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When I was ten I was well developed with what hung between my legs. I was a curious young man getting information from looking at magazines that I’d find in the trash behind the book and magazine store. My sister would look at them with me sometimes. Tami was pretty well developed too for an eleven year old young lady. She had the biggest boobs of all the girls in the 6th grade and a blonde bush that was as thick as the grown women in the magazines. Tami and I spent all our spare time together playing outside, riding bikes, fishing and learning how to please the opposite sex by helping each other out. Tami had some friends as I did too. Tami was always the smooth talker. The one who would convince the girls to take there clothes off and practice sex with me. The boys that I knew didn’t need much convincing considering that it would be my naked sister playing with their penises.

As we hit high school moved on to other students at our school. I was 14 the first time I got my dick in a pussy all the way. The girl was actually twelve. A younger sister of a good friend. I won’t get into detail but it was painful for her the first few times but she liked sex as much as I did.

When I graduated high school, my Sweetheart was a couple months younger than me. We fucked almost every day but when we were twenty she met a guy with money and dumped me for him.

At that time my best friend was living with a thirtythree year old woman. I spent a lot of time over at their place.

Rick’s girlfriend had a fourteen year old daughter that took a liking to me. I was flattered but thought nothing more about it.

One night I had one too many beers and didn’t want to drive. Ricks girlfriend Jen told me to sleep in her daughter’s Kim’s full size bed. Kim slept on the couch but eventually made her way to bed. When I woke up Kim’s tank top was twisted, showing off her young boob. I slowly pulled the sheet up to cover but she woke up. I assured her that I wasnt doing anything but covering her up. We talked a little but with her B size tittie and brown nipple on my mind. But before I knew it her boob was exposed again. She told me that I could touch it if I wanted to. I could feel my cock throbbing as I played with her tit. Her nipple got so hard encouraging me to suck on it. She let out moans of pleasure. I reached down to touch her between the legs and discovered a black patch of pubic hair. She spread her legs and let me finger her. Kim was tall for her age. She looked like she was eighteen. She asked me to take my pants off so I did. Kim climbed on top of me. I could feel the slit of her warm wet cunt splitting around my cock. She began moving her hips. I couldn’t take it. I said. “Let me lick your pussy.” I couldn’t wait to taste her young cunt. She laid back and opened her legs. She began bucking her hips as I licked her clit. I was so surprised that a 14 year old was so much into it. I spread her cunt open but could not see her barrier. Her hyman had been penetrated. I inquired to her about it. She told me thst She had been fucking for over a year.. She was known as a little slut to pay off my best friends debts. Rick had also fucked her a couple times. I was so turned on. She said that I could fuck her if I wanted to. I didn’t waste any time. It didn’t take long for my cock to bottom out in her young cunt. I watched her titties jiggle around as I pounded Her pussy. But out of the corner of my eye I saw Kim’s 12 year old sister watching us with her hand down her panties. I whispered to Kim and she motioned her sister Susan to join us. Her titties were a little smaller but her bush was still pretty full.

I laid on my back with Susan’s pussy over my face and Kim riding my cock. It was like I was enjoying my sister and her friends again. Susan was still a virgin but loved to play around. Kim.told me that she is on birth control. Just hearing those word made be cum inside her teen cunt.

I was afraid of their mom finding out until that evening when Jen asked me how I like fucking her daughter. Then the next thing I knew I had my cock in Jens cunt from behind with Rick’s cock being sucked on by the two girls.

About a week later I took Susan’s cherry. Now there is nothing that I want more than young teen pussy. 10 years later I have been fucking my sister’s 14 year old daughter and on occasion my sister joins in.

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