Evil step sister take advantage of brother

“Those are the strings that go around your waist and that one goes… well you know where” Amanda instructed me.”And you can put your front parts in the pouch there.”

“I can figure it out” I said with a touch of annoyance from my nervousness.


“Are you sure we can’t help you try it on?” Lori teased.

I was terrified at the prospect of actually having to wear this. Holding up a garment that was the size of my hand and would cover only one part of my body I said, “I’d be practically naked walking around in this”.

“Yea, practically” Lori said.

“You should be glad I didn’t get the one with the butt plug” Amanda jumped in.

“Speaking of which, you better cooperate or I’ll tell Tony” Lori said .

“What does that mean?” Amanda asked. My heart dropped.

“Oh didn’t I tell you?” Lori said to Amanda while looking at me. “I was in the kitchen one night and saw the whole thing. Why don’t YOU tell her” she said gesturing to me.

“The WHOLE thing?!” I yelled reflexively.

“Yup, saw it all. It was awesome. I only wish I could have gotten closer.”

“What? What?” Amanda asked anxious to know what was going on.

“Don’t worry little sis, I’ll show you. I got most of it recorded on my phone” Lori said,

“Now are you going to stop arguing or does Amanda get an actual live show?”.

“OK OK”, I said desperate to not be taken by Tony again, with or without my two sisters there to watch. I left the room to go put on my new “uniform”; during which time I’m sure Lori showed Amanda the video she had of me getting in the mouth and ass by Tony. Before I was gone they told me to return once I was ready.

I put on the tiny outfit. It cupped and supported my dick and balls but did nothing else. From the back and sides I was completely exposed. I took a deep breath and had to force myself to walk to the hallway. I managed to get back to Amanda’s room; I stood in the door way, my two step sisters staring at me wearing next to nothing. I was actually shaking with nervousness.

I had never felt so embarrassed, exposed and vulnerable before. I had never been in front of my sisters like this and even with the pouch I felt like they could see every part of me.

“Very good, you look umm nice” Lori said. “I must commend you again Amanda, it’s very appropriate, just as mother said it should be”.

“It is, isn’t it?” Amanda agreed with a chuckle “Just one thing though. I can see hair coming out. It’s gross”.

Lori looked at me with her hand on her chin as if she were thinking. “You’re going to have to shave” She said to me. “And not just enough so it doesn’t show. I want you shaved bald, completely”.

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