Start of Incest with my Mommy

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She is turned to the computer screen side. She didn’t realise my entry to the room due to her pleasure. She released her load seeing the porn, and the boy was fucking his mom’s ass in the porn. She released herself and saw me. She was a bit in fear and shocked and stunned for a moment.

She asked me what I was doing there and told me to get out so she could change her position. She was again feeling guilty. I was happy she was not that mad at me even though I saw her this close masturbating. And she was in her same purple lingerie and purple panty down her feet.

Also, her hand was covering her pussy. I told her she didn’t have to be shocked and embarrassed. I don’t mind her doing this. It is normal nowadays, and I asked her how the porn was? Did she feel the kinky feeling and a bit more pleasure while watching mom-son porn?

She gave a small naughty type smile out of shyness. She told me to go out because she is shy. She needs to get up and change as she is dripping down. Finally, she told me that she had cum all dripping, so she wanted to get up and clean.

I told her that we were this much open. She doesn’t have to hide anything from me now, so relax. As we both know what we are doing, there is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. I just gave a pat on her shoulder.

I said, “But mom, you are naughty. Now I know how I am so kinky,” and gave a naughty smile. As I was not ready to get up, she understood the same. And she made a move by lowering her nighty and pulling up her panty, giving me a great view of her bum.

Also, a bit of ass crack, while she was pulling her panty up. She was not shy about doing the same in front of me now. She is relaxed now and okay with me seeing her half-naked. And then she went directly to the bathroom.

I was happy as she was not mad, and she responded well. I will continue the rest in the next part. We started our relationship, and it is going super awesome. We can fuck freely whenever we are in need without any fear.

Most of the time, we roam naked in the house. Mom-son sex relationship is the best, and it’s safe if both are interested.

To be Continue…

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