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We had been staying with pam and george a few weeks and i had started driving myself back and forth to the club. This night i worked alittle later than normal and had drunk alittle to much. When i got to there house walking in George was sitting in the kitchen drinking.
After i put my stuff down i went into the bedroom and jack was snoring. Grabbed my gown and robe. Went into the bathroom took my shower. My panties were gone, figured i must have dropped them. So now im just in my gown and robe as i walk out and head to get me something to drink before going to bed.

George is still sitting at the table.

What are you doing?
Getting a drink before bed.
Let me fix you one, its crown and coke.

No i have drunk enough already.

Oh come on you can drink one with me, ok one george thats it .
and made himself one.
So we drank or drinks and talked.
When I had almost finshed my drink I grabbed a water and went to head to bed he grabbed my arm and said hold on a minute.
He turned me around and put my back to the cabinet. He started asking me what would actually happen if me and him fooled around.
I said Pam would kick us out if not kill both of us and that was only if she got to us first. If jack got to us first he would probably kill us and definitely beat the shit out of me.
He said I don’t think that any of that would happen cause y’all weren’t gonna catch us.

I said right cause nothing is gonna happen.
He then leaned in on me more and started kissing my neck. I attempted to push him away but it didnt work. Next thing I know he feeling all over me and trying to put his hand in my gown. I kept saying no and pulling away and trying to push him off.
My attemps to get free from him didn’t work. Within a short few mintues he had my gown open and his hand under my gown and was rubbing and massaging my pussy.
I kept trying to push his hand away from pussy as he kept rubbing his fingers between my lips, as i start getting wet i keep telling to him to stop.
He grabs my wrist holding them together pushing my arms above my head. With his free hand he starts pushing his shorts down over his hips.
I can see his dick is already half hard and he has foreskin.

I want to push him away and scream for jack or pam but im to afraid of what would happen so i stand there as He started fingering me even with me trying to move his hand.
He wouldnt stop so I kept trying to look and hope that noone would head towards the kitchen and catch what was going on.

With his other hand he reaches down between us while he was still fingering me and rubbing around on my pussy. He keeps stroking his dick getting harder and He then started rubbing his dick on the outside of my pussy.
He was trying to get it in with no cooperation.
He pulled back a little bit and tried again. I was wet from the excitement that we could get caught and i was getting wetter from his fingers but he still couldn’t get it in.
By this time he must have figured out that my leg being down was the problem. He stopped figuring me and grabbed me by my hips and picked me up higher and i wrapped my legs around him as he reached down between us taking his dick in his hand rubbing it between my pussy this time his head enters me with ease. As he pushes in deeper he all of a sudden stops. Looks at me dam i knew you were gonna have some good pussy but holy shit ur tight.
I dont know what happened but his legs buckle and he almost drops me. His dick slides out.

Thats it, you had your chance im going to bed.

Come on it want take long your so tight.

No george it shouldnt have went as far as it did. As i get into the living room he grabs my arm and pushes me down on to my knees on the couch. Pushing my head into the cushions he lifts up my robe and slides into me with one thrust.

As i swinging my arms back trying to hit at him he grabs my wrist pinning my arms behind my back. He starts pumping hard and fast. Just as im about to cum he pulls out turning shooting his cum into the living room floor.

See i told you. He stands there just stareing at me as i get up closing my robe and walk fast down the hallway to our room.

We had finally rented our own house and the first weekend we needed to go into town and get some grociers So you decided that you would go into town and I would stay home and wait for kids.

I said okay that’s fine and be careful. See ya when you get back.
Well I stayed there and went back to unpacking. You had been gone bout 35/40 minutes when George pulls up. He came up to the door and knocked.
I answered and told him you weren’t home but should be back shortly. George said okay he would unhook the trailer i wanted to borrow and leave it till the next day.

I went to turn from the door as he walked towards the trailer hitch to unhook it. I went on in the house and back to unpacking. After a few minutes he walked back up the steps and knocked on the door. I answered and he asked to use the bathroom; so I let him in. He went to the bathroom and I went back to living room.

He came out of the bathroom and stepped into the living room and started talking. We were just taking shit.
He asked where you were and I told him you had went into town. Then he asked me if the kids were home yet. I told him the kids should be there pretty soon as would you. With every question he took a step closer to me. Before just a coupled minutes past he was right in front of me. He was telling me how wanted to do what we done before again. I told him not that the first shouldn’t have even happened. He said you know I’m going to get what I want, I always do or have. I said no and took couple steps back.
He just smiled and stepped up couple more times till he was back right in front of me.
He then started grabbing on me and rubbed my pussy on top of my clothes. He said dont fight it. just let it happen as he pushed me backwards towards the front bedroom. He got me pushed back into the room until me legs hit the bottom of the bed.
I again told him No and tried to push passed him. He pushed me back onto the bed and started crawling up the bed on top of me. He began fondling me breast before quickly reaching down and unbuttoned and zipped my pants He pulled my pants down just at the bend of my knee.
He again began rubbing on my pussy first on top of my panties then inside my panties. I kept telling no i didnt want to do this. He continues fingering me and i unwilling start to get wet.
As soon as he feels my pussy getting wet i tell him again i dont want to do this.

He just smiled and He unbuttoned his pants and pulling them down just far enough to get his dick out. He tells me to spread my legs wide and i just stare at him. He pushes my legs apart and He pulls my panties to the side and
At first he rubs the head of his dick up and down on my lips before putting spit on the tip and trying to push it in again and still wouldnt go in. so he rubbed it around more getting just his head to go in and out a few times. slowly his head slides between my lips slowly going in.

He started out kinda slow and with him telling me how good it felt. As he pushes in deeper till he has his entire 7 inches is in me.
After a few strokes he grabbed my knees and pulled them up towards my chest.
He slides in a little deeper and against my will i tense up cumming.
He starts fucking me fast and again i cant help it and cum again.

He tells me to spread my legs more as i do he stiffened up and groaned as soon as he pulled out of my pussy he’s shooting his cum all over my pussy.

Dam it michelle you have some dam good pussy. How long did you say it would be before anyone got here.

Soon now get off me. Just calm down i know you came and more than one time.

So what. He is on his knees between my legs and just stareing at my pussy.

Taking his hand he wipes off his cum from my lips. He leans down and licks my clit. Trying to push his head back as he keeps licking and sucking on my clit.

George stop it jack or the kids could be here anytime stop it.

He ignores me and slides a finger in as he sucks the clit. i clinch my legs tight around his head and cum again. Dam it i dont want to get off from george.

He keeps fingering me and licking sucking several more mins i notice he has his free hand stroking his cock getting it hard again.

Fucking stop george i mean it. Someone could pull up at anytime. Im not joking george.

He sits up pushing my legs apart. I try to keep them closed but its no use. He is to strong.
Scooting up he holds my legs apart his dick head slides in with ease from me being so wet.
George stop it, he continues to ignore me pushing deeper into me. He starts pumping fast and hard, im moaning as i cum again.
He keeps pumping fast, sweat dripping off his forehead. We hear a car pull up and the kids hollaring.

He says shit shit jumping off me, pulling up his pants and stuffing his cock back in his pants.

I told you. grabbing my pants and sliding them back on.

You know we are not done. Oh yes we are george this will not happen any more, if you try again i will tell pam my self and see what jack and pam do about it.

He stomps out of the room just as the boys come running in the house.

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