Goddess Swarali

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So I was in college in my 12th when I had a huge crush on my classmate Swarali.She was tall than most of other girls,very fair,had a pretty face and had huge boobs as compared to other girls in the class.I wanted to make her my girlfriend so badly back then that I didn’t even realised that she was an alpha girl and I was a beta boy.So as the nature commands I started obsessing her.One thing I knew was to make any girl fall in love with you first you have to be friends with her.So I started approaching her as a friend.Every boy in the class was hitting on her but no one got lucky.From what I heard about her she was not very friendly to boys obviously because of her looks.

Any how I gathered courage to talk to her.First I would ask her for small things like pen and notebook and all that shit.Few days past and she got a little bit open with me .We exchanged phone numbers.By judging the situation I thought I was on the right track.So to get close to her I would often write assignment for her so that she would invite me to her place.And as I hoped she did that.She had a minor bike accident in which she got her right hand and leg sprained.

So she was not able to complete the assignments.So I offered to go to her house and do it for them.
I went to her house on Sunday morning and she greeted me with a smile and a hug.I was on cloud nine.More than that I was insanely turned on just seeing her in her casual home clothes.She was wearing a low neck t-shirt which ended just above her navel.Hence for the first time I could see her perfect waist and deep navel.

Down she was wearing a mini shorts which exposed her perfect fair smooth thighs.I went to her room with a huge bulge in my pants.We both sat on her bed besides each other.I noticed that she saw my hard-on and I got really embarrassed.So I tried to cover it with a writing pad and started writing her assignments.I kept writing and she got busy in her usual girl stuff like painting her nails,making her hair and all that.After and hour she got up ,changed her position and lied on her back with her perfect sensual legs by my side. Sometimes her feet would touch me and she apologized for that but I told her that I rather liked it.She smiled at me and we continued our thing.Few minutes later she got in such a position that I could actually see the holy camel toe of her. I got a hard on in under 5 seconds.Her perfect camel toe with her deep navel just inches above that was just heaven.I was not able to concentrate at all.So I thought that I should just probably pee to get my dick soft again. I was so horny that I started feeling so submissive.

So like an idiot I asked her if I could go to the bathroom.As she was busy on her phone she ignored me at first.Then I asked her again and to my shock she said no. Hearing this a wave of lust flowed through my body. I felt even more submissive. 10 minutes passed by and by now I was so horny that I couldn’t stop looking at her pussy and navel. I was so transfixed on her pussy that I didn’t even realised that she was looking at me and knew what I was looking.She gave me permission to go to the bathroom. Again out of my horniness and submissive nature I thanked her for letting me use the bathroom. I was in such a hurry that I got up quickly and exposed the bulge in my pants right in front of her. I froze there right in front of her filled with lust and embarrassment. She smiled and told me to go. I rushed into the bathroom with my heart beating like hell.I couldn’t pee because of my erection.As I was waiting for my erection to fade I noticed her bra and panties hanging by the hook.And in the next moment I was there in her bathroom sniffing her bra and panties and jerking off really hard.I came in about 20 seconds then peed and came out. That was the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

I came outside and started writing again and Swarali was reading some magazines.I kept writing non-stop for about 2 hours and really needed a break. I kept my writing material down and was about to get up but Swarali told me to sit down and keep writing. I felt so emasculated. She told me that she has not yet given me permission to stop. So I nodded and kept writing. Some time later she got call from her friend and they started gossiping about other boys. At one point she mentioned my name and said to her friend that Rohit is at my home right now completing my assignments. Then she gave me the phone and made me talk to her friend Shreeya and silently told me to put the phone on speaker.Shreeya didn’t knew that the phone was on speaker. And then the conversation we had was the most embarrassing one I ever had in my life.

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