Slow seduction of Revathi, my mother – Part One

Revathi! I called my mom waking up from my bed for my morning coffee. I used to call her by her name since when dad eloped from us with our maid 2 years back. I, being their only son, she had just me after that, so she didn’t really mind me calling her by her name. She came in with my bed coffee. She was a delight to watch, very fair, slim, 34-30-34, but short, she is like 5’2 whereas I am 6’1. She was wearing a red saree and her hair was tied. She normally wears her saree pallu loose which shows her stomach partially. While she was reaching out to me with the coffee, I asked her,
Me: Revathy, What’s for breakfast?
R: Hmm, What do you like to have, darling?
Me: Darling! Pretty fancy eh?
R: Why? I used to call you by so many names always. Darling, Chellam, Sweety, Sonny, Chweetu, Chotu…What happened?
M: Darling feels pretty good, I replied with a wink
She smiled and turned back. I suddenly grabbed her through the pallu and pulled her back. I was holding her on her stomach which I realized later. She was on my lap now. I took off my hand and she got off my lap too.
M: Why the hurry? Why don’t you spend some time with your darling? I asked with a smile
R: I cannot sit on your lap the whole day. Can I?
M: Why not?
R: I have so many work to do in the kitchen, sonny, she replied with a laugh
M: Sonny now eh?
R: Why? Problem?
M: Okay! Why don’t you sit on my lap for some time?
R: It will hurt you, my dear
I just took her pallu end and pulled her. The pallu end fell and she fell on my lap again.
R: Happy now? Shall I go to the kitchen?
M: I will only take you to the kitchen
Telling that I bend down and lifted her. I walked through the hallway to the kitchen with her on my arms and made her sit on the kitchen table.
R: Really? Will you carry me everywhere, wherever I want to go?
M: Hmm let me see. Depends upon what you can do for me
R: I can’t carry you, darling
M: You don’t have to carry me. I replied with a smile.
R: Then?
M: Why do you want me to carry you wherever you want to go?
R: Ohhhh! I was just kidding with you. Who will do all this?
M: Married people does. It’s kinda romantic.
R: Really? That’s why you want to carry me? She said with a laugh.
She was still sitting on the table. I placed my right hand on the left side of her stomach which was uncovered and pressed it gently.
M: I am so romantic. You know?
R: Haha how do I know, sweety?
M: One day I will show you my romantic side of me. I said with a laugh.
R: Oh oh! I don’t want to see all that. Saying, that she jumped from the table smiling and pushed me to leave the kitchen.
R: Your dad should have been here to hear all this. What his son is telling his mother. He was never romantic, you know? But you on the other hand is the romance king.
M: Haha, Good that he left you for me. I winked at her.
R: That’s right. You have me and I have you. We are the best mother and son in this world. She said, giving me a peck on my right cheek
M: You can’t even reach me to kiss me properly. Let me raise you and help you kiss me
R: No no! Go and study something. I have lots of work to do here. The king of romance can do all that after we are done with our works
M: Like do romance?
R: Chee! You go. I am not your girlfriend. I am your mother. Remember?
M: I don’t care. Do you?
R: Oh yeah, I do. Always keep that in mind.
Saying that she turned her back again. I grabbed her again on her waist on top of her saree and pulled her to me. Her ass hit my erect penis and I then inserted my hand inside her pallu and pressed her stomach. I put my index finger in her belly button, which tickled her and she jerked a little. I kissed the back of her neck and her left ear. She was trying to wiggle out from my hands. After kissing her for a few seconds, I left her. She adjust her hair and looked at me, with a shy face.
R: Study something, okay? Let me finish my work.
M: After that?
R: Nothing. Then you can go outside with your friends
M: Okay. Love you
R: Okay.
M: How did you like what I did now?
R: What’s there to like in that? It is normal.
M: So can I do that again with you?
R: Do what?
M: Should I show you?
R: No no I get it. You don’t have to show me once again.
M: So?
R: So what?
M: Can I do that again some time later?
R: Well you can do that. But make sure you don’t go beyond that, you know?
M: You mean we having sex?
R: Chee! Not that. I know you are a good boy. You will not do this and all
M: And you are my good girl, eh?
R: Am I not?
M: You are more than good. You are tasty.
R: Haha, how do you know that?
I placed my hand on her ass and pushed her to me and licked her face and said
M: That’s how I know
R: Okay okay enough. You are being so touchy touchy today.
M: Why? You don’t like it? I can stop it if you don’t want to
R: This is all okay. I will tell you that when you need to stop.

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