Moupriya fulfil her submissive fantasy with a Dom man in newyork along his hubby – Part2

Then what to do I told to Manoj all what he did with me last night. We were thinking what to do but nothing coming to our mind but we were confirm he will be back. After thinking a lots we was not find any solution finally we think he will be back at night may be now he has gone for some work.
we call the room service order few drinks and snacks as we have bikini & jockey in washroom but those are wet till we took those and wear those just to received the orders finally the room service guy came & serve us Manoj was taken the delivery’s recognised the room service guy he was the same guy who was came last night when I was dancing nude for mark and mark was offer him to watch my dance in few songs.
He delivers the foods he was looking for mark but he just gave a smile at me and he gone.
Then we went to couch & we was taking about him we was discussing he is the exact man whom I was looking for very dominating wild nasty naughty very kinky aged man. Somehow we get horny again we had a round of sex that was so best sex then we was watching television and having drinks.

Suddenly we listen the sound of some1 opening the door with key from outside. We saw Mr Mark was come back. I gave him a smile & ask him where was u gone? He told I have much other duty also Bitch so I went there.
Manoj also talk to him a few then Mark ask us why both of you are in bikini & jockey I was told to stay nude till I want.
We told him you was not here so. He Told us you both has broke my rule now both of you will be punish for this. Now get naked & come to me in dog & bitch position he was sitting in the couch we was in the bed,


without asking him anything we went to him in our 4 feet’s then he open his jeans he was in a half pant he told us to lick his feet we start lick his feet for a long then he told Manoj to like your wife pussy & ass hole while I was licking his feet & legs while he was taking some 1 in his phone then I was getting mad to take is big dick in my mouth I was tried also two times but he slap on my mouth after that he push me & while taking on his mobile he went to the balcony then again he call us to him instruct us with his figure in the doggy pose we again went to him there he took out his dick & instruct both of us to give him a blow job Manoj was hesitating but I push Manoj head for suck mark and give Mark max satisfaction

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