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Hello my name I live in Ludhiana ihave own garment business today share my true story when I my . Neha my sister average girl in fashion but she very beautiful and sexy my sister ass and boobs very big know iback my story my sister is poor in studies so my parents decided she not study in collage so after school she live in house and mymom teach all thing to a good wife like all typical indian middle class mon but my marriage earlier so she delay his marriage all time because she always dream a rich husband so my sister find handsome rich husband on internet like social networking sites or dating sites but she not find avoid one so she badly habit internet she find successful life earlier without family backup or without higher studies in these period time my father is die and left small garment business for me after my death my mentally upset so she not think of my sister or me see live like mental patient so my house condition is very bad my sister is very upset my father saving is loose on his illness and know his business not without him but I struggle to mange him but i am not success big so In this period my sister demand like clothes movies food etc demand iam not done so every time blame me so she started make money himself but lower studies cause she not find a good jobs and know she says marriage anyone to look good and not rich but good income to fulfill to her demand but after my dad good marriage proposal are not come my sister find on internet easy money making system she find webcam porn world is good for making easy or fast she start webcaming so one day I feel sister nature and mood are change know she says to me know she not dream to make rich she says do everything like sewing clothes work in mall or parlour to help me she says a famous boutique owner have a job but she says very far from house so I says my sister don’t worry imange all things but she says she talk with boutique owner and she offer to work in home so she says yes his offer and know i think my sister dependable so isay yes but she work with local boutique and work very small after fees months I dout because I know how much money for how much work and garment business knowledge my dout is clear because my sister make money big and one day ask all things but she makes any excuse like bigs boutique give big money she make excuse she do art work so give money extra know idecied to catch her one day isay to mom to realtive my go early morning and I go to work and isay my sister she locks the house and work home and back late night and my sister say ok because know see free igo to work but I went back earlier and I use duplicate key to open door and I came home and looking for sister and then I find his real work she dress like slut iam not imagine because she not wearing like this outfits but internet or webcam world teach her ifelt very angry ithoght I kill her but I mange to my anger and I decided to punish like his way to deserve irecorded all things she do on webcam after few minutes I came to her room she scare to me and stop all things and put blanket on her I feel anger I slap on her 3times she start crying and says sorry to me I says your my big sister you do these things and you say you work hard and I punish you I tell everyone and i show to her video and I say my sister I punish you like you are you whore and she says what and I say my big sister Neha to fuck me first she say I’m not your my and I says all of these guys so she not fucking anybody she still virgin but know i make my revenage to telling me lie or gilt me iam not a man to fulfill his family demand so i blackmail to her video she say sorry to me gave to all money to her webcam business but idecied and forced my sister fuck me first I naked then I catch my sister and push to bed then I come on bed and catch my sister hand to my dick and know she crying and says iam not doing these iknow you fuck me likepornstar then I say to oho you watching porn these confirm you not virgin she say I watch porn but not fuck anyone then I say ok I am not fuck you or delete video but first you tell me what learn from porn my sister nothing isay ok iviral these video on his friends realtive all over web world then she says I tell all things learn from porn she started to tell she what is handjob blowjob orgasm cumming load etc etc then I say to sister I know you know all these but last or least ?

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