract that man and keep trying to show ourselves attractive in front of him.

There is nothing wrong in having sexual attraction for your son. Apart from being your son, he is also a man and you are a woman before being a mother. This is not at all wrong, it is common and in a way it is also right because Whenever you think of having a relationship with a stranger, there is always a fear of what people will think if someone comes to know about it. Even if a woman is talking alone with a man, people start making all kinds of comments, but nothing like this will happen when she is with her son. And this is true for your son too. Many changes are taking place in his body during his puberty and he might be feeling more curious in getting to know a woman.

The relationship between a mother and son cannot be called wrong just because she is his mother and loves her son very much. We cannot look at this relationship from the point of view of incest even though the relationship between them is that of mother and son but first of all he is a man and you are a woman.

I am very fortunate that our family is a happy family. My in-laws and father-in-law are very nice. They live with my husband’s younger brother and come here sometimes. My husband is a very good person and loves me. Due to being very busy with work, he stays out of the house the whole day and comes home late at night. To relieve his tiredness, he used to have sex with me and sleep with me. After marriage, I felt pleasure for a few years though. It was not an orgasm but it was pleasant but due to the birth of two children and the increasing age of my husband, it has become unsatisfactory.

And this was bound to happen because my husband is almost eight-nine years older than me and his penis has started becoming loose. He has spent his entire life so far in work, we never went out of the city together. We used to go somewhere only during festivals, he often takes me to my mother’s house. Since I am a doctor, I get to meet many people outside my home every day, but it is more difficult for housewives who always stay at home, they feel alone.

My son was not comfortable with me because as a son he is not as close to his mother as a daughter feels comfortable with her mother and expresses her love for her mother. The daughter also gets along well with her father. Bonding happens but it is not like that at all for the son, he is neither able to make friends with his father nor with his mother and generally, perhaps due to this, he becomes irritable and gets angry on every issue. Also need love. Usually their attachment is more towards their mother than towards their father because she is a woman.

I had now come to see my son as a man and loved him very much. You are very fortunate if you are the mother of a young son whose penis is much larger than his father’s. That night it was more than three days. Time had passed and my desire to take his penis into my vagina had become even stronger. I started going to his room often at night and seeing his penis used to excite me. It was really very big which can completely satisfy any woman and give her orgasm. I love her to such an extent. Increasingly, I was curious to know whether my son felt the same way for me as I felt for him.

I often stay in saree at home and even go to the hospital wearing saree. Since my husband used to come home by 8-9 o’clock and I used to come home at 5 o’clock. So one day after returning from the hospital, I took off my saree, blouse and petticoat and went to my son’s room. Due to the extreme heat, I was wearing a cotton petticoat which was slightly transparent. And he was also lying on his bed in underwear vest, I went and stood in front of him and started asking what he would like to eat for dinner today and while asking this I was moving my hand on my navel, he was looking at me and I She was also looking at his penis in such a way that he would not notice. And I saw me like myself

I noticed that his bulge had increased even more which was difficult to be fully contained in his underwear and when this happened he was feeling tightness on his penis and this was not good because he could be in pain. But seeing all this I was feeling very good that he was attracted towards me.

Now this had become my daily routine, I used to return from the hospital every day and take off my saree and roam around the house in blouse, petticoat and nightie. That night I was feeling very proud and felt like a blessed mother and wanted to live that moment with my son which every woman of my age wants from her husband but feels uncomfortable saying. There are many female doctors working in my hospital, one of them is my friend who is of my age, whose saree attire looks attractive compared to other women and her breasts also appear bulging like that of a 25 year old woman. I was curious as to how she looks so attractive even at the age of 40. I asked her how she does it, then she told me that to look attractive, she wears a shapewear petticoat instead of a normal petticoat and Wears a push up bra to make the breasts look bulging. Then I also thought of wearing shapewear petticoat and push up bra and while returning from the hospital, I went to the market and returned home after some time.

And after freshening up, I immediately went to change my clothes because my son was waiting for me. We were going to watch a movie, so I was very curious. I was going out to watch a movie for the first time, so I hurriedly asked my son to choose the saree for me. I asked for it and he selected a pink colored light net saree for me, then his phone rang and he left from there. I thought of wearing it with the shapewear petticoat and push up bra that I had brought and with my blouse I was wearing it over the push up bra. My breasts were bulging as I wanted to show it to my son so I went to his room and asked him if it looked good on me. He said yes. He was looking at my bulging breasts. Then I came to my room and went out wearing the saree. I was looking really good in the saree which my son had chosen for me. When I reached in front of her, my son told me that you were looking very beautiful today. Hearing this, I was over the moon because this was the first time that my son had praised me.

Sons generally do not praise their mothers, just as we mothers want our son to look good and we ourselves like his clothes and what he should wear. How should he get his hair cut? Similarly, he also wants his mother to look beautiful and especially when she is with him. I love taking photographs so I asked her to take my photo. I wanted her to keep my photo in her phone because she hardly has any photo of me in her phone. I asked her to take a selfie and put her hand on my waist. Lia Since we were getting late we took some photos and left and returned home after about 3 hours. Her father had come home and was angry because he was waiting for us and was looking at me.

After some time his anger subsided. I became calm because my son and I had come out after eating and my husband had also eaten. We went to sleep in our respective rooms. While lying on the bed, my husband was caressing me and I was thinking what to do. Wanting but today I did not feel like having sex at all but despite this he lifted up my night gown and put his penis in my vagina and also asked me to take it in the mouth but I did not like it at all because he was constantly He never cleaned his pubic hair and because of this I felt disgusted, still he always pressured me to take it in my mouth but he never licked my vagina, he always made me lie down under him. Let’s say he never let me ride his dick. That night I was feeling very disappointed and dissatisfied because it was against my wishes. He always used to wear condom with dots and sometimes he also used to take Viagra but he did not do both that night due to which I had to sleep every day. Soon his semen came out into my vagina, although there was nothing to be afraid of because I had got vasectomy done during the birth of my daughter. After ejaculating, he got tired and fell asleep and I was just wondering whether I am a way to relieve his fatigue for him, I too have my own desires, I also want to enjoy completely.

Many husbands and wives live together just because they are husband and wife… it is a social bond, they have taken seven rounds and completed all the rituals that are necessary for marriage…

Now there is no guarantee whether there is love here or not… it is just the burden of the vow taken to be together but there is no love. Now even if they are talking about love… then that is because That it is a compulsion, that the husband is the wife.
If we look deeper… then we will find that social bond is only a fulfillment that we have to spend life together whereas life has to be lived together, not to be spent and this is possible only if there is love, otherwise it is just a formality.

A man’s love is love until he touches the woman. As long as the woman cannot touch him, she is everything to him and as soon as the woman trusts him
She begins to understand her world and surrenders herself to it; she begins to find it disgusting and characterless,
Why has that woman considered him as God, without even thinking about good or bad, but the man does not love her, he only wants to have her body, her emotions, his love or her respect, for him everything is just a show, that’s all. If a man is so pure then why does he look at every woman with lust? Why does he want to touch every woman?
And then why does he touch his wife with the same hands with which he wants to touch another woman? If a woman becomes impure when a man touches her, then how can a man remain pure by touching a woman who plays outside the house? Everyone wants to play with other women, but if his own wife is playing the same game, will he be able to accept her?

Since now my son has become my good friend and I also like to be near him, now as much time as I get in the morning and evening, I like to spend with him, now at home I have to wear blouse, petticoat and nightie which comes till the knees. Hanging out had become a common thing. I would often tease him whenever he used to watch TV while sitting on the sofa. I would go and lie down on his sofa and put my feet on his thighs and start rubbing his thighs with my feet. Sometimes My feet used to touch his penis also. I also asked him to massage me with oil and while getting the massage done, I often used to wear a nightie which came only till the knees. First I let him massage till the knees, later I let him massage me till the knees. I asked her to raise it a little, I wanted her to touch my soft thighs with her hands and feel their warmth. I wanted him to massage my navel also but this was not possible in the nightie for which I wore a blouse and petticoat but in this he could not see my legs and thighs and I wanted him to massage my entire body. Can see. So I thought of getting something new and planned to go to the market and asked my son to accompany me. Where I asked the shopkeeper to show me the night suit and asked my son to like the color. He chose pink color. Maybe he liked pink color very much. He often used to choose it for me. I bought three pairs of pink night suits only. Chose which had shirt and shorts. Now, while getting massage, I would wear a night suit and open three-four buttons of the bottom of the shirt so that he could massage near the navel. I started feeling very happy. We started going out together often. We would walk together in the morning and evening, he would help me in the household chores and also started helping me in the kitchen, I also started taking him with me on shopping. And took care of his likes and dislikes. Time was passing and almost three months had passed, I did not even realize how these three months had passed because I knew that my son had made my life joyful.

After two days his birthday was coming I thought of making it memorable and shared it with my husband then he told me that he has to go out for three-four days and he asked me to do it alone and next morning he left Yesterday was my son’s birthday so I thought of wishing him at 12 o’clock in the night and went to his room, I also had a cake in my hand. I was in a night suit and was not wearing a bra inside. I woke him up. Seeing the cake in my hands, he smiled. Woke up and he was very happy. He cut the cake and fed me. He was very happy. He hugged me tightly. He was so excited that he pressed my breast. We talked and danced till late night. And feeling tired, he decided to sleep since his father was not at home. So I told him that I was afraid of sleeping alone and I slept on his bed. I was lying next to him on a 4 feet bed and he was sleeping next to me. While sleeping his penis had become hard, it was very long and thick, I could not control myself to touch it and see him naked. And I touched his penis with light hands. Feeling my son’s big penis with my hands was making my vagina wet.

I got excited after feeling his penis with my hands. Now I was completely mentally ready to have sex with him. And my desire to take his penis into my vagina had reached its peak. That’s why I thought of giving the biggest gift of my life to my son on his birthday. Next morning I left for the hospital but I was not going to the hospital, today I had taken leave. I had an appointment at the parlor as I needed to get my entire body hair removed. Along with the facial, I also thought of getting my hair cut and getting henna applied on my hands and feet. And after doing all this, I came home early in the evening because I had to go for dinner with my son.

After coming home, I started getting ready. I chose a pink colored saree to wear. My son liked this color. I wore it over a shapewear petticoat and also wore a push up bra under the blouse. I was dressed like a new bride and was ready. After that I came out of my room where my son was waiting for me, he saw me and he was looking at me. And said that I am looking like a new bride. This time he himself asked to take pictures with me. We took a lot of pictures and I also asked him to take single pictures of me. Then we went to dinner. after dinner

Sane asked me for her gift to which I replied that I have kept her gift at home and will give it to her when I return. We returned home after about 2 hours of roaming around the market.

He took off his clothes and went to freshen up. And I also changed my clothes and wore a night suit. I was not wearing my bra and panty inside it. After changing my clothes, I went to the kitchen to heat milk for her. I was waiting for her. After freshening up he came to the kitchen and asked for his gift. I asked him to wait for a while but he was adamant so I asked him to tie a handkerchief over his eyes for this. Tying a handkerchief, he was asking me to give him a gift. My heartbeat started increasing and without thinking anything I kissed her lips and she removed her bandage. He was shocked and was looking at me, I was scared that maybe he would misunderstand me. He asked me if it would be okay and pulled me closer to him. I nodded my head lightly and said yes. On hearing this, he picked me up and made me sit on the kitchen platform and with great eagerness he started kissing my lips and I was also supporting him in this and was biting his lips. I put my hand inside his underwear. For the first time, I was feeling such a big penis naked with my hands, it was fully enlarged and my excitement was at its peak due to his kiss. After kissing for some time, he picked me up in his lap and laid me down on his bed and took off my shirt and shorts. His mother was completely naked in front of him and he was looking at me with lustful eyes. This was the first time that a woman was completely naked in front of him. He was naked and she was his mother. He took off his clothes. He was standing completely naked in front of me. I was feeling very lucky that I was his mother. He was moving his tongue on my vagina. I had never experienced anything like this before. My breathing had increased as he was moving his tongue all over my naked body and I was enjoying it. I was in agony, I stopped him because I wanted to take his penis in my mouth. He was looking very attractive because he kept cleaning it continuously. I got up and started sucking his penis, I wanted to take it completely in my mouth.

I sucked him for a long time. He laid me down on the bed and kissed me. I spread my legs and asked him to insert his penis into my vagina. He was rubbing his penis on my vagina and I was yearning to take it inside me. After some time he inserted his penis into my vagina. He was having some difficulty in inserting his penis into my vagina because it was very big. I helped him to insert his penis into my vagina and with my hands I placed his penis in my vagina. I could feel it. His penis was rubbing on the walls of my vagina and expanding my hole. I wanted to take his entire penis inside my vagina but it was big and filled my vagina hole completely. My naked chest was rubbing against his chest. He was claiming my breasts and sucking them. I was beginning to enjoy it. He was moving his penis in and out slowly. I was moaning. Hearing my screams, he was moving his penis rapidly. He started moving it in and out and was giving jerks, I was screaming. My whole body was drenched in sweat. I was having the best experience of my life. His hands were on my breasts and he was giving me jerks. I had reached my orgasm. I asked my son to lie down and I sat on his penis and took it inside my vagina. My hand was on his chest and he had his hands on my waist. I was riding his penis. I was feeling those moments of my life. What every woman wants to feel. I told my son that I was about to ejaculate. He immediately threw me on the bed and started giving very strong thrusts. I started screaming and even after my ejaculate, he was giving me jerks. At last he released his semen into my vagina. I could feel his hot semen. It was very abundant and thick. He kissed me and lay down on my chest. I could feel his hot breath. His penis was still on my body. It was inside the vagina, she took it out after some time. He got up and lay down next to me. Since we were naked, I opened the sheet and hugged my son. I was looking at his face, he was looking very cute. I was married twenty-four years ago but my wedding night took place today. While I was thinking all this I thought my son had fallen asleep but he opened his eyes he was looking at my face he kissed me on the forehead I had tears in my eyes. He kissed my lips and I noticed that his penis had become hard again. That night we had sex three times and each time it became more pleasurable than before. This was the most beautiful night of my life.

It has been more than a year since we did all this and in this one year I have lived my life in this way and have experienced moments which I had not experienced in the last 42 years. We used to have sex often. And this happens 2 to 3 times during holidays and festivals. It has not brought any change in my family relationships but has filled my life with happiness and joy.

If you liked my experience then like the post, I will tell you how you can improve your relationship with your son and make your life happy, otherwise write No in the comment.

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