Evil step sister take advantage of brother

I didn’t stop or let up when Lori came; her body was writhing and squirming. She was still gripping the sheets a minute later. I know that I could have stood up at that moment and slid my cock into her without protest. I didn’t though and knew there was another job to do.

Amanda took Lori’s place on the bed; she didn’t sit up but laid back with her head on the pillow and her arms behind her head; she spread her legs as far as they would go. My little sister spread nude on the bed; jeez I wanted to lay between her legs, I wanted to fuck my sister so bad.


Instead I pleased her as I did Lori. My chest was on the bed with the rest of me hanging off; Amanda’s pussy on my mouth. I sucked her clit and nibbled it a bit; my hands were feeling her bare tits. I tried different things on her until she gave me a loud indication that I hit it just right. At first Lori was watching as Amanda had, but then moved out of my limited line of sight for a few moments.

“Now I want to try what you did with Tony” she said. She was somewhat behind me and I couldn’t see her. The mention of Tony and the bent-over position I was in set off an alarm in my head. But I couldn’t stop eating Amanda’s pussy; it felt so great to have her legs wrapped around my head, Tony himself could have been there and I wouldn’t have cared.

I felt her finger lightly touch my hole, but she didn’t push it in, she just played and tickled it a bit. Her touch sent a chill up my spine. My heart was beating as I imagined Lori behind me with a wet dildo or a strap-on. But instead of feeling a toy on my ass, I felt her hair on my chest, then my stomach.

The very moment I realized which part of my encounter with Tony she was recreating, I felt her warm mouth engulf my hard cock. My excitement was muffled by Amanda’s pussy. I felt Lori sliding her lips along me; then switching to licking it up and down. I couldn’t have imagined how good that would feel. I had never gotten a blow job before; and now Lori, my tormentor was doing it to me.

My tormentor… at that moment I couldn’t remember a single bad thing either of them had ever done. If someone had told me that it would have all come to this, I would have done twice the work doing cartwheels.

Lori was sucking my dick but there was no way for me to prolong it, I lasted about 5 minutes before my dick twitched and shot a load into Lori’s mouth. She had no experience and didn’t sense what was about to happen, if she even knew WHAT was about to happen. She jumped back and swallowed, watching me shoot out three more long streams as I reflexively took hold and stroked myself.

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