Planned day

Am a fitness freak I have a good muscular body, good looking even done a bit modelling I hit the gym
regularly. In my gym there are few women and here is 1 girl wheatish skin color, chubby, fat round ass I
was attracted to her, sometimes I got the feeling even she was attracted to me we stared at each other I
started the saying Hai and smile she too did we started talking general things I praised her beauty she
smiled we shared Facebook id’s we chatted in the nights and our talks got kinky I told her I liked her lips
they are fat and juicy “will you let me kiss your lips?” she did not respond, next time I asked she agreed
1 day at gym I asked her I will take her to my friends place she agreed hesitantly.

On that day I arranged my friend’s place told him one of my friends from other state is coming to meet me I want to spend
some time talking at his place he handed over his house keys to me and went on his work, I called her to
to that place and received her to my friend’s place my heart beat was raising I’m sure it was same with
her we are sitting in the hall tv’s running both watching tv I was peeping at her side ways even she did
suddenly we caught both doing same and laughed suddenly. I said to myself anyways we both know our
intention I told her let’s go to the bedroom she followed me she sat on the bed I switched on the
computer and played a porn film situation was getting hotter I sat beside her and faced towards her she
was smiling with nervousness so was I, I moved closer put my hand on her shoulder slided through her
neck, chin and cheeks touched her fat, juicy lips which I fantasize, rubbed them I was shivering with
nervousness took off her chunny I got very close to her face rubbing her lips with my fingers asked her
to open her mouth moved my fingers in and out of her mouth her breathe turned hot I smelled her
breath kissed her lips, rubbed, touched, licked her lips with my tongue in no time a wild animal inside
me bursted out I started smooching her wildly our hearts pounding faster and faster breath got hotter i
layed her on the bed got on top of her and started smooching wildly as hard as I can simultaneously
kissing, rubbing, sucking, tongue kissing, with my mouth and smelling her mouth by putting my nose in
her mouth rubbing my nose to her mouth ohhh.. god it was so intense I got lost in the universe and she
was enjoying all of it too she was mirroring all that I did. I removed her top and bottom wow I was
seeing her in bra and panty as I fantasized her boobs and ass both were round and fat which turned me
damn on, I removed her bra and panty too she was completely naked that time was full of sexual energy
as if we were in a hot tub of sexual water my mind was on a higher level of pleasure I could feel my big
bulged dick popping of my wet jeans I undressed myself got on top of her tickled her tits with my wet
slippery tongue she was enjoying every bit of that pleasure I enjoyed watching her expressions I moved
down kissing her body, belly button, lower part around her cunt I licked, kissed, sucked, chewed and
smelled her thighs she was getting on the higher dimensions and now comes the G-spot I took a good
closer look at her pussy it was small fresh something looked like a leaf inside and wet she was feeling my
breath touching her pussy I kissed and licked around her pussy I came licking and sucking from lower
thighs to her pussy, and as I started licking and sucking her G-spot she started moaning and struggling
with pleasure such that she holded my head tightly and pushed me into her pussy for me to give her
that great pleasure more and more I really enjoyed that part I did it for few mins her pussy was crying
with pleasure filled with sexual liquid flowing tears I felt she had orgasms multiple times then the final
part I set myself in a missionary position rubbed my dick onto her pussy, G-spot put on a condom
pushed it inside and pumped in and out I find my pleasure in missionary position and pumping pussy
while mouth to mouth kissing, rubbing, licking, smooching, sucking her lips, mouth, teeth and tongue
especially smelling her mouth let the smell be good or bad it turns me intensely damn ON I enjoy every
moment of it, she had her’s and I was done with my Orgasm Wow !!!… I went to the washroom cleaned
myself came back to the bedroom to see her lying on the bed facing her ass up the floor I said to myself

how did I miss her round, fat, chubby ass and that view of her tempted me to the core I went to her
touched her waist kissed her back, neck came down touched her fat ass kissed, chewed, bit, hugged it
while doing all this she was enjoying it again and my dick was leaking and erect again I rubbed my liquid
juice onto her fat tempting ass, placed my dick between her ass butt and jerked it till I was satisfied but
that was not enough for me she was tired but wanting more too, I made her doggy style spread her legs
apart i touched, felt, kissed and smelled her butt and ass inserted my dick into her pussy from behind
and started stroking her ass hard and hard I was feeling her fat chubby sexy hot ass so nicely enjoying
that was awesome …! Squeezing and fucking her fat sexy ass for some time as I fantasize I reached her
mouth to kiss, lick, smell, suck, and smooch her mouth like a wild animal as she was breathing harder
through her mouth that smell was damn tempting, hot, sexy, smelly I ate and fucked her mouth as much
as I can, didn’t want to miss her ass so banged it as much I felt like satisfied before orgam changed my
position to missionary as it is my signature fantasy I lust to kiss, lick, smooch, rub, suck while smelling
her mouth, lips, teeth and tongue and simultaneously pumping my dick in her pussy and have a long
lasting intense arousing hot and awesome Orgams. And then we finished it off and left that was one hell
of a badass experience……. WOW !!!
We are all good but there is something bad which forcefully makes us spread positivity be good.
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