Sister let brother to taste her milk

My name is Rohan, I live in mumbai with my parents. I work in an MNC and pretty active n my sex life. This incident happened last summer when I stayed at my didi house in Pune. My didi is HR in a leading MNC in Pune and she is extremely beautiful lady. She is 29 and looks like Mahima Gill (Bollywood actress) and I am 27. Recently my did delivered a baby boy and 3 months after that my brother-in-law went to UK on an official trip. I took 45 days work from home and went to Pune o take care of her.

The day I went to Pune my jiju is still in home and he will leave 2 days from that day. Didi is so happy seeing me and my jiju also very happy that I am there to takecare of her. After, all the normal conversation I have noticed one thing, that my didi body is changed a lot may be due to delivery but she is still very voluptuous and hot. Coming to her figure she is 36C and 38 ass and proportional her waist is smaller makes are very curvy. I guess with delivery er size became 38 for sure. I jiju left to office, me and didi chit chatted for a while and when the kid started crying didi took him from cradel and went to bed room to feed him. I got a call from my girlfriend.


Gf: how are you? You didn’t called me after reaching Pune?
Me: I am fine just reached today morning and after that, busy in talking with jiju and did.
Gf: How is everyone there, all well?
Me: Yup, jiju left to office and didi is feeding the kid.
Gf: Ok, aur bolo(tell me more)
Me: What are you doing?
Gf: chilling,aaj chuti liya office se(taken off from office)
Me: missing you, so much ek baath bolu(shall I tell something)
Gf: tell me darling, you need a hug aajow(come)
Me: I have a fantasy, I love you to drink milk from boobs.
GF: haha, u need to wait to fulfill the dream
Me: haan I know
GF: Shadi and baache bahut time hai naa.(for marriage and kids we have to wait for some time)
Me: yeah, I know but I live to suck those nipples with milk.
GF: you have sucked manytimes.LOL
Me: yeah but without milk.
Gf: do one thing
Me: what?
Gf: aapka didi kho bolo dood pilane (tell your sister to feed you milk)
Me: Chee Yaar she is my didi.
Gf: so what! only feeding naa haha
Me: rehene dho (stop yaar)
Gf: haha, majak kiya, waise bhi bura idea nahi hai LOL ( just kidding but it’s not a bad idea)
Me: Okay I need to login now bye, will call you in a while.

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The day went pretty normal after that and in the evening my jiju came and we had dinner together and then I watched TV for a while and slept. Next day jiju did not go to office due to packing, both didi and jiju are busy from morning. It was 11 am and baby started crying. Didi was in kitchen and asked me to bring the baby to kitchen so she can feed him. Jiju handover the baby to her. Me and jiju sitting in the living room and watching TV. Didi in kitchen feeding the baby sitting on a dining table. Suddenly didi called Rohan dhood peena hai tho kitchen Mai aajow.( Rohan if you want to drink milk come to kitchen). I was in shock hearing that and just looked at jiju, I see he is little puzzled. Rohan…. Fridge mai dhood hai garam karkhe peelo( milk is in fridge and make it warm and drink) both me and jiju got relaxed. But didn’t show any signs.

I went to kitchen and didi is sitting on the chair and feeding the baby and I avoided seeing that and opened the fridge and took milk and kept of stove, suddenly didi said aaj kal dhoodh peena kha shock chada hain appko( it seems these days ur more interested in drinking milk) with a bright smile one her face. I said with a smile nothing like that di.
Di: no problem let me know if u need more milk, I will make sure you have enough.
Me: Okay di
Di: tomorrow your jiju will leave and you can drink his portion as well. With a lurring smile she said.
Me: I causally said ok di and left

The next day jiju left for his trip and in the morning I had as usual phone conversation with my girlfriend.

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Gf: what are you doing?
Me: Nothing yaar, jiju left for his trip and we are settling down.
Gf: Ok.
Me: what about you?
Gf: yesterday I didn’t sleep properly, just thinking of you sucking my boobs.
Me: hmmm. Really? I love to suck
Gf: How ?
Me: Show me ur boobs
Gf: mom is sitting in the hall, I can’t.

In the mean while didi called my name asking have I seen the AC remote. I said it’s on ur bed.

Gf: Go I think she will feed you…hehe
Me: Are you gone crazy? She is my sister
Gf: If she is not your sister then I think you will have any issues right? Be honest..
Me: might be…
Gf: LOL..okay I need to go for groceries with mom bye see u
Me: Bye

Di: what are you doing Rohan?
Me: Just chatting with a friend di
Di, given a deep stare at me..ok do u need anything? I am going to feed baby now.
Me: No di, I am fine
Di: are you sure?

Didi went to her room and came out with the kid, sat on the sofa opposite to me. She is wearing t-shirt which have 4 buttons on the top. In few mins she removed all the buttons and pulled out her breast and started feeding baby. I couldn’t see at her directly but I am peeping a look inbetween. Suddenly didi said what happened Rohan.. why are you so uncomfortable? Nothing di, just thinking about work. I think you are also feeling hungry Rohan, do u need some thing to eat? Or may be to drink?

Me: no di I am fine
Di: don’t be shy tell me?
Me: why I will be shy?
Di: don’t know, anyhow with whom yesterday ur talking about milk and all some of ur friend also had a baby recently.
Me: I got little shocked I said nothing of that kind and started acting normal.
Di: dhood peena hai?(you want to drink milk)
Me: I was in shock and just raised my head, I see di feeding baby.
Di: wanna drink?

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Didi just kep baby beside and looking at me and removed her hand which is covering her breast and asked again u want some milk? I was in shock without any response. Didi asked again peena hai tho ajow?(if you want to drink come). I went near her and sat near her legs on the floor while she is on the sofa, my head came almost near her breast. She looked into my eyes aab kya dhood kintoken chahiya kya?(do you need a token for milk) she held back of my head and pressed on her boobs. My face crashed on her boobs and I looked in to her eye, she just signeled with her eyes to go ahead. I sucked like a baby while fondling her other breast. As I am bitting her breast she said go easy. I almost sucked for 15 mins on her both the boobs. Didi laughed and said they are empty now. I stopped sucking but I am rubbing my face on her breast and playing. My other had which is on her bare thighs slowly making way from the open end of her shorts to reach her love spot. She relazied what I am up to pushed my head back and given a small slap on my cheek and said dhood tak theek hai ( it’s good till milk). I just kept my hand on my live tunnel over her shorts, immediately didi said chee haath hatow mai tere didi hu( remove ur hand I am ur sister).

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