Adolescent Years

We spent many nights together as adolescents, junior high, sleeping over at each other’s houses. When at his house in the colder months we’d sleep together in the same bed, a sofa bed, with our pajama tops on but our bottoms pulled down so that each had easy access to the others cock and balls whenever we each wanted. Was pleasurable to be awakened by having a hand caressing and playing with my inner thighs, balls, cock, and no doubt Tom enjoyed the same but at times also had my tongue on his balls, inner thighs, and cock and even his balls and or cock in my mouth being sucked. His cock would get rock hard and be up against his abdomen, I can almost taste his yummy cum now. Or at other times I think of you and I together in bed, cuddling, caressing, kissing, our tongues wrestling and yours being thrust into my mouth, which really turns me on, and our hands caressing each other’s bodies, nipples, which I love to have played with and squeezed, especially when I am about to cum and am cuming, And of course to have your tongue exploring my body, nipples, inner thighs, my balls, cock, and the trail to my ass, spreading and lifting, or rolling over so you have full access to my ass to rim me. Of course I also fantasize about doing the same things to you, licking, caressing, stroking, sucking, sliding your rock hard cock in and out of my mouth, taking every inch of it into my mouth, like Tom, Mike, David, before you, all the way in so that my lips are tight around the base and at the point where that rock hard thick shaft of yours meets your body. Then slowing pulling back so your cock slides out of my mouth until only the firm head remains in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the head gathering your hot yummy gooey precum as it oozes from your cock until your hand on my head urges me to cease swirling and to go down swallowing your hard cock again, and to continue to slide your cock in and out of my mouth until you begin to feel that you’re about to cum. You tell me to stop now!

And I quickly release your cock, gripping it tightly with my thumb on the sensitive spot and my fingers on the top side behind it, squeezing tightly and holding it, not touching you anyplace else as your orgasm subsides and your cock softens. I squeeze tight, increasing my grip as you soften until you are completely soft. I then lick the little bit of precum seeping form the gorgeous cock head of yours. You lean forward and begin to slowly stroke my rock hard cock. Your hand and its motions feel so wonderful that I begin to moan. You then grip my cock tightly and pull me towards you leading me out of bed and towards the bathroom. Once there you continue to hold my tightly and you tell me to fill the bottle with hot water. I do this as quickly as I can my arousal building. Once full you release my cock and take the bottle. You direct me to stand in the tub. I quickly step in.


You then tell me to bend forward as far as possible. I lean forward as far as I can. Next I feel the tip of the bottle at my sensitive ass. You tell me to relax as you press it slowly into me. Once in a little I feel the hot water fill me, as you tell me to just relax and to hold it in as long as I can. After what seems like forever you tell me to sit and get rid of it. I quickly sit on the seat and expel it all, as you refill the bottle. I get back into the tub and bend forward. You repeat this drill two more times, insuring that I am flushed and the hot water also helps to get my own juices flowing and to relax and loosen me up a little.

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You then grasp my hard cock and lead me back to the bedroom. You direct me to get on my back, which I do. You get into a sixty nine with me and as I begin to lick and suck your soft cock, feeling it grow hard in my mouth, you caress, lick, suck briefly, and play with me, your finger circling my ass until you finally slip one then another then a third in me. At this point you reposition yourself telling me to spread and lift my legs. As I do you put them on your shoulders, I reach between your legs, grasping your rock hard cock and guiding it into me. You press firmly, slowly and not letting up until I feel your cock sliding into my tight hole and going all the way in, you tell me to bear down to let you in deep. It feels wonderful so I bear down hard, wanting all of you deep within me.

You go in; I feel your body pressing tightly to mine confirming that you are all the way in. You then begin to slide your rock hard cock in and out of my ass. I can feel the juices flowing and oozing out of my ass as you slide your cock in and out of me. You then stop and pull out, moving up you thrust your cock to my mouth pressing hard against my lips struggling to get it in, just like David would do, causing me to harden more, as I take your gooey cock covered with my thick, gooey, clear, tasteless lube. After a bit you pull out and return your hard cock to my ass. You now pump into and out of me deep, at a moderate pace, speeding up as you feel your orgasm nearing. My cock is throbbing and seeping precum and juices from my prostate being rubbed by your cock. At your direction I am gathering this up and eating it, dreaming that it is yours and from your rock hard throbbing cock. Next I fell you cum, your breathing and sounds as well as feeling your cock throb and pulse as you shoot you r hot thick cum deep in me. You keep going until you are empty and spent. You then pull out, and roll onto your back. I roll over and take your gooey softening cum and lube covered cock into my mouth and again begin to suck your cock. After a few minutes you have me squat over your mouth as you take your tongue and rim me. You rim me as your cum and my juices seep from my ass. You even dip your tongue into me to slurp out the mix of your cum and my nectar. You slip a finger in and give it to me to taste, telling me that next it will be my turn to do to you exactly as you have just done to me, everything, right down to cumming in you and sucking out all of my cum just like you are now doing to me.
But the best part of all of this is it was not just us two, but there was third watching us. Your friend whom you are trying to convince to join us for the fun. You tell he and I that after I get mine, it will be his turn and he will get to choose who sucks him first, and who he gets to nail and fill with cum, and where, in his mouth or ass. Luckily your friend is also naked, for all of our pleasures. I hope to get to suck his cock as it is about eight inches long and is uncut with enough foreskin that even rock hard he has about an inch of skin left over his cockhead. Dreaming back to my times of sucking Mike, his foreskin so long that I would pull it forward over the tip and then all the way down to the base tight, exposing his cock head. I’d do this with my hands as well as my mouth, usually at Mikes command and direction. His balls hanging loose in their sack for me to lick and also caress as I would suck his cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth, my lips tight around the base until he’d cum. Sometimes he’d tell me he was cumming sometimes he’d just blast his hot gooey yummy load into my mouth.

Mike would always make mw suck him off making him cum first whereas Tom would make me cum first. David on the other hand, we would do each other at the same time until I came and then he’d stop, releasing his hold on my cock, he never sucked me, but he would thrust his hard small cock in and out of my mouth, at times mounting me and ramming in and out as he trust his hips, my hands caressing his tight little ass until he wanted no more. The advantage of making the other cum first is that after I came then I could lick and suck them hard again and make them cum again.

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