Secret affairs on roof-top

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Hi friends,
as i have written about me ,ruhi as well as elder sister juhi and brother rajeev,in last part of the story i have narrated about physical love cum lust with my brother as well as sister.myself Ruhi,a 24 years married lady is sexy as her slender figure of 34-26-36 is wild and hot,my V shaped buttocks is really attractive as it’s upper portion have much dimension than lower one,so my sexy legs to thighs are hairless as my boobs are round with a long brownish aerola and so my reddish vagina is,it seems to be the hottest part of my in last part,as my sister juhi got fucked as well as i got hard penetration ,both are too horny as well as hot,so as rajeev have lost cum in her elder sister’s vagina while getting fucked,her satisfaction was beyond limit and now as my elder sister Juhi,a 28 years married lady with her height of 5’6 feet and physical appearence’s seems to be 36-28-38 ,her tits are looking like big mangoes and her round dome shaped bum is heavy as her reddish vagina have got wider flexibility,she have kept her sexual organs in shape.

It’s 11:40 am as rajeev is bit tired and looking at me,he said…………”baby,go in my room and have my wallet with a bottle of water
[Juhi looking like a sex doll] sure baby,come soon with energetic pill and than have your brother’s penis in your hole.”and ruhi have put her night wear intact as she walked downstairs and while sitting with my elder sister,raju is making himself cool as i walked down and now i can see my mom in kitchen ,moved inside raju’s room as i took his wallet from his jean’s pocket and than open it to see a strip of blue pills ,so took it and put wallet in his pocket and walked inside dinning space,so got a bottle of water and walked to as i reached there,i can see juhi sleeping on pillow as raju is sitting on her legs,so i give him the pill as well as bottle of raju have it as i sits near him on bed,weather is cool as well as compatible for romance as well as raju have his pill as he slept on bed and we both sister are sitting near him,now looking at ruhi ,juhi said…………..”after 5-7 minutes,you have to sit on raju’s face as he will lick your cunt
[ruhi] oh i see and what you have to do horny lady
[juhi] i will try to make his tool erect ,so i can see her fuck with his brother.”and while sleeping rajeev ,now starts moving his hand as he hold my [ruhi] breast hard and starts squeezing it,so juhi hold his wrist and put it on her boobs and my brother is sleeping on bed with her both hands massaging both one breast hard and he smiled………….

”i have made a plan for some thing special
[ruhi & juhi laughed] oh i see,now say about it
[rajeev] i will arrange a place and there three more guys will be with me and than four guys will make both of you satisfy in sex.”

And as my breast is getting squeezed,my hand is now moving on raju’s chest to waist and juhi didi is rubbing his thigh to legs as she wants him to arouse as my intercourse sex is due for now with him,so i put away my brother’s hand from my breast as i leaned my face on his face and now put my lips on raju’s lips as he hold my hairs and now as both starts kissing eachother’s lips hard,i can feel my bermuda moving towards legs and as i hold ruhi’s neck and try to push my tongue in her mouth,she pushed it fast and now as raju is sucking my tongue hard,i can see juhi didi lips on brother’s thighs as she is kissing it with her hand on raju’s tool but it’s a small fleshy part only right later on i took out my tongue from his mouth and starts lifting his vest upto neck and so i leaned on his chest as i put my lips on it to kiss,so he hold my breast on my nighty as i can see juhi’s tongue moving on brother’s ass hole and he is screaming in joy

”uh ah my sexy sisters make me arouse ,than i will fuck you both”and as rajeev is sleeping on bed with two sex slaves kissing his chest while juhi starts licking his ass hole,so i can see his cock erecting and she have hold it hard,my lips are kissing his tummy as i am going towards his chest and as i am on his waist,juhi smiled as she put her finger on raju’s ass hole to open it and she is licking it fast and now i hold his penis as i started jerking it,so raju is getting hotter”oh uh it’s in fire fuck fuck my ass
[ruhi laughed] sure your ass will get fucked with my hubby’s penis.”

And now juhi left his ass hole as she moved towards his face and now while sitting near his legs,i am masturbating his cock hard and fast,it’s semi erected as i have to swallow it i can see juhi lifting her clothes to waist and she sits on raju’s face and her sexy heavy ass is visible to me,now as i leaned on raju’s penis and removed its skin to kiss,i got the look of my brother’s tongue licking her vagina fast and now i took out my tongue from my mouth as i starts rubbing it’s glans on it,so making my brother’s cock like a hot iron rod and than getting fucked is my as i am rubbing it’s glans on tongue,i can see it growing bigger and i can hear juhi’s scream” oh uh yes lick fast lick hard ,you mother-fucker”and as i am in thirst ,i took raju’s cock in my mouth and now starts sucking it wildly,so he is sleeping like a king of queens as we two are making him hot and my fast blow-job is making him scream but his tongue is fast in fucking hr elder sister’s as i am feeling raju’s cock growing harder and bigger inside my mouth,i took it out as i starts licking it with my long tongue and now i can hear juhi’s scream”oh ah you are hot,i will cum will pee in your mouth soon”and i can see raju holding her vagina in his mouth as she is in fire and after a while,her vagina cums as she left his face but raju licked it to taste its she sits behind him as raju wake up and now make me sleep on bed,now his lower is nude as he is lifting my night wear to waist and as he knelt in between my thighs,i can see him holding his penis and than i can feel his glans coming inside my vagina as its hot and dry,i know i will cum as his 1/3 rd cock vanished inside,he have hold my waist and fucked hard as his hard cock entered inside,i shouted”uh its hot and hard fuck fuck hard”and his whole penis is moving fast in my vagina as he is fucking me in speed as well as power,i am enjoying fuck in a missionary my vagina is getting penetrated and as raju is hitting his cock in my vagina in missionary position,i have kept my ass slight up and so his cock is hitting my depth,but it’s a depth or my cunt have deepest point also inside it,i can’t say,so his fuck is giving me a nice pleasure as my cunt is dry as well as hot and as i felt it’s cumming,i shouted……..

”uh ah fuck fuck hard,i will cum.”and my vagina got wet but my elder brother rajeev is not giving me any break as he is still fucking my cunt full of fluids and it’s sounding sexy”fach fach fachaafach”and i am feeling the hot cock in it but as it’s wet,now my vagina will take time to heat again and so raju have hold my breast as he is squeezing it hard and as my face got reddish with breaths fast,i smiled…………..

”now leave for a while,lets change the position.”and than i knelt on bed like a bitch as doggy position is good for me and i love to be fucked in this position,so as i took my position,he have hold his cock and i looked at him as he is pushing his penis inside my cunt,so his 1/2 cock is inside as he hold my waist and my elder sister juhi is like a spectator as she have got fuck also prior to me and now as he fucked me hard,i screamed”oh um ah it’s hot ‘and he is going hard as his cock have got erection due to pill but he is too energetic while fucking me hard,so i starts moving my buttocks fast and he is screaming”oh ah move move fast you are a hot bitch aah it’s cumming.”and so raju’s cock cried profusely in my vagina as cum filled it ,later on both sister sucked his cock to taste it’s cum…………….

Added by Ruhi

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