Widowed Aunt Sheen, Dee and I at the lake resort

I belong to a conservative Muslim family and stayed in a big city in central India. We were 8 families living in a huge private housing complex with several buildings in it. Every one of these was home to one of my 8 uncles and their respective families. We were a close-knit family but adhered to the strict guidelines of our faith, as in women wore burqa when they stepped out of the house and at least tied a hijab scarf around their face if not cover them outright with a niqab.

However, there were a few family members who had stepped out of bounds and into taboo relationships. Two of these were my widowed aunt and my older cousin sister, who was also her daughter. Theirs was the most modern family, in terms of our overall upbringing. As she was married to my father’s eldest brother she enjoyed a lot of respect from everyone in our huge joint family. Although, when alone, she turned out to one of the horniest women I’ve ever met. She had seduced me a few weeks after her husband’s demise but her daughter had already seduced me a month before her mother. Soon, her mother found out about us and this led to Aunt Sheen seducing her daughter for their first lesbian experience and our first threesome at the same time. All these incidents have already been posted earlier.


A little about us: I stand 5’10” tall, very fair complexioned and have a naturally athletic build from playing soccer for years now. I am a simple enough person and cared for my family, but I was also one of the horniest teenagers you could meet then.

Aunt Sheen was around 5’6″ tall, very dark complexioned but had smooth and hairless skin all over. She was not chubby but you could call her extremely ’rounded’. She had huge, D-cup boobs and a slimmer waist. Her curvy hips flared out to a pair of large, round buttocks which stood out prominently.

Dee was a year older to me and is a little over 5’6″. Dee has a dusky complexion which was a few shades lighter than her mother’s. Dee had large, round brown eyes like Aunt Sheen but had a luscious pouty lower lips as opposed to her mother’s thin lips. Dee was busty and had C-cup tits which were amazingly still perky. Her lovely round boobs accentuated her slim waist. The best part about Dee was her awesome booty. It must have been around 35 inches and she had a perfect pair of bubble butts, much like her mother’s lovely huge booty.

Coming to the story

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This happened back in November of 2007. My junior college was closed for a month for Diwali vacations as was Dee’s. Aunt Sheen called me on Friday night to tell me about her plan to spend the weekend with me and her daughter at the lake resort. It was a beautiful and scenic place around 40 miles from our city. It has a huge lake with a dam that bordered a thick jungle on three sides with the resort located on this side of the dam. It was winter and as I did not have any other plans I was excited and agreed enthusiastically.

The plan was to drive to the resort. Aunt Sheen had been left very well-off after her husband’s death around 6 months ago and owned her own small business too. Aunt Sheen had bought a small hatch-back model a week ago. Although she did not know how to drive, Dee and I had driving licenses and one of us would always take her if she wanted to go somewhere.

Aunt Sheen had booked one of the 6 independent villa suites from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. We were set to leave around 9 so we could have plenty of time to reach the resort. I walked out to the common parking lot of our house and smiled when I saw Dee and Aunt Sheen waiting for me.

It did not go below 10 C in winter where we lived yet it was remarkably chilly in the morning. I noticed Aunt Sheen had on her thick, black button-down Abaya with a Hijab covering her head. It was more like an overcoat and was not form-fitting but it outlined her large, round ass cheeks noticeably.

I looked at Dee and saw her wearing a pair of Jeans with a short, white-colored kurti on top with a black hoodie over it. She was wearing a matching blue-colored Hijab to cover hear head. Dee’s jeans were doing a good enough job of pushing out her firm, big booty and it jiggled seductively with her movements as she went about loading two small overnight bags into the trunk at the back.

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“Good morning, sweetheart!” Aunt Sheen greeted me with a large smile as I walked to the car.

“Good morning, aunty! What’s up, Dee?” I greeted them back with a smile and stepped to put my overnight back pack into the trunk as well. Luckily, there was no one out at this time so no one saw us leave together. Although it wouldn’t have been a problem as I’d already told my folks I was going to take Dee and Aunt to her mother’s place which was in the next town, a good 3 hours’ drive from our city.

Carnal Car Ride

I drove while Dee sat on the seat to the side. Aunt Sheen sat alone in the backseat and I could look at her in the rear view mirror over the dashboard. We chatted excitedly about the weekend and joked about some of the fantasies that we all wanted to play out. It was amazing to see the otherwise strict Aunt Sheen talk so openly about sex and that too with her daughter and her nephew. I realized that the level of intimacy we three had shared by now had made things extremely comfortable between us.

Aunt Sheen and Dee treated me more like their real family, as Aunt Sheen always called me “son” and Dee loved calling me “daddy” especially when we were in bed or alone. Aunt Sheen and Dee had become completely comfortable with each other’s bodies too, thanks to the several lesbian and bisexual threesomes we had had together till now.

As we reached the outskirts of our city on the way out I noticed Aunt Sheen begin to remove her Hijab. She shook her hair loose and I looked to the side to see Dee was also removing her Hijab. I knew now that we were safely out of our city there was no risk of anyone recognizing us.

I drove with one eye on the road and kept in the rearview mirror. I watched Aunt Sheen chat casually while she unbuttoned her thick burqa before taking it off.

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“Nice!” I smiled and commented when I saw that Aunt Sheen wore a long, loose, red skirt and a red hoodie with a zipper in the front. Dee turned around when she heard me comment suddenly.

“Wow, mom! You look hot!” Dee said and smiled wide.

“Mmmuuahh!” Aunt Sheen kissed Dee on the lips and said, “Thanks, sweety!” as Dee turned back and looked at me with a smile on her face.

“Mmpphh… hey!” I exclaimed as Dee suddenly caught my face and kissed me hard on the lips. Luckily I drove slow and could still keep one eye on the road.

“Whoa!” I exclaimed again and exhaled, before grinning as I felt Dee reach out and grab my cock over my jeans.

“Someone seems to be very horny, mom!” I said teasingly, while looking in the rear view mirror at Aunt Sheen in the back seat who giggled as she saw Dee begin to rub my cock.

Dee looked at me and bit her lower lip as she smiled. She began to unzip my fly and I shifted my seat a few notches back. This allowed me to still reach the pedals with my legs easily and allowed Dee more space.

Dee was quick to unzip my fly and I felt her reach inside and quickly gripped my semi-erect cock within.

“Oh!” I exclaimed but kept smiling when Dee squeezed it hard. She then carefully pulled my cock out of the fly. Once she had my cock out, Dee leaned closer to me until her shoulder rested against mine. She put her head on my shoulder and gently stroked my cock with her left hand. I realized that this was a couple of hours drive and Dee was already horny. I wasn’t complaining at all as my hot cousin continued to stroke my cock gently with her hands as I drive at a slow but steady pace.

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