Elder brother on roof-top

Rajeev ,my elder brother have written too many incidence here as her younger sister Ruhi is going to narrate it as it’s my first incidence to be posted here and as my elder brother Rajeev have a great sexual relationship with me [ruhi],even i have lost my virginity with his long cock prior to my marriage and as RUHI……a 23 years lady with slender figure is bold and hot,her boobs are round as sexy ass is squared shape ,so my vaginal hole have been widened with lot of fucking in last two years with my hubby and it’s depth as well as flexibility is now capable to swallow a 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick cock but it’s a longer span of time which make me satisfy and as i reached my parent’s home in the early morning [read previous story”Married sister’s hot night in train & it’s part] ,my elder sister Juhi have also been with us.so as our journey ends in a satisfactory note,after reaching home ,we three have tea and we are inside bedroom to have rest,so my brother rajeev is in his bedroom as i am on bed with my elder sister juhi and we both get sound sleep as our exhaustive journey comes to an end in the early morning.
We both sister wake up after mom came inside room as she screamed………….

”now leave your bed and have your bath.”,so my eyes opened as i left bed and now i can see juhi also leaving the bed.now looking at me,juhi said……….”please wait for a while as i have to take refreshment
[Ruhi ]oh ,o k than go inside
[mom] don’t quarrel ,so ruhi took your clothes and go inside your brother’s washroom.”

And as mom asked me for it,i am bit hot and as i opened my bag ,took out my night wear as i feel comfortable in it.so i walked out as i moved inside brother’s room and as i moved inside,i can see rajeev still sleeping soundly and now while i put my night wear on bed to see his long cock.so my brother always say me a naughty gal and here my mind is too hot as i can see his bulge hard on his bermuda.now as doors are opened ,i am bit afraid also but i walked towards door as i looked out while standing behind the curtains.so no one is there and than i sit on bed as i put my hand on her bulge on his shorts as it’s hard,so starts rubbing it slow while looking towards his face also,as i can see him still sleeping soundly,i pushed my hand from it’s corner and than as my hand got the touch of his cock,i hold it in palm and now slowly took it out from it’s corner ,it’s semi erected as rajiv have fucked me on train but my elder sister juhi have enjoyed a lot with him,so feeling bit jealous ,i starts masturbating his penis hard and fast as i want to disrupt my brother’s sleep and enjoy some nice time together inside home as mom is also present there.so as my hand have hold his penis and giving it a nice and hard jerk,he opened his eyes and smiled on me……..

”ruhi,if mom will see you doing it,than
[ruhi] she will also do it.”and he wake up as he kissed my face while he hold my breast for a while to press it hard and i screamed”uh leave it”and than my brother walked inside washroom as i am sitting on bed waiting for him to come out and after a while,i walked out of room as i can see mom sitting on sofa while watching t.v as maid is cleaning floor and looking at me,she asked……….

”oh not have your bath till now
[ruhi] raju is inside washroom,so i am waiting for him.”as i can see mom leaving the dinning space and i walk inside raju room as i can see him coming out of washroom,so looking at him,i smiled and now walked to him……..”come inside washroom,will show you some thing hot
[raju] oh i see,you are getting horny ,so go and have bath as you can finger also.”and as my elder brother said it in an improper manner,i walked towards washroom as i am in anger as well as shocked with him.so i locked the door of washroom as i removed my clothes and now while sitting on my legs under cascade,i opened it and as water is flowing on my body,i am feeling well but raju’s statement is making me disturbed and while thinking of it ,i am now thinking of my sexual appeal for him,so no more physical activities with him as i am wet under cascade,i closed the tap and now put gels on my palm as i starts rubbing it on my boobs to neck and again i put it on palm as i am rubbing my legs to thighs with it and as my hand moved to my vagina,his words are making me feel guilty but i put gels on my body as back portion is also covered and after a while,i opened the tap as i starts having my bath under cascade,so as my hot body is getting cleaned and my body gels got washed,i took a towel as i closed the tap and now starts rubbing my wet body and so i took my night wear as i have selected it for my brother turned lover to provoke him for sex but now put it on my body,as my desires have vanished under high currents of sea,so i have put a G string also on my waist as night wear is not capable of covering my sexual organs and as i walked out of washroom,i can see raju sitting on bed as he smiled…………

”wow,looking too hot and sexy.”but i looked at him in anger as i walked out of his bedroom .so i am in dining space as i sit on chair and i can see my elder sisterJuhi coming out of bedroom as she is also in a night wear ,but it’s less vulnerable in compare to me,so as she sits beside my chair ,looking at me she said………..”ruhi,your night wear is too hot,who have gifted you?
[ruhi] please didi ,i am now in anger as i am not going to talk some thing silly
[juhi] oh baby but what happened here?
[ruhi]leave this matter right now as mom is coming out of kitchen.”

And so raju is also there ,he sit on an opposite chair to me as mom is there with our breakfast and as he is eyeing at me,i have put my face and now having my breakfast while juhi as well as raju is voiceless,so after a while,as i can see mom walking towards her bedroom,juhi said……….”raju have you done some thing wrong with ruhi as she is in anger
[raju] yes,i have done it but ruhi will reveal the truth.”and so as i have my breakfast,i left them and washed my hand and moved inside bedroom,now i slept on bed as i called my hubby and starts talking with him,so i am waiting for my elder sister to come inside room but as my conversation ends after 4-5 minutes,i thought to see juhi as well as raju and now i walked towards raju’s bedroom as my legs stopped near his room but my eyes stuck on them as i am behind curtain,looking inside room ,my sister juhi is on bed with her younger brother raju and i can see him sucking her tongue as her sexy ass is on his thighs,so while she is on raju’s laps ,he have hold him in his arms and both are enjoying french kiss and looking at them,as my sister’s face is in my direction but due to her closed eyes as well as my position behind curtain,she can’t see me and now juhi pushed his face as she pushed him on bed and rajeev fell on bed as juhi leaned on his top,so kissing his face to neck ,my body is getting hotter as i am bit scared of my mom also,but see this hot couple who is in love inside their home as mom is also inside home.so as juhi took my brother’s lips in her mouth to suck,i entered inside and as juhi got my look,she left his body as rajeev smiled………….

”oh ruhi,disturbed our love
[ruhi] sure but as you both have left the door opened,mom may have also seen it.”and now my anger turned into jealousy as i can see both of them bit shy but also being in foreplay there as my elder sister juhi have hold raju’s bulge in her hand,so she is pressing it hard as i am still standing near bed,so raju said……………”sexy,why you are in so anger?
[me] you know better
[raju] but in anger you looks more sexy as well as wild.”

And there as raju is sleeping on bed with his legs straight and juhi is sitting near his waist to rub his bulge,i am in bit fire but confused of my desires,it’s rising with anger on raju as well as bit afraid of being caught if mom caught us in this position.so raju smiled…………”oh baby,go and talk to your mom,why you are making juhi too shy.”and so she walked away and as i have left them for a while to see my mom’s activities,i can see him in her bedroom as looking at me,she said………”go and have rest or talk with your brother and sister.”and her activities have made me sure of her bath,so i walked out of her room and as i came to raju’s room,i can see door locked ,so i pushed it hard as door opened and they both are in love cum lust as i can see juhi holding my brother’s penis in her mouth as she is jerking it hard and than i pushed the door from inside as i joined them.now i sit near raju’s face as i am looking at my elder sister’s blowjob,my brother is screaming”oh uh um yes suck suck hard my darling”and now as he look at me,i smiled and hold the strings of night wear,so he is curious to see my sexy body and as i opened it while putting it on my shoulders apart,he is eyeing at my sexy body and while sleeping on bed as juhi starts licking his penis with her tongue,she put her hand on my body and started rubbing it,so i hold her wrist as i put her hand on my nude breast and he starts squeezing it hard as i am nude in night wear but panty have covered my vagina,so as he is pressing my breast while his cock is getting sucked in elder sister’s mouth,i took a bold step as i am in hurry for love and i knelt on raju’s mouth as my cunt is on his face and he smiled as he unhooked it to make it nude.so as his cock is in juhi’s mouth,she is sucking it hard while raju got a new assignment to love my cunt and as i have put my vagina on his mouth,he hold my waist and starts kissing its surface and i am feeling too hot as brother’s hand is still holding my boobs to press while sitting on his face,i put my crossed fingers to widened my hole and now his long tongue is moving inside fast as it’s hitting on my inner labia as well as clitoris,so feeling too horny at this time,i am screaming”oh uh lick lick it you bastard” and i can see raju’s cock like a hot iron red as it’s wet also with sister’s saliva .so juhi walked inside washroom as raju have hold my waist and as his tongue is moving inside fast,vagina got her sensation as my body is in fire and so my sexy voice”uh ah um suck suck it,i will cum” and he took my vagina in his mouth to suck,so feeling too hot as well as horny and later on,vagina become wet as it cums inside,so raju tastes it with his tongue.now i walked towards washroom as juhi is back on bed.

Ruhi have urinated as washed her cunt with water and than came back to room as i can see juhi didi sleeping on bed with her legs stretched as a pillow have made her sexy buttocks up on bed,raju have lifted her night wear up to her waist and he is kissing her sister’s matured vagina as i am looking at them and so as my eyes stuck on juhi’s vagina,i can see him widening her hole as raju is licking her tongue fast and she is in pleasure”oh h uh need your fuck fuck fuck me soon”and than raju hold her fleshy vagina in his mouth and start sucking wildly as her face is looking reddish with her legs rubbing on bed,so after a while ,juhi screamed louder”oh ah i will cum suck hard aah”and i can see juhi in fire as she is pressing her breast hard,so his vaginal fluids came out as my brother tastes it.so rajeev wake on bed as he said…………..

”now move to your room and i need rest
[ruhi laughed] oh dear,you are loving us in an unequal manner.”but his words have put both of us out of his room as we both are hot and horny,so now as we can see mom having her breakfast,i smiled and than frisked inside bedroom with juhi and both slept on bed.so juhi asked…………..”you are in anger with raju,isn’t it?
[ruhi] yes he have given a worst remarks for me
[juhi] oh i see,but what’s it,can you say me
[ruhi bit shy] he told me to finger my cunt as i was moving inside washroom
[juhi laughed] not true that he have given such a remarks to you without your naughty acts,
[ruhi] actually as i moved inside his room,my eyes stuck on his bulge and than i starts foreplay as i have hold her cock and jerking it
[juhi] than ,he hold your hand and put away as he say something to you,isn’t it?
[ruhi] yes
[juhi] i think your naughty act with his naughty statements are equal and both need to be punished soon.”

As we both are feeling horny as our sexy dresses are attractive,so we both planned for a hot day as night will be in hand for sleep .now it’s 10:45 am as i walked towards dinning space to see mom watching t.v as maid is inside kitchen and so i sits on sofa as looking at mom,i smiled………….”mom,it’s a pleasant weather,even wind is in speed
[mom] oh i see,want to go market or to meet friends
[ruhi] nothing today but want to enjoy nice time together on roof-top
[mom] oh than what’s the problem in it,you three can have talk together with coffee /snacks as well as tea ,leave me here as i have lot of works to do.”and my plan well impressive as i walked to bedroom and than explained juhi of it ,so we both walked out of room as mom is there and we have hold a bed with pillow as well as water bottle ,now moved upstairs as it’s our plan to leave rajeev inside home ,so he can look at us anytime and than can move to us.so as we both put bed on ground in roof-tops corner,it’s the end of roof and in this direction we will be safe as one store room is on middle of roof-top and it have made a safe wall for us from neighbors .so both sisters are sitting on bed as talking of our romantic life and hubby’s attraction as well as attitude to us and as time passes,our eyes are on upstairs door as we both are waiting for our brother to come there and after 15 minutes ,juhi said……..”i think we have to call raju
[ruhi] o k ,i have my mobile with me,so call it.”and as juhi starts calling raju,i am feeling too cool as it’s a spring season with sun-rays not making us hot and wind is in speed ,so our brother Rajeev is there as looking at me,she smiled………….”oh i see,both sister have planned something hot on roof-top
[ruhi] yes,but if mom will come here to see us than
[juhi] she will also join us as we know her affairs.”

And as ruhi ,juhi and rajeev is sitting on bed,our bed is in the safest position as in that direction not a single house is there,so a road with greenery is making our home full proof as well as invisible from this end to outsiders.so now juhi starts the love and she hold raju’s wrist as he put his hand on her breast and he starts squeezing it while i put my lips on brother’s face to kiss,he is sitting in between us as his face to neck is being kissed,her elder sister have put his other hand inside her night wear and to be very secret,both sisters have removed our panties as it’s under bed on ground and now i can feel his lips burning on my lips as his face is in my direction,so he is kissing me as her both hands are on juhi’s breast as well as vagina and as things changed,juhi pushed her brother and he is sleeping on my lap with her head on my thighs,so as he put his hand on my boobs to squeeze,i took him by surprise as i opened the front laces of night wear and now as his hand is pressing my breast hard,i can see my horny sister,pulling her brother’s bermuda down to legs and now she is too hot as she took no time to lift her dress up to waist and as raju have put his face on my chest,like a baby he is sucking my boobs and his legs are horizontal instead of straight but juhi is willing to get fucked and she hold his thighs as she moved it straight and i am screaming in fire”uh ah um suck suck my baby,drink it’s milk”and so he left my boobs and as he got straight,his cock is rock hard and juhi is dying for it as she sits on his cock with her legs in different directions and putting her ass up above cock,so cock is eyeing the vagina and juhi is well balanced on his penis as raju have hold her waist and now she hold his penis as she starts pushing it inside her cunt,but it seems dry ,so raju have to put lot of pressure while inserting it and than as 1/2 of his cock have vanished in her cunt,she took her sexy ass slight up and now jumped on it as rajeev screamed louder”oh ah don’t make my cock injured ,you bitch a dirty whore”and now i can see juhi’s ass going up and down as she is too horny and now i leaned downwards as i put my right breast on his mouth and he swallow it as he is sucking it hard and as rajeev have full attention on me,juhi is going hard as she is shouting”oh ah it’s cumming ,and as my sexy voice”oh ah suck hard” is a making the weather too romantic.

So he left my breast as i left his face and now my strong guy starts fucking hard from below and after 4-5 hard jerks in her hole,her cunt become wet and so she left his penis and now moved to his face,she sits on his face as putting her sexy cunt on mouth and now raju is licking her glory hole with it’s tongue as i took my sister’s place.so i sits on his erected cock and as i have put my lower portion well balanced,i put my one hand on his stomach as my face is getting the look of juhi’s heavy buttocks and now i put my other hand on cock as i starts rubbing it’s glans on my vagina.so as my elder sister is enjoying brother’s tongue in her vagina,i pushed his cock in my cunt and as i starts pressing my ass down,his hard rock cock is moving inside and sexy voice”oh it’s hard ah”and than i jumped fast and hard on his cock as he screamed louder”oh it’s a heavy ass don’t make my cock injured.”and as juhi left his face,now i am getting his full attention and so i hold my sexy ass while sitting on his penis and now raju hold my waist ,as he starts fucking my vagina from below ,so i am getting his penis and as my cunt is too hot,i am screaming”uh ah um oh it’s nice fuck hard ,i will cum”and now my cunt starts crying as tears are out of it and so i left his cock but leaving his cock means giving my elder sister juhi,a chance to get fucked.so as i left his cock and sits near his waist,juhi is near to me as we both horny sister have put our night dress up to waist and fresh air is giving pleasure on vagina and as juhi hold his cock,i said……….

”no juhi,it’s my turn you have also enjoyed lot of sex in train but i got like a beggar.”and lastly ruhi knelt on her knees as well as elbows,while i smiled on juhi and now as my ass is inviting raju for fuck,he hold his penis and pushed it inside my wet cunt and slowly it vanished inside,so i took a bold move as he is fucking me with speed and power,i starts moving my ass fast and as i am shouting like a bitch”oh ah um”,juhi is now a spectator only as rajeev is going hard as i am her younger sister and so my vagina is still tight in compare to juhi’s cunt and as i am moving my ass fast,raju is penetrating her with power,so my cunt is now dry and hot as i have spent 7-8 minutes in during fuck,i think his cum will satisfy me,so rajeev hold my boobs on my clothes as he is squeezing it hard and as his cock is in full speed,i am screaming”oh ah raju now cum soon ahah its in fire”and after his 10-12 hard jerk in my glory hole,his penis poured cum inside as i am bit cool…………………..so what happened next……….wait for it.

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