Cousin Baby

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Emily: My cousin Jeff is such a hottie. Yeah weird calling my cousin a hottie but who cares hes fucking hot. Hes about six foot three brown curly hair green eyes has an eight pack and has a smile that makes a girls innocence jump. Straight stud

Jeff: I have this cousin and shes is the sexiest thing ive ever saw. Weird huh who gives a shit. Emily is short as hell like i like shes about five one with perfect tits a tiny waist and a fat ass booty i mean perfect.

Emily: This summer our family took a trip and ofcourse my sexy cousin was there and guess what we had to share a room since his sister wasnt coming. Perfect i get some alone time with him i wonder how big his dick is. Omg what am i saying for god sake hes my cousin but i just wonder if its hung i bet its thick and juicy. Snap out of it ems. I arrived at the hotel before my cousin so that gave me time to get iit out my system. I grab my lap top and type in xvideos and search anal compilations for some reason watchin some one get fucked in the ass excites me. So two mins in this bbc is demolishing this tiny white girl my pussy is pulsating so i reach down and begin. Legs spread wide as i moaned and squeezed my tits playing with my wet pussy i wanted to cum so bad. The scene switches and the next bbc is slow fucking this asian girls ass while she moaned loudly. I liked the visual but the sounds of moaning is what makes me cum. I get on all fours playing with my pussy faster and faster mmmmm what perfection i lay back down and im about to cum faster and faster i play with my pearl fuck im going to cum my pussy explodes my body shakes i let out a loud moan “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck mmmmm mmmmm mmm” pussy pulsating as i cum mmmm that was a great nut. but whats that shadow

Jeff: So this family vacation o have to share rooms with ems since bethany isnt coming and all i can think about is how tight her pussy might be how pretty and pink it is and how wet itll be i gotta snap out of it i need to beat my meat before she gets here. So i go up tonour room and i hear moaning i peak in and i couldnt believe my eyes legs spread wide Ems was playing with her pussy. It was pretty and perfect it look soaked as she rubbed and moaned. My dick jumped fuck i need to stroke this. Shes so into her pussy play she wont notice. I whip my dick out Spit in my hand and begin to jack off. Her moans are growing louder as she watches this white bitch get her ass destroyed. Whole time im stroking my dick im thinking about her tight her pussy is how warm it is how id fuck the shit out of her how id make her ride my face and dick with no hands how id fuck her pretty little face i see her body moving shes about to cum i want to cum at the same time i stroke faster and when she yells out fuck my dick shoots out my hot sticky cum i want to moan so loud but i dont want her to see me. Dick still pumping out cum “aaah aaah aaahfuck” I whisper fuck that was so hot i gotta have her

Them: Ems notices a shadow after she cums when she looks over she sees her cousin finishing his load cum oooozing out his huge dick his eyes rolled back till he notices her. He jumps dick still out and hard. Ems smiles she knows what he has done. She walks up to him seductively dropping her robe exposing her naked body perfect tits and fat ass booty. She reaches down for his dick and makes a shhhhhh motion with her mouth as she lowers to her knees and licks the rest of his cumm off his dick “aaaah” jeff moans. She takes a long stare at his dick and proceeds to slurping. Gagging and spitting on his dick licking down to his balls. He moans out “oh my god ems fuck”. she slurps and slurps and gags and pulls his dick out playfully and says “fuck my throat”. Placing his hands on the back of her head he begins to thrust slowly his dick touchs her tonsils “Fuck” he speeds up. She gags and spits choking but swallowing his whole dick. He speeds up. Looking down at his cousin give him the sloppiest head he has ever had. He speeds up. Not letting her breathe fucking her face with all his might gripping her head “fuck yes fuck fuck fuck eat that did”. Gag gag spit slurp choke choke. Ems plays with her pussy while swallowing her cousins huge dick. “Fuck im going to cum” ready for action ems sits back and waits for the show. Stroking his dick jeff moans out “here it comes open your mouth” legs open playin with her pussy mouth open she waits for his load “AAAAAAH FUUUUUCK YEAH” he shoots in her mouth on her face. She smears it in waiting for more swallowing what she has “ mmmmm gimmie more” hes still cumming “Aaah fuck yeah swallow it bitch swallow my nut” she swallows and continues to suck his sensitive dick slurping all his sweetness “mmmmm yummy”.

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