Sex with wild divorced client

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Hai all, I am Nani, a 24 yr smart guy from Hyderabad. my height: “6” feet, I am a call-boy. This is one of my sex experience which happened with my divorced client. I had many experiences, I do share my stories one after another.

I am a callboy. I do service for those, who have no satisfaction in sexual life. I love being a callboy because I love to have sex with different ladies and girls by satisfying their inner sexual desires.

This happened while I was graduating with my bachelor. Her name is Aravinda, she got divorced and had “2” children.

Her age is about:36. Her body curves(shapes):36, 28, 38. while I was playing in my college ground on Sunday. I got a call from some unknown number.

I don’t lift (or) Answer unknown calls, I was getting calls repeatedly. after 12 missed calls, I lifted the call. In a sweety tone “hello” is this Nani call-boy..?

I replied yes mam, may I know your good name.
she told her name and about her life details, divorce from his hubby.

The Sooner she gets into the payments and service. I explained about the services and the price depends upon the client’s satisfaction.

She told me about the date and time of the service. As formal, I asked her to video call for confirmation and told her to pay some amount and she paid and the date was fixed.

As the day came, in the early morning she pinged me on WhatsApp. I lifted the call and answered, I’m getting ready and asked her to share the location. But she denied it and asked my location as she wants to pick up me.

I shared my location and got ready. In a while, she called me and said, she was at my location.
Soon, I went to her introduced myself and I blushed her beauty.

She was so sexier in her saree. As a man, I was seeing her tits top to bottom. Her boobs were dragging my looks. We both driven to a 2-star hotel, Checked in to the hotel.

She ordered the food. We were seeing porn on my mobile and I was rubbing her thighs. She was telling me about her husband and she stopped me from rubbing her thighs and told me everything is after having food. After the food come we both had the food, as we both were so hungry.

Then after a while, she washes her hands. Her saree slightly slipped and her cleavage was clear to me. The big balloons were so sexier in the blouse and her waist was too white she had a mole on her waist, It made me feel hornier.

Sooner I dragged her to me. Started kissing her pink lips, removed her saree she was on her blouse. I was squeezing her boobs like a mad bastard.

She was biting my lips, I loved her bites. I came down a little and licked her chin and her neck kissed and sucked her neck and gave love bites.

My teeth marks were visible and she was moaning like professional bitches. I slapped her cheeks too hard made her stand towards the wall.

Removed her blouse and down her pavada. She is a sexy bitch she was on her blue colour cotton floral bra and blue panty. I sooner rubbed her thighs and moved up my hands on to the panty. I was rubbing her pussy with my hand so hard on her panty.

She was shivering and her pussy got realised juices and her panty got wet. The next second I dragged her panty and thrown her on the bed.

I spread her legs and kept my face in between her thighs, in a slow-motion. I rubbed her legs from toes to thighs. The Sooner I got on the pussy, I kept my horizontal lips into her vertical lips. She so shivered and her legs were shivering her moans were filled in the hotel room.

I was the first person licking her pussy, she told in a moaning sound. I inserted my tongue totally into her pussy too deeper and with my teeth, I was biting her client.

About 20 minutes. I sucked her pussy the same as a male pron star. She released her juices twice. She has a huge flow of juices and they taste a bit salty

After sucking, I inserted my two fingers into her pussy. So hard I was fingering, she was slapping on my cheeks as it was too painful. She signalled me to remove my fingers, as I was on the top peek. Wasn’t hearing to her, she tried taking my fingers from her pussy.

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