The Family Spy

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“I want to know everything, every little dirty secret he has and every dirty little deed that he’s done!”

“Calm down honey, let me get my computer and you can tell me what has gotten you so riled up about Adam.”

“Your computer, IT’S all on HIS computer, what can you do now that he’s home, the sneaky little shit!”

“Slowly, what happened?”

“This morning, when all of you left, I was cleaning the house, before I left myself. In Adams room, for god knows how long, I’ve been collecting his cumrags and soiled tissues, when his computer woke out of ‘sleep’, and I saw this great big naked pussy on his screen.”

“You’ve been collecting his cumrags?”

“Not for the pleasure of it, but cleaning his room, he wasn’t doing it, was I going to leave it to you? Stay on track, naked pictures!”

“So, he has pictures of naked women on his computer, he’s old enough.”

“I know that he’s old enough to look at naked pictures of women, men if he wants, but he has been spying on ME! He had naked pictures of my pussy on his computer.”

“Did you see your face?”

“I saw my panties, my dress, my birthmark, that I have on that crease between my legs!”

“Ok, I’m in, let’s see what we can find.”

“What? You’re in, like in his computer?”

“Yes, I can remotely administrate all of our computers, we can see all that he is hiding.”

“Wow, let’s get all NSA on his ass, I want to know every little detail.”

“His computer has a lot of storage, do remember were those pictures that you saw where?”

“They were on the screen, there were tons of them, some mine and some of some other pussies. I don’t know where they were.”

“I’ll search the recent files and we can go from there.”

In a couple of minutes rows of pictures filled our screen, and soon I found the pictures of my pussy, again. Mark and I both agreed that that was indeed my crotch that our son had a picture of in his library of smut.

We identified the first picture, then Mark followed its trail and found its parent folder and we spent the evening checking out our son’s stash.

Adam is a very quiet boy, that is what surprised me the most about finding those pictures. But under that quiet façade Mark and I found a real pervert. He had up skirt pictures of me, his mother, going back ages, but not only did he have compromising pictures of me from inside and out of the house, he had naked pictures of me in the bathroom, on the toilet, in the shower, shaving my pussy and from the bedroom while I was dressing.

Mark and I were amazed at the sheer number of material that he had on me. We concluded that our son was obsessed with his mother, before we found the parent and other subfolders that he had meticulously arranged.

He wasn’t obsessed just with me, but with creep shots of women around him. Next to the folder “MOM” was a folder “SIS”, and then names of our women friends and relatives that he came in contact with.

Mark and I spent the night looking through our sons archive of naked women, many were of our friends and family, and for some of the women, that he couldn’t get enough of good stealthy pictures, he had compiled a wealth of naked women from the internet, that if you squinted your eyes, could be mistaken for them.

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