Enjoying secret sexual affair in native village

Hello friends,
In last story ”Road journey to native village”,as i have written about my elder sister Tony & Mohit [me] ,we both have enjoyed lot inside bus and lastly we reached our native village in the early morning,so after having refreshment as well as bath we both brother as well as sister moved for puja of ‘kul-devta’ and it took more than hours ,so we family members are busy till my sister offered prayer to God and than we all have lunch as we took rest,so feeling too exhausted after a night journey with losing energy while fucking my beloved sister,i got sound sleep and my sister Tony is with her cousin as she is in other room,so my eyes opened in the late evening as my elder aunt came to me with a cup of tea and than i took tea as i walked out of home also,so my native village is well spread with maximum areas of field for cultivation,i walked towards neighbors and meet my uncle as well as aunty ,so feeling nice while meeting them i have spent lot of time there and it’s 08:45 pm as my sister called me on my mobile,so i am back home and as it’s a small house having 6-7 people here,i am thinking of my bed as well as sleep ,so i can see children having their meals and than tony came to me as she sits near me on chair,looking at me,she said…………..

mohit,we have to board bus next evening
[Mohit] yes but why
[Tony in slow voice] please give me rest for night
[Mohit] oh what will happen in hour and than you will sleep soundly.”and as we both are sitting outside room,aunty came there and she said………..

”i know you both will have your meals late,so you can have it from kitchen and last room is empty for both of you with two beds
[Tony] o k aunty,don’t be so formal i can sleep with you also
[Aunty] next night you will be in journey as you both are well exhausted,so sleep there peacefully .”and aunt walked away as looking at me,my elder sister smiled ,so now as i walked towards washroom for refreshment ,sister is still sitting there and after a while,i came there as i took bath also and looking at me,she said…………


”now we can have our meals
[Mohit] no i will take some energy ,so have your meal.”and i walked inside bedroom as i took out a cane of beer and put it in my pyjama’s pocket,so i took out a bottle of water from refrigerator as beer have become hot and so walked towards roof-top ,now as i am bit afraid of being caught by anyone,all family members are on ground floor as they are going to sleep and now i took out a disposable glass from my pocket with cane and now starts mixing beer with cold water ,so i starts drinking beer as it tastes bit different due to mixing of water in it but i am drinking for my energy and in hurry i have it as i throw the empty cane with glass in a nearby paddy field.now feeling bit relaxed,i came to ground floor as i can see tony still sitting there as she have hold a plate on her hand and i walked inside room.now as i slept on bed,i am waiting for sister to come inside and after a while,she came as she is wearing a yellow tops with long skirt and as she pushed the door of room,she moved to other bed and i am feeling hot as i am looking to him,but she slept on bed with her face turned in opposite direction,so my eyes are on her sexy buttocks as she have turned her face opposite to me and her round dome shaped ass is making a nice image on her skirts as i am feeling too hot.
Mohit left his bed as he walked to door and locked it from inside as i moves to my elder sister,so i switched off the bulb but from windows some natural lights are coming inside and now i sits near her legs as i put my hand on her sexy ass and starts rubbing it ,so he turned back as she slept straight and looking at me she said……….

”so why are you waiting for,come on and fulfill your desires.”

As her statement is making me feel guilty,i left her bed as i wake up to move towards my bed but tony hold my wrist as she pulled me hard to her bed and i fell on him as my both legs are on ground,my face is on her lovely boobs and looking at him,i starts moving my hand on her face as her hand is on my back,so i put my legs on bed as i slept on her top and her boobs are pressing hard on my chest as i put my lips on her beautiful face,just kissing it as her hand is rubbing my back and pulling my vest up,so as our lips are sealed she is too horny and she opened her mouth as i put my long tongue in her mouth instead of my lips,so she starts sucking my tongue as i am on her top and she is rubbing my back while getting her soft boobs touch on my chest.we both are in our village as we got a room with two bed to sleep but it’s our desires that is dominant on our rest as we both have next day also to take rest.so as tony is sucking my tongue,my vest is near my neck and i can feel my cock growing harder inside pyjama ,so as she left my tongue i left her sexy body and slept near him as i turned my face to her direction to make her body love,so she is lying with her face straight and i hold her one boobs as i starts squeezing it hard and tony is not so innocent here as she hold my bermuda on waist and pulled it down,so holding my cock she is jerking it slow and now my other hand lifts her tops up and like a hot gal,she took it out and nice to see my sister’s boobs nude as its well shaped with long brownish nipple and as i hold to massage it,tony leaned on my top with her sexy boobs on my face,she is bit dominant as she have put her both hands on bed,just keeping her boobs over my mouth and i hold it as i opened my mouth,so tony just moves low as she wants to put her soft boobs in my mouth and now i hold it as i took it in my mouth,so sucking my sister’s breast as holding other ones to press hard,my cock is slamming my sister’s cunt but it’s getting pressed between our waists and as i am sucking it,she is sounding sexy

”oh uh um suck suck hard,make me your whore for life oh mohit” and than i left right breast as i hold left one in my hand,so put my tongue on her nipple and starts licking it fast and she is too horny as she have put her knees bend on my body and my cock have got some relief as it have been pressed hard with her waist.later on ,i hold my sister’s back and now put her on bed as i am sleeping nude while my vest is on chest,so i removed it as i put my hand on her tummy to rub and she is a sexy gal as her thighs are rubbing each other but it’s under her skirts as it have moved slightly up and than i leaned my face on her tummy as i am kissing it hard and she is screaming in joy”uh ah nice love to have sensation inside my hole”and she is rubbing her both legs on each other as i am kissing her waist and my hand have hold her elastic locked skirts on waist as i am pulling it down but she is showing her resistance as she have hold her skirts tightly.now while kissing her waist as my hand have pulled her skirts upto her inner thighs only,i can see a pink panties on it and i put my hand in between her thighs as i starts rubbing her fleshy vagina on panties,making him too hot as i want to see her pulling out skirts at her will and as my hand is rubbing her vagina hard,she have already widened her legs and she is now under my control as i wake up and left her skirts on her thighs and now moved to her legs,want to make her too hot and horny with my lips and want to see her dominant sex on bed,so we can get immense pleasure and as i hold her one leg and put it in air,my lips are kissing her toes as it’s going on her hairless leg as she uses hair remover creams for her body’s hair removal and as my tongue is rolling on her legs to knees,i can see her hand on skirts and as my face is moving towards her soft thigh while licking it with tongue,she hold her skirts and now pulled down as it comes down to my face and now looking at tony,i asked………….

”now have to remove it or not.”and she smiled as i took it out and her thighs are looking sexy as her vagina is well covered,so i leaned my face on her strong thighs as i hold her waist and now starts kissing it wildly as she is sounding luder”uh ah mohit my cunt it’s itching ohh”and as i kissed her both thighs,she have put her legs stretched as her hand is moving on her vagina on panties and now i hold her hand as i put it away and now have a pillow as i put it under her sexy ass,so as her vaginal zone moves up,i smiled and hold her strings on waist and opened it,so she is bit shy as her vagina is nude but she have put her palms on it to keep it safe.so i hold her thighs as it’s well stretched and now i sit in between her thighs as i put my face on her hand,kissing her hand as her hand have moved up,i am looking at my sister’s vagina and now i put my lips on it as i kissed it hard and her ass is going up as she is fully aroused,my penis is in erection as i want to make tony too hot as well as horny before fucking her.

My face is in between her thighs as i kissed her vagina and now she have put her fingers crossed on it to widened its hole,so i starts licking it as my tongue is loving her clitoris and she is screaming”uh ah um mohit lick hard”and it’s my tongue that’s getting the test of her vagina,it smelt natural as i think she have not washed her cunt properly after urinating but as she widened her hole up to the maximum,i pushed my long tongue inside and starts fucking it fast and she is moving her ass up as her thighs are shivering in sensation but my hand have hold it hard and as i am rolling my tongue fast in her glory hole,i can hear him sounding sexy”oh mohit now leave your tongue,need your cock ah fuck fuck me soon”and i left her cunt but i pushed my one finger inside it ,so fingering it fast as her face have become reddish,she is preparing for first night with her hubby soon ,so it’s a practice wedding first night for him and she screamed louder”oh um it’s cumming”and as i felt my finger wet, i took it out to suck and now i am ready to fuck my sister.so looking at him,i asked………….

”sexy baby,now be on your knees and elbows.”as she is nude and now she is a bitch on bed as her sexy body is in doggy position,so i am behind her bum as my hand is moving on her fleshy ass and i slapped it twice as she is looking at me,now i knelt down as my cock is straight to sister’s vagina and it’s a nice love of cock and vagina as it seems like a journey of heaven and as i hold my cock to rub it’s glans on vagina,she is looking at me and slowly i pushed my glans with cock,so as some part of penis goes inside,i just put my waist up to make perfect position for fuck and now slowly it’s[cock] moving inside as i hold her waist and than i fucked her hard,so my 7-8 inches s well as 2 inches thick cock is inside wet cunt and i starts penetrating hard and fast as she is in pleasure,her sound”uh yes fuck fuck hard,i am your bitch um it’s nice fast ”is making me more hot and my waist is moving fast as i am fucking her with great speed as well as power and so her back is still and it seems her cunt have become dry and hot,she smiled and starts moving her ass but it’s in slow motion as she loves having my cock for more times inside and now as my penis is too hard as well as hot,i escalates my speed of fucking and now my hand is on her breast as i am pressing it hard and she is enhancing our pleasure while swinging her ass and after 10-12 minutes of fuck,i screamed………..

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