Hindu boy fucks Muslim teacher in her bedroom

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Hi guys my name Is Rakesh and Im telling about an incident where I fucked my history teacher, Miss salma who was a muslim . she was a goddess. she had big tits and was brown in color. she had a ponytail which made me more horny. I also imagined how her armpits looked like. surely they must be very dark like serena williams and I cant imagine how fun her husband must be having fucking her. My exams were gonna happen in 2 months so I needed a tution teacher, I asked miss salma for classes as she was teaching history and other excuse was that I can be with her. On the tution day, my dad dropped me off.

My jaw dropped when miss salma opened the door, she was wearing a sleaveless shirt covered with scarf. I then went inside with her. After that we went to a study room. my dick was getting hard as I could smell miss salma , she had not showered probably and her bad smell was turning me on. I ejaculated once she lifted her arm and showed her black sweaty armpits. I requested to go to the bathroom where I had to clean my pants. when I came back miss salma was not there, so I went her to find at her room. What I saw next was beautiful. miss salma was changing her clothes in her room And I was able to see through the door as it was open a bit. I managed to get her smelly underwear and ran towards the study room.

I couldnt resist amd started masturbating there with my eyes open. When I opened my eyes I saw miss salma stanting in front of me looking. surprisingle she didnt scold me and started the lesson, It was going boring until miss suddenly took a test. IF I was going to get answers right, she would strip clothes one by one,first answer was correct and she took her sleaveless shirt off which revealed her bra, then second was correct aswell where she took of her pants, she was down to her lingerie, after that I answered correctly and she took of her bra. I was amazed. Then again she took of her panties, so she was compeletly nude, I was about to touch her when she stopped and said if I get this answer right, she would let me do whatever I want with her body.

I got the answer wrong but still miss salma dropped to her knees and got hold off my cock She gave me a blowjob to my 7 inch cock while saying it was bigger than her husband’s. the way she was sucking took me to another world. she sucks like pornstars. then I deep throated her blew a huge load in her mouth. we decided to continue in this bedroom. when we reached the bed, I pushed her and jumped on her. we started making love for 20 mins and gave many kisses. I told her about my fetish of sweaty smell and sweaty armpits. she laughed and surrendered her armpits.I licked and sniffed for 10 mins and then I started licking her hole. she started moaning like a whore, she had an orgasm later. She told me fuck her, I asked about protection but she said she wanted to feel huge load in her pussy.

Then I said that im hundu and you’re muslim, arent tou concerned?She said she didnt care and wanted a hindu with a bbc like me to fuck her so I fucked her pussy so hard that she was begging to stop, I didnt and started calling her names like whore and bitch. we fucked in missionsry for 15 mins and switched to doggy style. I cummed inside her during doggy style and she put her finger in her pussy and licking my sperm. we decided for round 2 ad had passionate sex where I brutally fucked her . I gave her love bites and came inside again during that. this time she was riding me while revealing sweaty armpits. after that we laid on the bed for 30 mind and cuddled, my father came and I had to wear my clothes quick as possible so he doesnt find out, I took miss’s panties aswell in my bag. we knew we would have another fuck in a while and I was hoping I could get my friend rohan in a threesome with her, however it was revealed that miss was pregent but she managed to fake it being her husband’s kid.

I enjoyed fucking a muslim woman and making her my kid’s mother.

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