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Hello, all readers of Indian Sex 4 Stories. Once again, this is Praveen from Bangalore. Today, I would like to describe the story that occurred recently. I had written my story on this site and I had received positive feedback from several readers on my email.

One of them was Khushi. This story is dedicated to her. She was the first to respond to my previous story.

Khushi had messaged me saying she enjoyed my story. I wrote to her, complimented her for her response, and attempted to initiate a conversation. She took time to reply and I almost gave up on hopes of hearing back from her again. However, she appeared to be shy and introverted, and did not want to open up. Our early chats never went any further than ‘hi’ and ‘hello’.

She rarely responded to my texts instantly. Part of the miscommunication stemmed from the unusual times we were online. We both appeared to be online at various times. The other explanation seemed to be that Khushi was hesitant to talk with strangers.

However, luck shined on me one day when I stumbled onto my reader Khushi online. Her early responses were frigid, but she finally softened up. I learned that she was thirty, married and that her husband lived abroad. She was a simple girl living in Bangalore who shared a flat with her friends.

We started talking more often over time, and she started opening up to me. Despite her introversion, she was able to hold my interest. We began to have casual talks and talk a little more together over time. She shared some photos with me one day, and I was in awe of her beauty.

I was in awe and felt fortunate that I had a conversation with such a stunning woman. When it came to our conversations, Khushi was very rigid and never made anything personal. I respected that if my texts descended into the area of the sexual world, she would stop responding.

As the days went by, we were getting to know one another. Khushi asked me whether I would be interested in meeting her one day, out of the blue. She was quite explicit in saying that this would be a friendly get-together and that there would be no more expectations. The meeting with her thrilled me and excited me a lot.

I had only known Khushi for three months, so I wasn’t expecting anything more than a friendly get-together. We made plans to grab coffee at a Bangalore mall on Saturday. Due to excitement, I reached the place ahead of time and informed her that I was there.

I was waiting for Khushi at a coffee shop, but I told her that I just had arrived on time. A tap on my shoulder startled me. She was a gorgeous woman who looked like a model standing next to me. It shocked me. I wasn’t even sure I was speaking to the same individual for a moment.

Khushi was dressed in a loose-fitting white t-shirt and a pair of blue tight-fitting shorts. Her hair matched silk’s smoothness, adorning her face, an alluring canvas. Gently embracing her breasts with a sensual flow at her waist. Every strand resembled a silky whisper. Her eyes shone with the brilliance of emeralds with a color deeper than the sea. Her captivating stare has the ability to effortlessly captivate an observer.

My heart skipped a beat at every glance as if they were enchanted. Her lips had a sensitive appeal, shaped like Cupid’s bow’s soft curve. Her soft smile made an enticing gesture on her face. Enticing my fingers to follow the elegant trail to her mouth. Glossy lipstick gave them a sensuous sheen, and they looked stunning. Her nose was a masterwork of proportions, with a subtle softness that enhanced the beauty of her luminous shine.

Just staring at her face sparked a seductive urge to touch and feel, to gently stroke and kiss her nose. Khushi’s complexion was as smooth as butter, matching her immaculate face. Her cheekbones were ornamented with a hint of elegance, and when she smiled, her gorgeous dimple showed up.

Khushi was attractive and had a well-defined hourglass shape, measuring 34-30-34. Her bright white t-shirt and her tight shorts made it stand out. Her breasts were accentuated by the loose-fitting Tee, which revealed a hint of her cleavage. Every time she leaned forward, her subtle red bra became evident thanks to clever color coordination.

Khushi’s smooth, waxed skin allowed a view all the way to her navel with each movement. Her Tees artfully showed her navel, which was a sight to behold. Her navel was smooth, and her waistline was easily visible. She had a naval hole that resembled a lotus, full of delicacy just waiting to be discovered.

Khushi’s posterior was highlighted by her form-fitting shorts. They had a firm yet juicy texture. Any man would be jealous of those toned muscles. Her thighs had the ideal amount of muscle tone and were flawlessly waxed. At 5’4″, her well-toned legs were a sight to behold. She had a graceful gait.

I was already picturing myself having sex with her in my head. She had a lovely scent that came from her perfume. I was speechless and unsure of what to say. With exquisite ease, Khushi sat down in front of me and we struck up a conversation. Her voluptuous breasts, delectable buttocks, and stunning face had me smitten, and I was having trouble controlling my arousal.

I had already begun to envision her naked and fantasized about making love to her. Khushi quickly pulled me to reality. She advised me bluntly, “Don’t have any ideas. Whatever you’re thinking won’t happen.” I felt humiliated, but I appreciated her honesty and respected her boundaries.

Khushi appeared to be an introvert and spoke infrequently, as I had predicted. However, her lovely smile made up for her lack of words. We discussed a wide range of topics. I couldn’t help, but let my thoughts stray to Khushi’s breathtaking body. I looked at every inch of her body.


That’s the end of part one and what happened further, I will reveal in the second part. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this story so far. Those who can’t wait for the second part, then ask me for the details.

Please feel free to drop your comments or feedback via Hangouts or email at [email protected] or telegram @PraveenPandu and I will respond to everyone. If anyone wants to make a new story with me then that is also welcome and I would be glad to hear from the readers soon

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