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It’s a weekend as my college is closed and my dad as well as elder brother left for native village to deal with some local mom Urwashi as well as Swati(me)is in home and we both are sitting in terrace with cups of coffee.It’s a nice evening as I have thought to please myself on bed after having a cane of chilled beer but things got worse as ,my mom’s mobile started ringing and I walked to dinning space to have it as I took it ,I can see unknown number on received the call as she is bit serious while conversation and I can’t recognise the person mom is talking with ,as I left him alone ,I walked in dinning space but stops near its door as I am standing behind curtain ,trying to hear my mom’s I am standing there ,I can hear mom’s voice louder as she is

“why not ,I love to meet you ” and than after remaining silent “come and see your beloved Javed ,two months have passed as we have not met ” and my ears can hear my mom’s sexy voice giving invitation to her lover but name of Javed have put me in my dad’s best friend is Javed ,a neighbourhood guy is of same name ,oh no ! It will be a secret affairs as I have to see it but how ?.How my mom will make him enter in her bedroom as I am.present ? , I walked to my bedroom as I opened my laptop and started looking some website ,mind is thinking of my mom’s live sex show and lastly ,I got an I have to put a mobile in her bedroom as I have to make connections with a Bluetooth device and than ,I can see my mom’s live sex as I can see it’s 07:45 pm and I am sure my mom will wait for late night to make her lover’s enters in her mom Urwashi is a 39 years matured lady ,lovely face,height of 5’4 feet with a sexy round dome shaped ass and her figure is well maintained as she walks in early morning to keep themself my mom entered the kitchen ,I took my mobile and put it on wardrobe upper case with its camera towards bed and have connected it from my laptop with a Bluetooth I walked out of her room ,I moved in my bedroom and took out a gawn from my wardrobe ,as I frisked inside washroom with my clothes and a cane of removed my clothes as I am sitting nude on legs on floor and opened the cane of beer,it’s too chill as I started drinking it ,making myself wild and horny .while I am sitting on my legs ,I am drinking beer fastly and after a while,I put empty cane on floor as I opened the my nude body is getting wet as I am fingering my cunt fastly and as my body got wet,I put tap closed as I started using body shampoo on my boobs to legs and thighs ,lastly put it on my back and than rubbed it on my soft cunt.feeling horny and hot ,I started fucking my vagina with a long finger and than opened the tap of I am having my bath as my body started glittering like a pearls ,as my body got completely washed ,I walked out nudely and started rubbing towel on my wet body.while standing on floor ,I put my short gawn as it’s transparent and backlash but I have to look my mom’s live sex show.really I am curious to watch it but if my mom permits me ,I have joined their sex I walked to my dinning space as my mom is sitting there ,looking at me she asked……..

“Swati have your dinner soon
(Swati)oh mom it’s 08:25 pm only ,have it ,I will take it later .”

Now I am waiting for my mom’s hot night as I left him alone ,on bed ,I am busy with my Bluetooth device is connected ,I can see mom’s bedroom as mom is removing her traditional outfit of saree ,peticote and she is nude walking towards washroom and now nothing to see there ,so I opened a porn video clip to watch as I am in drunkun State.looking at watch ,every second is making me horny but it’s my mom’s night with a men/guy Javed.I am watching porn video while lying on bed………………after an hour……now my eyes are on my laptop as I started viewing her room ,she took her mobile and started calling someone ,as I put earphone to hear my mom’s voice ,she is talking ………..

“hi Javed ,are you coming
(Mom)ok come soon but don’t press the door bell ,ring me on mobile
(Mom)don’t worry ,Swati is in her bedroom and she is not going to see us.” As I am enjoying every bit ,I opened porn videos again and looking at it ,I am making my self crazy but my fingers always moves on live video I can see my mom in a light orange gawn ,putting her lipsticks on lips and than walking out of her room.later on ,she came back in her room with a bottle of wine with glasses and soda.oh no ,my lovely mom is going to drink wine with Javed ,as she is on bed’s corner with her glass ,pouring wine and soda in it.urwashi have their first drink so fast ,I can’t believe ,she is a social drinker as she put her empty glass on table and took her mobile on hand.It’s 10:05 pm as her mobile started ringing and she ……..

“wait there ,I am coming.”

As she walked out of her room and after a while ,my suspicions eloped as I can see my neighborhood guy Javed ,a 28-29 years guy with smart personality ,mom locked the door as she took Javed in her arms.she is kissing his neck to face and Javed kissed her lips……….”you are looking too young my darling

(Mom)oh I see Javed
(Javed)but darling you are in drunkun State
(Mom)oh Javed ,now come on bed.”

As Javed Is sitting on beds corner ,my mom pushed him as he slept on it with legs on ground and she is sitting near his waist as she started removing his trouser ,pulling it out of his legs ,his bulge of penis is making me horny as I can see my mom removing his shirt Javed is semi nude as Urwashi sits near his face and started kissing his face but my mom have bend Javed came on middle of bed as my mom leaned her face on his face.I can see my mom getting hot as her lips are kissing his face to lips and Javed is rubbing his hand on my mom’s back as my body started becoming a horny item .now Javed hold my mom’s night wear lashes as he opened it and I can see my mom’s body nude as her gawn is out of it.javed is lying on bed as Urwashi put her tongue on his lips to lick but he opened his mouth and took my mom’s tongue in his mouth.while lying on bed ,Javed is sucking my mom’s tongue as my hand is moving on my gawn .I can see my mom’s body on his top as Javed is rubbing her back while sucking her tongue and I removed my while lying on bed with laptop near my face ,I started putting my finger in my cunt as Javed sucked her tongue and she is now kissing his wide chest.she is going down to waist and her lips is loving his body as my mom removed his undies also.looking at Javed’s penis ,my eyes are amazed as his long thick cock is semi erected ,it’s length and girth are my horny mom hold his penis as she is kissing it wildly and Javed have hold her breast as he is pressing it hard “aahh uumm oohh ‘ sexy voice are making them hot and looking at Javed ,Urwashi opened her mouth and took his 2/3 Rd penis in her mouth and started sucking it with face moving at a greater my finger is making my cunt hot as my mom is sucking his cock and Javed is massaging her boobs hardly as she is screaming in joy

“oohh aahh uumm ”

and she left his penis after a while .now my mom leaned on bed with her legs wide as Javed sits near her waist and put a pillow under my mom’s big Javed leaned his face in between her thighs ,I started fingering my cunt fast ,he is kissing my mom’s cunt as she opened its hole and he guided his tongue in her vagina to Javed is rolling his tongue in my mom’s vagina ,my vagina is too horny and I left my bed as I walked to my wardrobe and took out a newly bought artificial penis.its an vibrator with length and girth of your choice as I put it near my adjusted the length and speed ,stars it while putting it on my vaginal hole ,now sylcon penis is moving inside my vagina as it’s in great speed ,I am screaming in joy”oohh aahh ” and my eyes are on laptop ,as I can see my mom like a bitch on Javed put his glans on her flexible cunt and pushed hard as he fucked hard and mom “oohh it’s hard rock ,fuck me hard” as Javed is fucking my mom’s cunt with speed and power ,I am getting artificial fuck as my vagina is near to cum and lastly vaginal juice is in my cunt as I am feeling walked inside washroom ,urinated in flow and came back to see ,my mom moving her ass fast as he is pounding her cunt fast and she is

“oohh aahh my cunt will cum soon.”

And both ejaculated their cum ,Javed took out his dick and mom sucked it to taste it’s cum.I slept on bed nudely.

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