Start of Incest with my Mommy

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Start of Incest with my Mommy

Hi friends, I am Vijay, age 29, and this is my first story. This is not a story. It’s an incident that happened in my life which changed the relationship between my mom and me. It started when I caught her masturbating.

First, I would like to give you a detailed description of my mom. Her name is Priya (Name changed). She is so damn hot and sexy. She has an Indian white skin tone, super sexy buttocks and boobs.

She is a hot modern Indian milf. She looks the same as Tamil and Mallu actress Meena. She is of age 48 but seems like 40. My dad is abroad and has been there for 2 years and will return after 2 more years.

Now I will directly come to the incident that started our incest relationship. I was not at all in any intention to have sex with my mom. Nor have I ever thought about any incest relationship till the day I saw her fingering.

We live in Mumbai and have a 3bhk flat in Mumbai. I work in an IT firm, and my mom is a housewife. But she is very modern and free to wear anything she is comfortable with. I was also used to that.

She used to wear shorts, t-shirts, nightgowns, and lingerie, all during the night, which is normal in Mumbai. Even I wear my shorts and tees at home. Life was normal, and we used to be normal before the pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, we started to work from home. It changed our daily routine and disturbed our way of living. But this gave me a chance to have my mom. It happened so quickly that I was shocked and could not take a quick step.

I normally wake up by 8-9 am as I sleep late. But mom wakes up early and starts her daily chores by 6-7 am. Now directly to the incident which changed my life. One day I woke up at 7 am. Mom and I used to sleep in 2 different bedrooms, just for each other’s privacy.

As soon as I woke up, I was going to the washroom and heard a moaning sound from mom’s room. We never used to lock the doors while sleeping. I opened the door slightly and was shocked to see the scene. Mom has her desktop installed in her room and is very active using her PC.

She doesn’t have any Facebook or Insta, but she surfs a lot on the internet. But the scene I saw was very shocking to me. A porn video was played on the pc, and my mom was fingering watching the porn. She was in her lingerie gown, pulled till her hip, and fingered her pussy.

I could not see her pussy as she was turning towards the PC. I could see the porn on the PC and her hand movements and moaning. I was a bit nervous at first. But soon, my dick raised. I hadn’t realised when my hands went down to hold my dick raised hard inside my shorts.

I stayed there for some 10-15 minutes. In some couple of minutes, she released herself, and I closed the door seeing the same. I returned to my room and lay on the bed, thinking of the scene I had just seen. It was so damn hot and sexy to see her in that pose.

I thought I missed my chance. I should have gone directly in and should have inserted my finger. I should have shown my dick to her. After some time, I got up and went to the bathroom. I quickly released my load, thinking of her and the scene.

When I returned to my bed, I was feeling bad. Till now, I was not into anything like this and was not having any wrong or illicit relationships. Also, thoughts came that it was my mom. I saw and thought of fucking her, which was wrong for me.

I laid for some more time. Then I woke and started my daily chores. As it was a Saturday, I was on my weekend. I left to meet my friends after having my breakfast. I could not face mom that day and was nervous facing her.

I normally have fun in the afternoon with my friends and return home in the evening. After coming home, mom was asked about how my day was. But the same scene was inside my mind. I could not hear what mom was asking. She realised this and asked me if everything was fine with me or if I was not well.

I told her a lie and that I was just tired. I wanted to have dinner soon and needed to go to bed soon. Had my dinner soon and went to sleep early. Still, my mind has all the unwanted thoughts of the scene I saw in the morning.

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