A young lady and her mother meet an older man

I was on my hands and knees, dripping sweat with dirt up to my elbows from weeding the flower box alongside the house when I heard the doorbell ring. It was Sunday morning, and I wasn’t expecting anyone. I was trying to get this little chore finished before the impending rain came, so I tried

A daughter introduces her mother to the swinging lifestyle

This is my recount of a real life experience that occurred several years ago in Denver, CO at a hotel named Mon Chalet. The hotel have 25 or so rooms and caters to swingers and others who have are interested in a sexually open lifestyle. Normally, you must have a room to be there; however,

Sleeping with my mother in law before I met her daughter

I cannot believe who she was. Even after those years, I never expected to see that “mom” when I introduced myself to my soon to be fiance’s mother. Wednesday It was a Wednesday night and I was 18 years old. I worked at a local Italian / pizza place that delivered. I had been on

Two brothers fall in love with a mother and her daughter

“Shay? We both know your father isn’t coming back. Missing him is one thing but letting it affect your life is another.” “I understand all that, Mom. It’s not so much that I miss him—although I do. It’s just that I’ll never understand how someone can do that to his family.” “I’m not excusing what

Mother and daughter are both cheerleaders

Christy was almost bouncing up and down she was so excited. As soon as she arrived home she vanished into her room, eager to get changed before Paul arrived. Quickly she donned her brand new cheer-leader uniform and stood, admiring herself in the mirror. Christy was blonde and eighteen and now a cheer-leader. All was

Sister Joannie gets in on the fun with her brother and Mom

Sister Joannie gets in on the fun with her brother and Mom The Ultimate Threesome “Oh, thank god you’re here,” I breathed, opening the door to let in my son and daughter. Randy grabbed me and held me, moving me out of the way so that Joannie could shut the door behind them. I started

Doing It with Daddy

Daddy’s cock was bigger and harder than ever. He kept moaning things like “you should not be doing this” and “no, Blossom” but I took no notice of negatives. Instead I gripped the bottom half of his thick shaft and marvelled at him anew. He had been impressive last weekend but surely it hadn’t been

Mom seduces daughter while they are away from home

Standing by the door, Kayla watched in silence as her mother paced angrily back and forth across the hotel room, gripping the telephone handset so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. “Now listen you, I made these reservations weeks ago, I paid for a room with two beds, and that’s exactly what I want!”