Nightout with Ashwini

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Thank you for reading my previous experience and for providing all positive and wonderful responses. Any married or unmarried girls, looking for private and discrete fun near the Washington DC area, then contact me. I am the one who maintains and respects the Secrecy, privacy and expect the same.

I am Rocky, 33 years, IT professional residing in the Washington DC suburb area in the US.


As I mentioned in my previous story, we planned to meet at her house and romance all night on following week when her husband is out. He was in west coast for office conference.

It was late Thursday evening, when we decided to meet at her house for spend a quality time together. The only problem was her 5-year-old daughter who knows me very well. Ashwini made sure; she doesn’t sleep in the afternoon.

At 9:00 PM, Ashwini called me to inform that her daughter is already in the bed. I was excited to meet my Ashwini and take her in my arms and cuddle/fondle her. I reached her home with bottle of wines. We decided for drinks at her place before a deep dive. She loves to have sex after being tipsy.

At 9:15PM, I reached at her place and her door was unlocked, she was in kitchen. I slowly went to kitchen and hugged her from behind. She was bit shocked but then found that It was me. We lip locked immediately. We were kissing for a long time and as you know she is amazing in that. I was sucking her lower lip & she was biting in between.

I made a drink for us. She came & we both kicked off the night with cheers. Our general talks started and in between we used drink wine from each other’s mouth. It was half an hour & Ashwini went to bedroom to check her daughter. She was in sound sleep. Ashwini served food for both of us. She was an expert in cooking. I always praised her for food.

We fed each other and started having more wine. We cleaned the mess after dinner. While cleaning all mess I caught her fluffy bums & played with her boobs many times, she was enjoying. I hugged her from behind in kitchen and started kissing her neck and earlobes. My fav spots. She was already aroused due to wine & teasing all the while. She closed her eyes & got hold my dick. She turned and said you need get a special gift for lovely surprise.

We smiled staring into each other’s eyes deep & she kneeled down & started stroking my dick above my jeans. She slowly started unzipping my jeans. She had magic in her hands & my dick knew her more precisely. Semi-erect dick soon salute her & she took out dick and started to blow. Ohh man she was great at it.

She was stroking it from the bottom & sucking it, half of dick was in. Slowly she started sucking deeper. I had gripped her silky hairs, she started lowering my jeans a little bit & caught my balls with the other hand. She pressed it intensely & I screamed out of pained. She smiled naughtily looking at me. I smiled & forced entire length in her, she gagged. I took out my dick & said “you’ll be punished for this.
She winked & took my dick in her mouth again. I started mouth fucking her slowly. This all was a heavenly treat for me after a long time. She sucking & licking every bit of it. I missed her art from a long time. Soon she removed my jeans & ug completely.
Her sexy cleavage view from the top with added to her lusty looks was adding to pressure building to me, so I gripped her tighter & she knew it was coming soon. She started sucking it fast & deep. Eventually squeezing my balls. I was about to cum. Gripped her more firmly & cummed down her throat. Each drop was sucked & cleaned well. She kept licking all my dick for a while. Thank you Rocky for the lovely gift.

I lifted her up, kissed her passionately. We had tongue fight for 15 mins all the while carrying her to the other Bedroom. It was 12:30am almost. I made her lie down in dim lights on the bed. What a beauty she was, lusty eyes, her hands holding bedsheet. My all-time fav love before me. Loved that sight. I handed over a surprise gift and asked to change. .
She looked at me surprised, then winked me and got up and went to her room for change. She came in VS baby doll Lingerie outfit. Sexy & stunning as ever. Winked me and bit her lower lip standing at the door itself. It was a feast. Her hairs partly tied up. She said how is it??? I said I am luckiest to have a world’s best natural beauty in love with me. She stepped towards me slowly as if model walking on ramp shaking her booties. Came near me at bedside & turned around showing her butts in sexier manner. Complete seduction.

I got up & hugged her from back, started licking her earlobes. I am the luckiest creature on earth right at this moment to have a sexy bitch like you. With one hand I had her boob in my hand and with a second I squeezed her ass. She didn’t wear a bra. The nipple was protruding top of her apparel. She was moaning softly & biting her lips. I was licking her neck slowly from earlobe to neckline.

She could feel my dick on her ass. She tried inserting hand between to hold my dick, but I had gripped her hard which didn’t gave her any space between. She opened her eyes turned around with full strength & kissed me passionately. I loved the softness of her melons 36dwith one hand, with other hand I pressed on her pussy. She wiggled. I moved my focus on the neck again & slowly moving downwards. That babydoll was a second skin to her. I kept licking every bit of her above breast line and below neckline.
Slowly shifted to her clean shaved armpits. I always liked it clean. It was tickling her & added diff kind-off feeling. I didn’t want to waste a part of her that night. I slowly kept my fingers on her pussy and she had a smile with her closed eyes. I moved my fingers over pussy lips, she gripped me tighter. She was already wet.
It was easy for me to insert my two fingers in one go and she arched backed of excitement. She whispered fuck. I started finger fucking her slower pace. She was reciprocating each stroke. She had gripped my hairs and was pressing my head on her boobs. I removed her baby doll dress. Before she says anything, I lip locked her, took her to bed & made her lie down. Parted her legs & then kissed her wet pussy. She gripped bedsheet with both her hands. I slowly started licking inner walls of pussy.

Eventually started sucking and tongue fucking her pussy. Inserted mid finger along with tongue, finger fucked her along with sucking. She started going twisting & turning sideways. I had gripped her legs wide apart. Her moans were rising every minute ohhhhh god can’t bear anymore suck it deeper her grip on my hairs was also increasing. I knew she’ll not long last it.
She pressed my head on her flowing pussy, gave out her loud moan & she orgasmed in full force. It was difficult for me to breathe. She was breathing very heavily. Her pussy was overflowing which I sucked max of it. I still kept on licking her pussy. Her grip & responds had gone very weak. I licked and cleaned her whole pussy area and started licking her thighs.
I climbed on her, she opened her eyes wide and smiled. She hugged me tight. My dick was ready for drill. I kissed her, parted her legs and kept dick on her pussy entrance.

She expected immediate insertion which I didn’t. Want to tease her bit. I was smiling and staring her expressions. She was looking stunning. Drops of her sweat sparkled on her forehead & rolling down her skin.
I kept moving dick on her pussy few no of times, she opened her eyes to check why wasn’t I coming to action. I love this moment. She said fuck fast what are you waiting for kamina kitna tadpayega I jerked her suddenly in one stroke.She screamed ahhhhhh. Its paining could have gone slower I took out dick completely & rammed once again deep in her, she jerked again. I started reciprocating. I stopped & put a pillow below her ass. Again begun the pleasure ride.
I was moving slower pace enjoying her pussy warm grip on my dick. The room echoed her moans and thumping sounds. All added to the more erotic atmosphere. I increased speed; she was enjoying every thrust deep. She gripped bedsheet tight and twisted. Fuck your Ashwini roughly, I am all yours ahhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh she came once again. Juices flowed over my dick, I showered down my pace a little and let her calm for a min. Increased pace again.

She came to her senses soon & resumed moaning. This time, she was holding my back with her hands literally in my skin. She scratched a couple of times. I was about to cum & gave long thrusts & exploded in her love hole. I fell on her, sweating and breathing hard. I hugged her tight, dick was still inside her. We rested like that for other 10-15 mins
She rolled over me in the same position we were staring each other. I was tired little. She took dick in her hand and started sucking. She cleaned it. She knew it would take time so she massaged balls and dick with her magic fingers. It was a lovely relaxing option after a hardcore.
Soon my dick started rising & became semi-erect. I pulled her in a way to be 69. I parted her ass cheeks kissed her pussy. My tongue began its work on her pussy. Meanwhile, I inserted thumb in her asshole. She arched backed a little. I inserted it again she was responding as she never had anal. I inserted two fingers in asshole and kept licking pussy. I moved my tongue and inserted thumb in her pussy. My dick was almost stiff by her actions and reactions. I pulled her with that grip and she squealed & uttered please be slow I said I all go slow. Your hole is waiting for its master dont worry. She looked back at me resumed sucking my dick. I made her sit on dick to which she understood well & sat in riding position.
She slowly sat pointing my dick at her pussy, begun to ride. What a ride it was for me. Jiggling boobs, closed eyes, hands over my chest. Eventually, she varied in speed up till finally she was tired. I made her go on her all fours. Directed tip of the dick at pussy. Made her little more bend in front I inserted dick in her pussy and gripped her ass. Kept her fucking varying speed which always fascinated me and her as well. She was moaning in pleasure rhythmically.
I inserted my fingers into her ass hole, she let out loud moan & arched back. I started moving my finger in and out of her asshole and lubricated with baby oil. She soon came. That was what I was waiting for. Soon I withdrew my dick kept it on her asshole. She said not now please I am very tired we can carry on tomorrow before she could complete her sentence, I inserted the tip of my dick in her asshole. Hers might 36 ass in my grip with dick in her asshole. I gave a hard thrust and it went in half. She let out a moan ohhhh fuck. & gripped her ass. She rested her head down on the pillow and parted her asshole more. It was pining her. I started my rhythm to & fro. She was screaming please no, it’s paining a lot, I am all yours but please not today I was in no mood.

I increased my speed and she soon started moaning in pleasure. Tear my asshole too you fucking bastard was here last words following her loud moans in the room. I was about to cum, so I increased speed. Bed was making noise which I hated while fucking. I gave a final deep thrust and exploded in her. I remained there for a minute and feel on her back. Made her lie on her tummy & rested on her back. We both were sweating heavily and breathing hard. Soon we had calmed down.
got up and lifted her in my arms, went to the kitchen, sipped water & carried her for cleaning to the bathroom. We had a bath, cleaned each other. Smooched limitless under the shower.Came out & dried wore our shorts back. I checked the time and it was 3:30. She said thank you for coming down here. I am very happy. I wish you did never go. I said your hubby would kill us both & we both laughed. We finished it soon I dropped her to her bed. I dozed off soon after a lovely session.
Next, day a lovely morning as her daughter left for school early 8 am. After dropping her daughter to school bus. Ashwini came, kissed me on chicks & slept beside me hugging. We both needed good sleep. She said she had woke at 6 for her & damn tired. Her eyes were closed & was looking angel. We dozed off.

I woke at 10. She was still sleeping in same pose, on her boobs, ass up :P… I got freshened up & went to her, was feeling horny. Kissed her neck, back & fluffy ass. She changed into night suit again, one piece short nighty. No bra & panties. Could view her naked thighs with sexy red nail polished foot. I had an hard-on soon. Always had a dream of fucking her when she is asleep. Lifted her nighty up to her back. Parted her legs. She murmured “sone de na thodi der”. I kept my dick on her asshole, she trembled a bit & tried to move away.

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