Hot Neighbor Turned Craver!

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Hi readers! Thank you so much for the response I received to my previous story. Just made me realize how many unlucky women out there don’t get the opportunity to enjoy and satisfy themselves. I hope I have been able to contribute through my story.

On to the next story, now, about my hot neighbor. This was one experience that I feel I should definitely share – the experience with an aunty in the neighboring building. A small brief about me: I am from Bangalore, however, was in Kolkata at the time, have an average build body, 5′ 9″ height, and a 7″ salute to you pretty women out there.

Well! March 2020 happened! Lockdown isn’t the best of things to happen. But, for all those fearing a second one could happen anytime soon, please don’t lose hope! There are amazing opportunities at hand too.

We have been living in a residential complex in Kolkata for a long time now. For education, I have mostly stayed away from home. But there have been phases that I spent a good amount of time here.

In the building opposite ours lives a couple with a child. They had moved in a couple of years back. Their daughter was just about to complete school now. The lady was a little worried about the future that her daughter was to pursue.

She got to know from an associate that I have a good track record. So she approached my family, and an informal exchange took place. She asked my mother whether I could go down to their place and help them with a few options and provide guidance.

Frankly, friends, I really did not know about the existence of this bombshell at this point in time. So I went over to their place a little reluctantly, pressed the doorbell. And man! Was I surprised, or was I surprised?

To my absolute delight! There she stood, a few inches away from me, this lovely lady in her mid-40’s. White as milk, soft as silk! My eyes were definitely having a feast. It was afternoon. She wore a gown that was just covering her knee, quite a v in the neck.

But she did have an inner inside. 36-30-36! Need I say anymore? Even the ladies would have their tongue out for this by now. She definitely caught me awestruck. With a slight blush on her face, she asked me in. I walked in. I followed her into the living room.

Yes! I wanted to see her plump swaying across from her tight body-hugging gown. But I also wanted to make sure that she did not see my junior appreciating her so openly. It was as if it would just tear right through.

She was alone at home. Her husband was out on business. Her daughter was out with her friends. And that made it just her and me in that closed apartment. She asked me to sit in the living room and then walked up to the kitchen to get me some water.

My eyes were just glued. Glued to that swaying plump going up and down, just up and down. The more I was looking, the more difficult it was getting to resist. I had my hands placed in a manner where my hard-on would not be visible to her. Not that it could completely hide it as I had my pajamas on.

When she came back, I was trying to avoid eye contact. She offered me the water, and I had no other option but to raise my hand. I did try to cover as much as I could. But she moved her eye in the direction as soon as I took my hand off and reached for the water.

She tried to hide her smile, but I sensed it. Then I took a pillow from the corner of the couch and put it on my lap. I could see that with the nature of her smile changing into a more decisive one. As I was new to her and lived in a society, I had to get a hold of myself to ensure that nothing goes south from here.

We started discussing the main agenda, i.e., her daughter and where she is headed in her career. This woman really had a lot in mind for her daughter. It seemed like she was trying to live her own dreams through her daughter. Throughout the discussion, I could sense the sadness in her voice.

She had been forced to give up on her career after passing her college with distinctions. Her family did not let her pursue further education leave aside, getting the opportunity to work. But she did have big dreams for her daughter. Her eyes were getting wet while we were having this conversation.

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