Step-mom’s desires a hot night : part- 3

It’s a nice evening and as i came back home, my step-mom Cathy starts making me hot and than she made Rani my slut lady as i have poured semen into two vaginas……. (Step-mom’s desires a hot night – part 2)

Cathy & Rani ,as my sister Lili is looking for fuck but i am too tired after getting laid with a 19 years old guy with strong physique can’t be a sex-machine for them and my 6-7 inches long as well as 2 inches thick cock have got lot of bruises as well as pain in their i slept soundly on bed as my step-mom Cathy ,a divorced lady of 28 years get married with my dad as my dad divorced my mom last year and Cathy is a sexy lady with her lovely busts and sexy butts,so her figure is fit and we both are in great sexual affair for last 3-4 months.


So our household maid Rani,a 24 years married lady is fair in complexion,as her busts measures 36 inches with curvy waist of 26 inches and heavy butts is round dome shaped as it swings while she wear sari with peticote while not putting a full size panty under it. My sexual journey started 6-7 months ago with Rani ,as i got her vagina and ass hole to love and as i was addicted to drinks with gals/ladies,my cock got masturbation till i got chance to have physical love with maid Rani.

So as i slept soundly on bed to have rest and than at 10:00 pm as i awake from my sound sleep with some energy ,i have drinks and than fucked my own younger sister Lili as she get satisfied with my long thick cock,it’s my penis as it have penetrated three glory holes from the evening [read previous story ” Step-mom desires a hot night :part- 3].so after i tasted my sister’s vagina ,i get laid on bed nudely and lili frisked inside washroom ,so slept on bed as i am nude.

I am nude as i am completely drunk ,so my eyes get closed and i am in rest ,after a while i felt my chest getting palm’s touch and as i opened my eyes,step-mom cathy is sitting near me on bed as she is looking too hot in her yellow baby doll lingerie dress and as my eyes are on her chest,it’s a transparent attached brassier and i smiled……..

”my sexy mom,you three have got your fuck ,so please leave me for rest
[cathy leaned and kissed my face] no garry,you have to fuck me again and how your cock will erect is not an issue
[Garry smiled] it will take time my sweetheart
[cathy]no i have bought zenegra pill for you as it will make your cock erect within 10-12 minutes.”

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And so my horny slut mom took out a strips of pill from her small purse as she have put it on bed’s corner and now as i wake up ,she gave me a bottle of water and i have the pill to make my cock now slept again as cathy is sitting near my waist and her palms are moving on my smooth thighs as my mind is under control of alcohol ,now feeling mom’s hand on my thighs to legs as she inches forward and leaned down to kiss my chest,i starts squeezing her breast on clothes as it’s a attached transparent brassier covering her boobs and its a smooth round milk-tank as i am enjoying it’s after 5-6 minutes of having pills ,i starts feeling my empty testicles getting some fluids inside it and it’s really a hard pill to make cock grow in it’s size in a quick i am feeling it’s quick effects ,cathy is making me hot as she have leaned down with her lips kissing my chest to waist and like a hot guy,i am just squeezing her tits and now feeling bit hungry also ,not for cunt or boobs but for meals,i am now screaming

”oh uh ah ,sexy lady now i need some light food to fulfill my hunger
[she]sure you wil get butter toasts with omeleete as it will be good for your tonight.” and than she kissed my waist as she screamed louder”rani ,please come here”,as she is there while putting a night wear on her body,she asked” yes madam ,any help
[she]yes ,butter toast with omlette as garry is in hunger.”

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And she walked away,now cathy hold my thighs as she put a pillow under my bum ,so like a indian lady my legs are wide enough but cathy is looking for some foreplay as rani came and put it on table,mom asked her for a butter cake and as my butts is slight up on bed,she starts using butter on my anus hole as her finger put a little piece of butter on hole and shoved it as i screamed”oh it’s in pain”but as i pushed some butter inside,my fingers are fucking his ass hole but it’s a compulsary act for me as it will make cock as pill is working fast with my cock growing bigger and hard,my testicles are now full of fluids and as cathy is jerking my cock,i wake up and she put my cock in her mouth to a 28 years married lady,my step-mom cathy is sucking my cock as my hand is rubbing her sexy butts and i have lifted it babydoll dress up to waist,so a G string can’t make her safe from a monestar like me and as she is spinning her head fast,my finger is making space to move inside her cunt and it happened soon as i pushed my long finger from it’s corner and starts fingering sexy voice

”oh uh ah suck suck hard you bitch’is making us hot and now as her finger is in my ass hole while i am screwing her cunt,it seems my cock have enough erection to start fucking.

So she took out my wet penis as i did it and now cathy and garry is sitting on bed as i pulled the straps of her doll dress down to shoulder and she removed her lingerie but her vagina is bit covered with G string and now as our sexual desires are on peak,she pushed me on bed and now it’s a nice 69 position for as i get laid with my legs straight,she leaned on my top with her face in opposite direction,so her butts is above my face with legs wide and my face is beneath her vagina and it looks like a fleshy reddsih organ,so her front part of body is on knees as i am rubbing my mom’s butts and i felt him removing my cock’s skin and licking my glans with her’s a hard pill getting me hard again in a brief time as she is rubbing it’s glans on her face and now while holding her waist,i put my face on vagina and starts kissing it,so her smooth surface of vagina is clean shaved and now as she pushed her heavy butts bit down,my face is under it and now i widened it’s hole as my tongue is licking her cunt,so my glans have been swallowed as she is sucking it hard and blood is making it’s erection hard as it’s filling in my as i am licking her cunt fast,she swallows my long cock and now starts spinning her head as i am sounding sexy”uh ah it’s nice suck suck hard ”and as i put her both labias in between my lips ,she is going hard and i am sucking my step-mom’s cunt hard and as her cunt starts cumming ,she took out my wet cock and screamed louder”uh it’s cumming my son drink it”and after tasting vaginal fluids,she licked my cock for a while and than both moved to washroom as after refreshment,we both nude couple moved to dinning space as rani is sleeping on sofa and we both are sitting on opposite sides,so mom starts preparing drinks for us as looking at me,she asked”lit a cigarette garry”and i lit it to smoke,so she is drinking wine as i have already eaten light meals ,so starts drinking cold beer and my cock is fully erected.later on ,as our drinks finishes we both moved to lili’s bedroom as she is also in sound sleep while her nude body is covered in a blanket and so step-mom cathy asked

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