My stepmom drains my balls in an unexpected way

I thought it was a dream. It started with her voice. Soft, alluring, familiar, but different. I’d never heard her talk like this before, not to me. Blood was quickly rushing to my cock.

“…It’s such a waste, isn’t it?”

I felt the unmistakable feeling of warm skin against my chest. I opened my eyes. Two 36DD breasts filled my vision. My cock throbbed. Above bare breasts was the angelic face of my stepmother, Lonna, licking her lips.

“All that young cum…”

Strawberry blonde hair brushed her shoulders. She leaned towards me, pushing her fantastic tits against my face so her lips could reach my ear: “I’ve been watching you, baby. I’ve seen the way you look at me, and I like the way it makes me feel.” She licked my ear, then nibbled on the lobe, and leaned back. I was sad to see her breasts recede. I tried to move my arms, my palms itched, I wanted to feel the weight of them in my hands. They wouldn’t move. I felt a pressure on my wrists. She’d tied me to the headboard.

“Just so you know whose in charge,” she said, and winked.

Lonna’s hand trailed down my body, over my chest and abs, coming to rest between my legs, cupping my balls in her hand.

“Like I said before, such a waste, all this young cum. Being shot into a tissue or your sheets. There are so much better places for it.” I stared at her face, at her lips as she finished: “Softer. Warmer. Wetter.” She gave them a gentle squeeze and sat up.

Lonna’s breasts were glorious. Perky, perfectly shaped, and luscious. My mouth watered at the thought of feeling one of her nipples between my lips. They rivaled and beat any set of pornstar tits I’d ever seen. The fact that I regularly jerked off thinking about them was a testament to that fact.

“Now that you’re a man, eighteen,” my birthday was yesterday, “I’ve decided on a new house rule for you: no more masturbating, not for you. Not while I’m your mother.” She leaned forward so we were face to face. “Your cum belongs to me now,” she whispered, pressing her lips against mine. Her lipstick tasted like bubblegum. She kissed me hungrily for a few minutes, teasing me with little flicks of her tongue, sliding her soft fingertips along the length of my shaft.

“I’m so wet, I can’t wait any longer,” she said, sitting up again. She straddled my body. I watched her breasts jiggle and move as she positioned herself, hypnotized. A hand was wrapped around my fat cock.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” she said. Her thighs were damp, she wasn’t kidding. I tried to speak, I’m not sure what I wanted to say, but a finger pressed against my lips, hushing me.

“Do you want this, baby?” she whispered. “Yes,” I gasped, “please yes!”

As she arranged herself, seeking the best angle to impale herself on my dick, I captured one of her perfectly formed nipples. I suckled, I moaned, and I didn’t let go. The effect was electric. Lonna gasped, her body shaking.

“My baby boy is so hungry, I love it!”

Something warm and wet kissed the head of my penis, I almost died. I’d never had a woman before, this would be my first time. Tied up and fucked by my busty stepmom. How did I get so fucking lucky?

“Mommy’s gonna fuck you, baby, she’s gonna milk that sweet dick,” she whispered, slowly welcoming my member into her body. It was heaven. I’d never felt anything so glorious. Soft, tight, hot, wet, pulsing. All at once. Before I knew it, I was completely inside her. I gasped as the last few inches slid home and she moaned lustily, throwing her head back. We stayed like that for a long moment. Her pussy tightening around the thickness of my cock. My balls began to tingle.

She leaned forward suddenly, her big tits rushing forward to meet my face. “You’re bigger than your dad,” she whispered, “bigger than he is. It’s so much better. Ooohhh…” I’d found her other nipple.

“Good boy, there’s my good son…”

Lonna — my busty voluptuous stepmother — sat up suddenly, pulling the nipple from my eager mouth. She cupped those breasts in her hands and threw her head back, moaning loudly as she gyrated against my body. Up to this point, we hadn’t actually started fucking. She’d kept my cock inside her, jealously hoarding it in her moist cunt, squeezing it with her pussy muscles and making lascivious noises that made my heart pound.

Her hands left her chest and pressed themselves against mine. I felt her body start rising. The air in the room seemed much too cold after the warmth of her body. She took her time, letting me feel her body reluctantly letting me go. When she reached the tip, she stopped, winked at me, and slammed her cunt down hard on my fat dick.

We screamed together, my cock convulsing, the tingle in my balls unbearable. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. My orgasm was tremendous. It was the single biggest outpouring of cum my body had ever experienced. I shook uncontrollably, straining at my bonds, making the headboard slam against the wall several times. My hot and sticky cum flooded my stepmother’s exceptional body, she squealed with delight at the sensation.

Leaning forward, tits pressing against my chest, she began to fill my ear with the most filthy sex talk I’d ever heard. Combined with the gyrations of her hips, and the milking sensation from her exquisite pussy, my orgasm peaked. A minute had passed. I had poured over half a dozen long streams of cum into my stepmothers pussy. Her insides were impossibly slippery, muscles struggling to find a grip on my still engorged member.

“…not finished with you,” she whispered, fiercely, angrily. “Your cocks still hard, you’re not done yet, you nasty boy. I’m your mother, and I get what I want, and I want more of you, I know you’ve got at least one more load for mommy, for her pussy…”

Lonna starts to fuck me. Short, sharp, squelching noises accompanied her efforts.

“Listen to that baby, listen to that thick yummy cum of yours,” she reaches a hand down, swirling it around for a moment before bringing it to her lips, “you taste good.” She kissed me hard, forcing her soft tongue into my mouth, making sure I got a taste of my own cum.

“Sperm baby, give me your young, virile sperm. Pump the rest into momma’s pussy, let her have it, all of it. Don’t hold back baby!” She was fucking me so hard now. “Don’t hold back, let it out! Your cum belongs in my pussy, it belongs to me, and I’m going to take all of it, I’m going to rip it out of your sexy young body! GIVE IT TO MMEEEE!”


My balls ached as I ejaculated for the second time in five minutes. My fists clenched, I heard the headboard banging against the wall as I thrashed in my bonds, screaming unintelligibly as I gave my stepmom everything I had.

When my orgasm had calmed, both of us lay against each other, breathing hard. Our bodies were slick with sweat, and our thighs were bathed in my sperm and her pussy juices. She giggled and smiled at me, cupping my face in her hands.

“You were such a good boy for me,” she said, kissing my forehead.

Lonna rolled off of me and sat up on the bed, collecting herself. She pulled a few strands of hair back off her forehead and stood up, turning away from me, her curvy ass, taunting me. I watched as several large globs of my semen sneaked out from between her pussy lips and trickle down her thighs. She swayed as she walked towards me bedroom door, which had been open the entire time, and turned towards me.

“Your Dad loves it when I bring him my pussy brimming with another man’s sperm. He’ll be so pleased to know that we now have such a readily available supply of it.” She winked, licking her lips, leaving me alone to absorb and come to terms with everything that just happened.
My stepmom drains my balls in an unexpected way
I heard my parent’s door open and my stepmom’s voice say to my father: “Hey baby, are you thirsty?”

I was still tied up.

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