Moupriya fulfil her submissive fantasy with a Dom man in newyork along his hubby – Part2

anyways we both again used soap take shower rub our self and came out he open the cupboard gave me a panty a hot pant a top and he gave a t-shirt and a half pant to wear we all dressed then we was just about to go out from our room to hotel restaurant for lunch suddenly mark call me told me bitch pull down your pant I did then Mark insert the remote vibrator inside my pussy at first I was not understand what was that.
We then went to the restaurant while I was giving our food order mark was turn on suddenly the vibrator o my god that was so uncomfortable and embarrassment situation he keep turn off turn on increasing decreasing the vibration speed some time in high mode some time in low sometime in mid after we all had our food we went out we visit few place he keep play with the remote I was in so much embarrassment situation i came several times also. But I was enjoying that.

At 6 pm we came back to our hotel room I was trying to take out that remote control vibrator he told not to take out that he order us to just stay in your inners.


But I was in mood to stay nude for him I told master no I want to stay completely naked in front of you now please don’t keep us in inners. Mark told seen I make you like a true slut who want to be stay naked ok fine then both of you come to me lick my feet and beg what you wants.
Manoj was actually not wanting that so I ran immediately on mark feet start lick his feet and beg to him for please keep us naked now and make me do anything you want please again and again finally mark laugh & agree just gave us a smile Manoj was shock to me this situation’s immediately take off my bra panty and gave that to mark and told him thanks sir.

mark told Manoj to collect all our cloths and keep them in cupboard and lock that then give key to mark he did that mark took the key and gone out of room I thought he must be back with some new ideas but after wait a long time he was not came back. We were so confused what happened & all we was not understand what to do.

we have nothing to wear I have only the bikini & Manoj have only the jockey inside the washroom which we was wear at morning when we went to the pool as he already keep all our dress In cupboard. so we can’t wear also Manoj get afraid he told I think he gone as we was told him for 24 hrs so he might gone.
I told him the last night Incident that he make me a written of the note he took our passport visa tickets after listen to all we fall In tension but nothing to do.

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