Start of Incest with my Mommy

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When I returned to my bed, I was feeling bad. Till now, I was not into anything like this and was not having any wrong or illicit relationships. Also, thoughts came that it was my mom. I saw and thought of fucking her, which was wrong for me.

I laid for some more time. Then I woke and started my daily chores. As it was a Saturday, I was on my weekend. I left to meet my friends after having my breakfast. I could not face mom that day and was nervous facing her.

I normally have fun in the afternoon with my friends and return home in the evening. After coming home, mom was asked about how my day was. But the same scene was inside my mind. I could not hear what mom was asking. She realised this and asked me if everything was fine with me or if I was not well.

I told her a lie and that I was just tired. I wanted to have dinner soon and needed to go to bed soon. Had my dinner soon and went to sleep early. Still, my mind has all the unwanted thoughts of the scene I saw in the morning.

And the thoughts like if she needs it? If so, can I fulfil her needs? I set my alarm for 6:30 am for the next day to see the same, to see if she was doing this every day and slept.

The next day I woke up hearing the alarm. I woke up and went slowly to my mom’s room. It was quiet today. I opened the door slowly without making any noise and saw her sleeping. I was very sad. But thought that damn I was getting physical feelings for my mom and was confused about the whole situation.

As it was a Sunday, I again came and slept. I started my day a bit late but was home for the whole day. But again, I realised I could not face my mom and behave normally. I see her buttocks and boobs. She was in her shorts. It was making my dick raise.

So I tried not to look for her bums and boobs the whole day. Again a day went by. I did the same alarm for the next day, woke up early and waited to see her again in that position to release my load. I went near her door and heard the same moaning sound again on Monday.

I slowly opened the door, just the space to peep in and saw the same. But this time, she was hotter than the last time. She was in her t-shirt and shorts, which she was wearing on Sunday. It was down and on her feet, and I could see a small glimpse of her asscheeks.

I was so hot and hard, and I could see that she had just started with the video. I have some time today as I am early for the show. I was holding my dick and was jerking, watching her. She was in her pleasure, and I was in mine. But it happened as I could only hold it for 12-15 minutes seeing the scene.

I had to rush to my bathroom and release my huge load. My goodness, I cannot mention the feeling and the pleasure I had then. It’s unexplainable in words and will only be realised when you face it. I was in heaven. But I had missed closing the door when I ran to the bathroom.

So I went back to mom’s room and saw that she is still busy with the porn and her fingering. I closed the door slowly and left for my room. I started dreaming of my mother becoming my lover.

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