Mom taken by mulla

Hi am karun. I’m living in southern part of india. My mom is police officer inspector who is very strict she is divorced. Her name is kaniha.Age is 44.

One day my mom was transferred to another district i along with mom moved there. It was muslik populated village there is so many atrocities happen in that village by goons. The don of the village is Akthar he is doing many illegal businesses such ah drugs ;kidnaping.
The police officers told not to involve on his matter. But one day the complaint arrises that his men involved in distrubing public and harrasing girls. As i already told my mom is strict officer he arrested the criminals and put him behind the bars. The very next day released by influence of Akthar. Akthar become very anger and he want to meet my mom. But my mom not even responded to him and that day evening when i was not in home he came when my mom was alone on that time my mom was in traditional look wearing saree below wasit. Eventhough my mom was 44 she has perfect body structure my mom usually wear saree below navel in home. He become flattened after seeing my mom he already has 3 wives. He asked my mam:

Akthar:hi mam i heared you arrested my men. I think you don’t know about this village &i also dont want to have problem with you lets compramise

Mom:whoever you could be you can first get out here

Akthar:mam i know you will answer like this only. One day i will purify you then you will not speak like this. After telling this he pinched her navel

My mom become embarrassed and shocked.

After a week me and mom went to temple it’s Sunday morning 7am which is opposite to Akthar´s house. He usually knows my mom come to temple every sunday. So he had a plan to kidnap my mom & to marry her and to keep her as his 4 th wife after coming out of temple 4 men came they kidnapped my mom & me.

They taken us to their farm house. They tied me in the chair i can’t even able to move and they closed my mouth witg cloth. My mom also in that same room her hands were tied by Chain and the akthar arrived he saw my mom he smiled at her and removed her sorry and pressed her navel and he also remove her jacket he taken her to the bed he told”from now you are going to be my slave no one is going to save you”. My mom was shocked but wonder she not yet oppose a word.

Mom:don’t do these in front af my son please.
Akthar:on that day at your home u not responded to my words now this is my fort you cant order me.

Then taken her in his hands and throwed on bed he removed her pallu and panty he started fingering her vagina. My mom started screaming after that her remove his pant his dick is 7 inch my mom become shocked.
Akthar :now my dick going to convert u to islam.

He took his belt and started beatin here for 10 minutes she was crying in pain he beaten my mom on back and belly my moms belly become red.then he started fuckin here
Akthar :see how you are becoming slut of mine
My mom was screaming:please do fast idiot..
After hearing this i became shocked.

He fucked her for 30 minutes at end he said “now i going to sow muslim seeds in your hindu womb you are no longer hindu anymore”.
After that process my mom :i want to marry ah true man like you. Marry me Akthar bhai pls.
Akthar:thats my lady. Dont worry we will do nikkah tommorow.
The very next day she converted to islam and changed her name to sajida. She became her 4 th wife.

After 10 months she gave birth to 1 boy child after several months she became pregnant again. Now she is happy with him

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