James was my first Black daddy back in 1984 (that summer and fall). White man Dusty was my very first daddy period. When I met James I was 24 and he was in his very early 50’s, he was a school teacher that lived across the courtyard from my mom and I on the 15th floor. At that time I had a girlfriend Kim who had learned more about my bisexuality. I met her in upstate NY where she discovered that I had had a sexual affair with my closet male friend and then also with an old male classmate of mine, so Kim found out and accepted how I had cheated with other guys.

Long story short for now. James seduced me one evening while I was over at his place smoking some weed. Within an hour of me being alone with him, he had his large black cock buried deep in my ass, drying out “Daddy” to him, James that first night fucked me into submission. After that I stayed away from him for a month. He would try to get my attention from his place, I was scared of him but also turned on. James fucked me like I have never had before. That first time James fucked me and made love to me, dumping all his seed deep in me, all real Bulls do that, leaving their seed and mark.

Then one weekend my mom was out of town and Kim wasn’t speaking to me. James came out on his balcony and spied from my mom’s window, all of a sudden I got extremely horny for this man. I went over to his place, James opened the door and all he had on was a robe. I stepped into his apartment and he said, “What do you want”? Like with an attitude. I stood there scared and stiff and out of nowhere I dropped to my knees and I said “I want you”, then I opened James bathroom and there was his semi hard, black ugly cock surrounded my nappy pubic hair, fuck I was so aroused for some reason. He took the back of my head and pushed my head forward a little. I took hold of the cock and opened my mouth as James cock moved in between my lips and into my mouth. James hips began moving back and forth “That’s a good boy, you take that cock, I knew you were probably a bitch”. I stopped sucking and looked up at him. James looked down at me and said “I was right, again. I knew you were a bitch. I fucked you good that first time and now your back, on your knees, sucking my cock, youse a bitch”. Then James went back to face fucking my mouth as my head bobs up and down, sucking him.

That night James fucked me again as he saw fit only this time when it was time for him to cum, he made sure that he pumped every drop deep into my guts. I wanted be Bred and Marked.

Also James made sure I knew who I belong to, him. James and I fucked a few times before James soon seduced and fucked my girlfriend Kim, all the way to the point she would fuck James in front of me, both humiliating me and only laugh at me. Kim and I soon broke up and James got rid of her after one last Fuck, only he humiliated Kim. That Fri, James had been fucking Kim for 2 days. That Sunday afternoon, James fucked Kim, in the ass, came in her, then immediately through her and her clothes out in the hall. Poor little proper Kim was beyond horrified and humiliated. James continued fucking me off and on, then he began seeing someone, my mom.

Mom had no idea that James and I were having sex, only friends which my mom liked. An older male for me to talk to, a father figure only James was also fucking the hell out of me, and I loved him. He was daddy. I also knew that James had started fucking my mom, there were times he would leave his bedroom window open and I could hear them, mostly mom while James fucked her. My mom was short and brown skin, cute. I found her to be a sexy in my kind of way, mom had large tits and best of all she doesn’t shave. I have seen her nude before, mom has a dark, nappy hair pubic hair and also her armpit hair is dark and thick, I find it a huge turn on to me, mom or not. I love it.

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