Evil step sister take advantage of brother

“Now you have to make us even” she said.

“What do you want me to do?” I managed to ask.


“I want to see you touch yourself” she said taking my hand from her chest and putting in on my dick.

I immediately complied, with no reluctance or embarrassment. I had been hard for hours and was already set to explode, but I really wanted Tiffany to have a good show so I did my best to not cum too fast. I watched her face as she saw me stroke myself. I stopped a few times to make it last longer. She made no attempt to stop me from seeing her fist sized tits. Or that she had her hand up her skirt.

She could see that I couldn’t hold off any longer and came close to me. She reached down and cupped my balls. She felt them pump out the first long stream of cum. She watched me erupt; white lava spilling out of my head and down my cock and over my hand. When I was done and my dick started to shrink, she wiped her finger on the drop at my tip and licked it.

“Thank you” She said, kissing me on the cheek and leaving the room.

I stood in front of the big puddle on the floor in disbelief. I quickly went to clean it up before my step sisters went looking for me. A minutes or two later I was back in the living room, they were there and saw me come in. They gave me a suspicious look.

It was getting very late and most of the guests had left. I continued to serve those still there but found that after what had happened I barely noticed the way I was being stared at. And with a smaller crowd, the girls were better behaved. Tiffany was the last to leave, she stood talking to Amanda and Lori well after everyone else had gone. The three of them chatted and watched me clean up; until Tiffany had to go home and my sisters went to bed.

It was early the next morning when I was bringing the girls their breakfast. I opened the door to Amanda’s room and went in. She was still sleeping; I stopped in my tracks. I saw that her covers had come off and her small night gown was raised enough to show me that she wasn’t wearing underwear. I stood for long seconds holding the tray, looking at my step sister’s naked butt.

It looked so firm and smooth and unblemished. My heart raced and my cock rose. I imagined what it would feel like to get behind her and slide my dick into her. I found myself quietly putting down her tray and taking my cock into my hand. I slowly stroked myself watching her sleep, hoping she would roll over or move her legs to let me see more. I didn’t get far when Lori walked in. She walked quietly; I didn’t even know she was there at first.

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