Sex Encounter with my old school crush – Part 2

We kissed passionately at the door for a minute, and then he locked it, continuing to kiss me as he carried me to my room. He made me sit at the dressing table, gently removed my pallu, and began kissing my neck and cleavage. I felt a slight moan escape my lips as he gave me a hickey on my neck. His actions only fueled his desire further.

Sex Encounter with my old school crush – Part 1

I began unbuttoning his shirt, and he swiftly removed it, revealing his impressive, muscular physique, which heightened my excitement. As I embraced him, I couldn’t help but express my pleasure with soft moans, my nails grazing his back, while he tenderly kissed me. He then lifted me and placed me on the bed, focusing his kisses on my navel, sending shivers down my spine. As I held onto his hair, he continued to kiss. Then I sat and as I removed my blouse, revealing a cup sized black bra, his reaction was intense because of those huge melons, and he began to caress and tease and squeeze them, eliciting my louder moans with every touch. It’s true, men do seem to enjoy such reactions, don’t they?

While he was enjoying the taste of those melons, my hand discreetly moved towards his pants. I began caressing him, and his lustful smile revealed that he understood my desires. He then rose from the bed, pulled out a chair, and sat with his legs apart, removing his belt. With a beckoning finger, he called me over, and I obediently followed his commands. I sat on his lap and resumed kissing him passionately while grinding against him. The pleasure was mutual, as he removed my bra and eagerly began sucking on my breasts.

The sensations were intense, causing me to moan in delight. We continued kissing once he had satisfied his obsession with my melons. I proceeded to kiss my way down his chest, his abs, and eventually reached down on him, where I slowly removed his pants. He was wearing grey boxer briefs, and his manhood was impressively proportioned. I took off his boxers as well, and gently stroked his dick with my hand. As we locked eyes and exchanged smiles, I could tell that he was enjoying the experience. He urged me to showcase my skills, so I started by kissing the tip of his dick, teasing it with my tongue, and using a small amount of saliva as lubrication.

Gradually, I took him into my mouth, allowing his tip to reach the back of my throat. I increased the pace, causing him to moan in pleasure. My sole focus was to ensure his satisfaction and bring him to climax.

After a few more strokes, he grabbed my hair and guided my head back and forth, intensifying the pleasure for both of us. Through his moans, he indicated that he was about to reach orgasm. I then suddenly I started sucking his balls which is not so pleasant for me as it was bit more hairy just to get a climax then came back to stroking, giving him a nice blow job. And then, it happened. As he came, I made sure that his cum landed on my breasts, knowing that he enjoyed that particular image. I could see a sense of contentment in his eyes as I used my finger to collect a small amount of his cum from my breasts and tasted it reluctantly. I didn’t particularly enjoy the taste, but my main goal was to please him so that he could reciprocate and satisfy me.

Then it was my turn, so I took off my petticoat, climbed onto the bed, and seduced him with my black panties on. He slowly approached me, made me lie down, and began kissing and playing with my nipples. His hands then slowly moved down to my fresh wet pussy. He started rubbing over my underwear, causing me to moan heavily. He teased me, promising to show me heaven, and then he put his hands on my wet pussy. Since it was already so wet, he told me he was going to make me even wetter and began fingering me in that slippery state. I was in pure ecstasy.

Oh my god, I love that. He asked me where exactly I wanted to be rubbed, knowing that every woman has different pleasure spots. For me, it’s not just about rubbing the clit; I love having my entire pussy pressed with his whole palm. I guided him on what to do, and he started slowly, gradually increasing the pace. My moans drove him crazy, and then I climaxed on his hands. We were both completely satisfied. But what really drove me wild was when he went down on me. I warned him that it was hairy down there since I hadn’t shaved recently, but he said he loved hairy pussies more than shaved ones. I was okay with it. He was an expert in this art. He started by kissing my navel and then went all the way down to my feet, kissing and licking my inner thighs before finally reaching my sweet spot. I couldn’t help but giggle as he continued to kiss me over and over again, just to see me giggle.

He gently licked my underwear, slowly removing my panties. Then, he began to lick my already wet pussy, commenting on how much he loved the scent. Teasing me with his tongue, he licked my clit, driving me wild with pleasure. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Suddenly, he became more intense, devouring my pussy with fervor, causing me to moan loudly. As I approached climax, I realized I might squirt and informed him. He inserted his finger into my tight hole, fingering me as I came and even squirted, continuing to rub me. I had never experienced such pleasure before. I absolutely love squirting, it always brings me to the most intense climaxes when I masturbate.

Then, I noticed his own arousal, his erection evident. He asked if he could enter me, and I gave my consent. He quickly put on a condom that he had brought with him, teasing my pussy with the foreskin of his dick before making a sudden move, penetrating me. He reveled in the warmth of my body and began fucking me. It was slightly painful due to his thick girth, but my moans of pain only motivated him to thrust harder. After a few strokes, he ejaculated and withdrew.

However, I wasn’t finished yet, and he knew it. He began cuddling and kissing me, knowing he needed to get ready for another round. I wasn’t sure if he would be up for it, as most guys aren’t after they’ve finished. But he surprised me by revealing that he had taken a Viagra pill before meeting me, explaining that he wanted to please me and last longer. I was impressed and a bit confused. He then expressed his desire for a second round, in a position of my choosing. I’ve always loved the cowgirl position, and it seems some guys enjoy it too.

So, I straddled him, kissing him all over while grinding on his hard dick. I grabbed another condom from my drawer and carefully rolled it onto his shaft before slowly impaling myself on his cock. I started fucking him slowly, giggling and moaning in pleasure. He knew he had to make me orgasm, so he encouraged me to increase the pace. We continued for a while, and oh my God, it was pure bliss. It felt like heaven.

The intensity between my ass and his dick was incredible. I watched as he thrust into me, causing my hair to bounce back and revealing his enjoyment of my bouncing boobs and loud moans. Just as I was about to climax, I pushed myself even harder, and he understood, joining in the passionate rhythm even though I was on top (he’s incredibly strong). I reached my peak, cumming on his dick, and then collapsed on the bed, taking deep breaths and smiling with satisfaction.

But he wasn’t finished yet. He turned me around and positioned me like a dog, taking me from behind. There was a dressing table next to the bed, and he made sure he had a good view so he could enjoy it from a third-person perspective while still giving it to me. He grabbed my hair like reins and began pounding into me with increasing intensity. He went even deeper than before, causing some pain, but he reveled in it.

Still full of energy, he carried me over to the dressing table, spread my legs wide, and continued his passionate assault. The force of his thrusts shook the entire table, making me feel like I was in an earthquake.

I started trembling and shivering right away when I noticed it, causing him to slow down and remove his cock. He sat on the bed, observing my trembling abdomen. However, he had a different idea. He asked me if he could fulfill one small desire – to have sex without condom on with me until he climaxed inside me. I told him that I wouldn’t assist him in that way. But he insisted that he would do anything for me if I allowed him to. After considering the situation, I realized it wasn’t my ovulation period and I had my pills, so I agreed to let him have sex without a condom but suggested he pull out instead. He agreed to the arrangement and expressed his preference for the missionary position. I was fine with it, so I lay on the bed with my legs apart.

He leaned over me and kissed me passionately. This time, he wanted it to be very romantic, with my moans and slow movements, like how a married couple might make love. So, he slowly inserted his penis and began grinding against me. Since I had already had multiple sessions, it didn’t feel as special, so I had to fake my moans just to make him feel good. The moans were soft, romantic, and seductive. I called out his name each time, and he continued to make love to me slowly, which I actually enjoyed. Then, he increased the pace slightly before finally ejaculating a little inside me and pulling out to finish off on my navel. I quickly rushed to the bathroom to clean up and returned to find him asleep, naked. Since I was tired, I took a pill and slept next to him with the lights off and the blanket on. Eventually, we cuddled each other and fell asleep.

And in the morning…

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