Big-titted Asian teen gets nailed by 2 handimen

My work partner and me had been able to double-fuck a few horny sluts over the last couple of years, but this big-titted, 18 year old was the hottest of them all.

Willy and me, we’re a two-guy “handiman service.” We can fix just about any small project in a house — electrical, plumbing, painting, move a wall, build a fireplace, you name it. He’s 52 and I’m 38, and we’re both in really good shape. He’s got huge, muscular arms and shoulders, and I’ve got a very fit, slim body. While we’re both married, we are also typical males. Hot women get us really horny.

And, being handimen, we’re sometimes left alone with hot women. It was just about two years ago, a bit more maybe, we were at some broad’s house while her husband was at work. For a while week in the summer, this 42 year old Whitney, with a rocking, slim body, was teasing us by tanning in her back yard, while we were on scaffolding around her house, reapplying stucko to it. After two or three days of that, she asks us into the kitchen to give us some water. Willy and I just stood around her, eyeing her nipples poking out of her bikini top, when she said she likes “male company” because she gets “bored” at home. Then she added: “Bored, and horny.” Well, that opened the floodgates. A minute later, she was on her knees looking up at us, going back and forth sucking Willy’s 6 1/2 inch (but extremely thick) penis and my 7 1/2 inch pecker. We both splattered on her face and big tits, then she said, “You guys got more in there for me?” We did, taking her up to her master bedroom, taking turns sticking our dicks in her shaved, married pussy right where her husband slept every night. What a hot piece of cunt Whitney was.

Since that time, he and I have been on the lookout for other horny women who might want some servicing besides the construction or painting. We don’t want to be too aggressive and lose potential work; we live by word of mouth and referrals. But, you know, a woman knows when we’re flirting, and if she flirts back, we’ll keep doing it, even over-the-top sometimes. Last year, we finally found a second slut, a 38 year old married bitch named Susie. Short, petite brunette with a plump butt. We’d been flirting relentlessly with her a couple of days while painting her interior, even staring at her boobs and ass in her clothing right in front of her. I told Willy, this broad knows we’d do her if we could. I just didn’t know if she actually wanted it. Well, after we finished the job and had the truck loaded, she calls down to us, she has one more project in mind, can we come up to the bedrooms and take a look at it? Actually, we were pissed — like, we just loaded up the truck, bitch! But we walked into her bedroom, and there Susie was, buck naked on her bed — spread open, shaved pussy gaping wet at us. She purred, “Do you guys do plumbing too?” And with that, we took turns fucking her for a couple hours.

The third and only other time, earlier this year before we met the 18 year old, was a petite, busty Asian woman named Janae. She worked part-time, so a couple of days while we were on the job, she would greet us in the morning but wasn’t home the rest of the day. Willy and I both liked her style, she had a fine little ass and delicious, slender legs, and she wore short skirts that undoubtedly drove men nuts at her office. Well, she knew what a hot body she had. On her first day off, our third on the job, Willy was out getting more supplies while I was working the phone in her kitchen. She had been teasing and flirting with me all morning, winking and knowing I was admiring her hot Asian body. After one of my calls ended, she asked if she could “do” anything for me — leaning over the kitchen table, her cleavage exposed because her blouse was partially unbuttoned. She saw me look at her tits, and instantly we were making out, kissing hard. She let me fondle and suck her boobs, then she went down on me and took my long penis into her mouth, and my semen into her tummy. I told Willy about that, and after we finished work that day, he and I took her to a motel on the Interstate (she didn’t want her hubby to get home early and find out), where we took turns fucking the bitch a few times. Did the same thing the next day, our last on the job. (I’ve met up with Janae a few times since then, just for some hot sex.)

So, those were our experiences fucking women we met on the job. The 18 was the fourth, and unquestionably the best time.

We had an all-week gig to replace the aluminum siding on a house with faux stone. The home was owned by a Korean-American family. They had a teen daughter in high school, Kimmy, a very skinny, bookworm-ish little bitch. Can’t even remember her name. She was forgettable. No, it was her friend Ashley who was the hot piece of ass!

Ashley had recently that fall turned 18, and was a senior in the local high school. Each day after school, she came over to her friend’s house, and I could tell, the girl was checking me out. I was on a ladder, with my tight jeans showing off the equipment in my crotch, and the teenager stood on the ground looking up at me, right at my balls. Of course, I made sure she got an eyeful. Each day, then, she was back after school, bashfully flirting. She wasn’t a talker, but more like, she’d stand there and answer our questions, giggling nervously.

The girl had some kind of tits, let me tell you. Even in her conservative clothing for school, I could see she sported D-cups or something like that. She was decently pretty, particularly if you like Korean girls. A triangular face, sort of long nose, more rounded, brown eyes than Chinese girls, and extremely long jet-black hair down her back. It was fall, so the weather was a bit cool but not cold, so she wore sweatshirts and light jackets — covering flesh, but showing off the shape of her huge tits. Her ass was round but not fat, and I could see from her tight jeans that she had relatively slim thighs. She also wore makeup and big hoop earrings, which her scrawny, nerdy friend didn’t do. I mean, this 18 year old had some teasy looks, and she looked all the better contrast to the other boring, small teen Kimmy.

It was cute, Ashley would stand there asking what we were doing, letting us ask about her classes and boyfriends and that sort of thing, and she’d answer us with grins and giggles. Her friend Kimmy was openly embarrassed and distraught by the flirting, telling her friend “c’mon, we have to go do homework,” that sort of thing. Ashley would linger until the badgering got too bad, then she’d move on with her friend, flashing us cute smiles as she left us to do our work.

Willy looked at me, one day, as Ashley disappeared into the house. “Wouldn’t mind an hour naked with that slut,” he said. I concurred with the sentiment.

It was Thursday, our second-to-last day on the job. Ashley and Kimmy had gotten home from school around 3:30, and Ashley as usual had stopped to flirt with us a good 20 or 30 minutes. Update us on how her tests went that day, that sort of thing. I didn’t give a shit, but I could stare at her big boobs in her t-shirt and jean jacket. It was an unusually sunny day, so my t-shirt was sort of sweaty, clinging to my body. Same with Willy, although his torso is a lot larger than mine. I saw Ashley observing both of us, her brown eyes gazing at the powerful physiques of us two adult men.

About 5 pm, Willy and I were finishing up, talking about going to get some grub before coming back to clean up a little. We could leave the shit out, but we knew we’d finish the next day, and could give ourselves an afternoon off by doing a lot of the clean-up work that evening. So wouldn’t you know it, Ashley and Kimmy come out of the house, having finished their homework. Willy was about to crawl into the truck, while I was in the passenger seat, with the window down all the way. As the big-boobed teen passed us in the driveway, I asked where she was, headed home? She nodded, yup.

I looked at Willy, and didn’t need to discuss it further with him. “Well,” I told her, “we’re going to grab a bite — fast food or junk like that — wanna come along, get a bite with us?” I wasn’t sure I was asking for sex, just an opportunity to put her in the truck with us.

The girl whirled back to make sure her friend Kimmy had retreated into the house, so she wasn’t being subjected to Kimmy’s reaction. “Um, yeah,” the high school girl chirped with a toothy grin, “that sounds good.”

All of a sudden, I was standing on the driveway holding the pickup truck’s door open, allowing the girl to slide into the middle of the seat. As she passed me, I got a whiff of her perfume — strong, sweet, really sexy.

Soon we were jostling down the streets, heading a few miles towards one of the state routes where all the fast-food places were lined up. Willy and I were talking nicely to her, saying we appreciated the company, don’t get pretty girls to come with us much, that sort of stuff. As the truck bounced down the street, I couldn’t help but notice the jugs on this teenager bouncing too — I mean, her chest was undulating like a machine recording every bump the truck hit. So at one point, with my eyes glued to her breasts bouncing in her t-shirt inside her unfastened jeans jacket, I said to the broad, “You know, you must be extremely popular at school, why don’t you have like dozens of boyfriends?”

I know the bitch saw me staring at her breasts, and she didn’t move to cover them up, instead keeping them pushed forward on her chest between Willy and me. “Well, I have one,” she told me, giggling a little at how I was so obviously staring at her tits, “but he’s sort of a dork, but he’s cute.”

“Dork, huh?” I looked past her at Willy, who flashed me one of those knowing grins, then began staring at her tits again as much as he was looking at the road. I turned to gaze at her boobs once more, then up to her eyes to make sure she saw me looking at her tits — then, back down at her tits. “Well, Willy and I ain’t dorks — you ever dated a real man before?”

Her voice was a little nervous, as she tried to sound more grownup. Pushing her long, black hair behind and ear, she shook her head a little. “Nuh-huh — but, wanted to.”

My dick was throbbing hard in my jeans by this point, smelling her perfumes and seeing those big breasts. I loved that she liked showing them off, and now I loved her more that she liked older guys. “Well, maybe Willy or me here can show you a good time sometime.” (I was thinking, how about right now, you hot tramp?) “Would you like that sometime?”

Again, her voice quivered a little. “Umm — yup?” She didn’t want to commit, but she seemed to like the sound of that.

The erection in my pants was in control of my mouth now, I wasn’t talking like I would to a normal stranger. Leaning my mouth closer to her ear as the truck rambled down the roar, I coarsely whispered to her, “I don’t mean to piss ya off or nuthin’, but I gotta say — you got really, really hot tits — you don’t mind us lookin’ at them, do ya?”

Now her young, teen voice turned to a soft, meek whine, as the 18 year old responded to my praise. “Really?” It was like a squeak of a mouse. “You think? They’re not, like, too big?”

“Too big?” I erupted with a cackle, clapping my hands together once, then looked past her at my buddy driving the pickup. “Willy, you think they’re TOO big?”

As we slowed to a streetlight, Willy turned his head towards her, lowering it a foot away from her boobies to very obviously check them out. “Nope,” he reported as he sat back upright, “not too big ah-tall.”

With my mouth near her ear again, my hip firmly up against her side to trap her in place, I asked her another loaded question. “You don’t mind us lookin’ at your tits, do you — they’re just so fuckin’ big and sexy — you’re so pretty.”

“Really?” She said it again, her voice so melodious and quiet, high-pitched but calm. “I dunno, if you wanna, I guess.”

While she sounded disinterested, I could see her eyes looking me over — my chest and crotch, my face, and her thin lips were turned up a little with a playful grin. The girl was interested in where this was leading. “So maybe,” I asked, reaching a hand across my body towards her already, “you’d let me have a quick feel — just to feel how big they are?”

I hadn’t felt up a teenager in years, and I couldn’t wait to get my married paw on this babe’s huge chest.

The girl sure was interested. She snickered at me, rolling her eyes as if all men were such pricks, then she sighed quietly, “Oh, all right I guess — if ya really wanna.”

Holy shit! My hand found her huge tit, and it was spectacular! Groping her mound through her bra and t-shirt, I felt the size of that orb, its fullness and girth, it could more than fill my palm as I cupped it. Caressing then squeezing her huge melon through her clothing, I moaned at how sexy it was, while I said to her, “Baby, it’s so big and sexy, so fuckin’ huge — Willy — I mean, you don’t mind Willy checkin’ ya out too, do you?”

She barely let out a little giggle of agreement before my buddy’s hand was off the steering wheel and squeezing her other breast through her clothing, so she had both of us grownup perverts pawing at her two boobs as the truck lumbered down the road. She let out a light moan, and I could feel the hard nipples on her hooters sticking out inside her bra.

“Like that, huh?” I was whispering in her ear through her long hair, then used my nose and chin to push her hair back and expose her earlobe. “I like you alot, you’re so fuckin’ sexy.” Intoxicated by her perfume, I put a little kiss on her earlobe, licking it around her dangling hoop earring, softly breathing warmly against her air. She shivered, grunting as she continued to allow Willy and me to fondle her high school breasts through her t-shirt. My licking of her ear turned into a kiss, trailing it up her small, soft jawline, not believing I was about to kiss her on the lips. She let me, turning her face to mine, and my married mouth met her 18 year old lips, locking together, moaning, my tongue inside her lips now, sliding around her pink tongue.

As the girl let me make out with her and continue cupping and squeezing her huge breast, Willy’s hand slid from her tit down her front, into her crotch, where he was digging his fingers against her bluejeans. The bitch leaned back a bit, parting her thighs, moaning more forcefully into my kiss while Willy was rubbing his fingertips against her pussy through her tight jeans.

I found myself hoping the trip was going to take a while. My hand pushed up her t-shirt enough on her flat tummy, so I could slide my hand upwards, inside her shirt, and wrap my hand around her bra. Pushing her bra up and off her huge tits, I had the two boobs exposed inside her shirt, so my hand could now touch her flesh directly. Her nipple was fucking huge — long, hard, swollen. I pinched it, she giggled in my mouth while we kept kissing. Making out even harder, she was frenetic with my hand on her naked tits and Willy stroking magic over her vagina. My buddy masturbated her and I kissed her like my girlfriend, tugging at her nipples and alternatingly cupping the fleshy, huge boobies back and forth.

My arm and hand pushed her t-shirt up even higher, rolling it under her armpits, so now her tits were naked — sticking out from underneath the bra and t-shirt above them, those huge, brown nipples poking an inch forward, with wide, dark-brown areolae around them on creamy, light-tan skin. The Korean hottie grinned at me, seeing me eye her nude tits, and she kept her back arched, sticking them forward. The slut liked the attention. I couldn’t help myself, I dove down, wrapping my mouth around her closest boob, suckling it into my wet mouth. It tasted soft and young, firm, so fucking huge; the nipple was like rock, however, aching and hard. She moaned even more, pushing that tit into my mouth, letting me salivate on it, munching it with my tongue and lips.

“Hey,” Willy muttered, “maybe we should get a room.”

I knew exactly what he meant. There was a motel that rented by the hour right off the Interstate, where we took the other Asian hottie Janae for a couple hours of fucking. They don’t ask questions, they just take the cash, knowing guys are getting laid in the rooms. Mostly hookers, I would think, but Willy and I were better than that. We had the girl turned on, we didn’t need to pay her for sex.

So after licking around her nipple a while, smelling how wet her kitty was in her jeans from Willy rubbing it, I sat up and looked in her slanted brown eyes. “How ’bouts we skip dinner — just go get a room, and you can let us fuck you as much as you want?” I added, with a wink, “He and I got big cocks — you WON’T be disappointed!”

The teenager, undoubtedly on her first booty call, looked nervous and hesitated, and her voice equivocated a little as she said, “Ummm — sure?”

It was all I needed to hear, she wasn’t disagreeing.

Wally started looking around to reverse the truck, and get to the motel on the Interstate, maybe no more than ten minutes away. I was hungry for food, but would take a roll in bed with this slut over dinner anytime. With Willy driving, I got to have the honors of now rubbing the heat of her crotch, finding her grinding her hips against my hand through her jeans, while I kept sucking her breasts back and forth. I got both her breasts dripping with with my spit, glistening with the drool I deposited on them, while she was breathing hard and making those large, fleshy glands heave back and forth. There wasn’t talking, only her incessant grunting and moaning above my tit-sucking and cunt-rubbing.

As he was driving, my buddy was like, Pete, how much cash you got? I looked up from the girl’s sloppy big tits and said, “I dunno, $15, something.” I heard him mutter a swear, and he said, “Well, I $20 maybe — we might need a bit more.” So, looking at the nearly-topless teenage girl sitting right next to him, with my mouth planted on her naked boob and my hand grinding into her crotch, my 52 year old buddy said to her, “Honey, you got dinner money? We need $40 to get a room, even for a couple hours.”

What a slut! Now she was going to have to pay to get laid by us! But the girl was all-in, while panting from me playing with her body, she groaned to him, “Yeah, I do.”

Seemed like a short ride, but it always does when you’re munching on a girl’s tits. The truck lurched to a halt, we were in the parking lot of the dingy little model off the Interstate. The place was almost deserted.

I collected the cash — $10 from the girl, $20 from Willy, plus my contribution — and headed into the office. My buddy took over for me entertaining our guest, pawing at her cunt again through her jeans and kissing her. What a hot slut she was — making out with the two of us, she hardly knew us. She wanted it bad, didn’t she? A teenager on the prowl to get fucked good.

Ten minutes later, holding the key to the room, I was standing beside the truck. Inside it, Willy was still sitting back in front of the steering wheel, his fly open — and his super-fat, aching six and a half inches of meat was in the girl’s mouth, as she leaned over to taste his penis. Lucky bastard, getting the first blowjob of the evening! I tapped on the passenger side window of the pickup, and when I startled the two of them, I shouted, “You two need to get a motel room.” Then I raised the key to point at it. “Oops, guess what, I got one!”

Willy zipped up his big cock, the horny 18 year old blushed with guilt, and the two of them started putting their clothing back on for the walk across the parking lot.

As soon as the three of us were in the dingy motel — and I mean, the door wasn’t even locked yet — my buddy and I sandwiched Ashley, standing just inside the door, both of us on her sides. We pawed at her butt, tits and cunt through her clothing, taking turns to kiss her; first she made out with Willy, then me, then back to him. I was sliding off her shirt and bra, interrupting those kisses, while Willy was squeezing her buttcheeks and rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Her massive mammory glands were indeed amazing, launching into the air off of her slim torso. As I began sucking her tongue again, my hand groping one of those tits, Willy bend over to lick her other nude boob and I could hear him fumbling to unfasten her jeans. She helped him, desperately horny and wanting to be nude, so soon we were pushing her jeans and panties down her hips, around a meaty butt.

The bitch was naked between the two of us, except for socks which we ignored. Kind of sexy, actually, fucking a girl who leaves her socks on. Her snatch was drenched, with a thick batch of dark, coarse pubic hair around it. Willy’s and my fingers met at it, and I let him have the first honors of fingering her clitoris while my hand massaged warmth into her creamy soft thighs but equally silky buttocks, my lips on her mouth, sucking her tongue. The girl was a pretty good kisser, and she was moaning into me, feeling the four male hands on her nude body.

Pete’s cock wanted to come out to play, as did Willy’s. Pete’s peter and Willy’s willy, we might call them. I stood upright and gently nudged her down to her knees, between Willy and me, as we faced her. She looked up at us hungrily but a little nervous, biting her lower lip, clearly unsure of herself. I assuaged her fears with an amicable grin and another nice kiss on her lips, before I said to her, “Just do what comes naturally, darling — you got a couple big, hot cocks that love you so much.” With that, I unsnapped and unzipped my jeans, pushing them and my underwear down to proudly expose my long erection. Throbbing hard, leaking precum around the bulbous cockhead, my seven and a half inches of pure joy was aching for her, pulsating, just twitching in the air as it jutted out of my firm belly. I kicked my pants and underwear off, then ripped off my sweaty t-shirt, so I was basically nude in front of her as well. In front of me, on her other side, Willy’s big belly was out now, followed moments later by his thick dick, sticking right at the girl.

She might have been a novice, but she was willing. The Korean slut took hold of our two adult pricks, feeling their size and warmth, admiring them as her eyes gazed back and forth at them. Then, smiling up at me, she put her lips around my dick and sucked my peckerhead into that soft teen mouth, tasting my precum. I grunted, even more precum leaked out, I was so fucking hard, seeing her pretty face around my married penis. Ashley licked around my shaft a little, her hand pumping on my long rod, before moving her mouth to Willy’s dick. She had to open her jaw more for that super-fat but shorter erection, sucking it into her mouth again as she did in the pickup, while squeezing and softly jerking me, albeit without much expertise.

Willy and I let her suck our dicks back and forth a few minutes, but she wasn’t going to get either of us to cum that way, she wasn’t good enough. Didn’t matter, we didn’t come here for her blowjobs. He and I nodded at each other, then pulled her to her feet, and led her to the big, single bed in the room. It was probably a queen size, I’d fucked girls on larger beds; but it was soft as a waterbed, it seemed. Really, it gave way as you crawled on it; it was old, the springs were going, I almost felt like we’d crush it. But until that happened, we were going to fuck on it.

Ashley let us lay her nude body on her back, in the middle of the bed; then, with her big brown eyes looking back and forth at us, she spread open those creamy young thighs. I gazed at her furry naked vagina, my dick so hard for it. Her lips were pink and moist; she had some nice flesh around her clitty; her butthole was a tight brown hole below her hairy snatch. Her teen asscheeks were wide and soft, unblemished, as she spread herself for us, pulling her knees back. Still looking at both our faces, measuring our approval of her body, she grew more horny but remained apprehensive, whimpering a little too.

Crawling onto the bed holding my aching penis, I gazed down at the nude girl and, especially, at those huge hooters sitting on her torso, pointing into the air. Some girls with small breasts look flat-chested when they lay back. Not Ashley; man, those tits were like mountains on a flat terrain, two huge, fleshy hills I wanted to climb. Pointing at her pussy, I said to her, “I know you wanna be here, you’re wet as fuck.”

Grinning at me, her ass started to swirl a little, going in circles, as she kept her knees spread for us. “Mmm, yeah,” she admitted with a blush, snickering at me.

“So who do you want to fuck you first,” I asked nicely, sticking a thumb towards my buddy. “You want Willy first, or me? ‘Cause you’re gonna get both of us, I can tell you that.”

The nice teenager smiled sweetly at me. “I don’t care,” muttered the whore quietly, just wanting it from us.

It was sweet of her not to have a preference. “But,” I confirmed, wanting to hear her say it, “you DO want to be fucked, right?”

“Ohh, uh huh!” The hot slut nodded eagerly at me, her arms now above her head stretching out her body, pushing those tits more into the air, her knees so wide apart to show off that cunt to the two of us. “Please — will you?”

“Yes we will,” I assured her, “yes we will — but, just to make sure, you don’t care that we’re both married, right?”

The girl was too aroused to care; if it would have made a difference to her when she was right-minded, well, she wasn’t right-minded at the moment. “No,” she sang quickly, continuing to undulate her pelvis and rotate that wet cunt under our eyes, “I don’t care.”

Snickering at the little slut we found, I was the generous one. “Okay, buddy,” I said to Willy, “you get her first.”

He stroked his concrete pecker in his hand, crawling over to Ashley. “Don’t mind if I do,” he said, wanting the bitch as badly as I did. He looked so funny over her; this 52 year old guy with graying hair on his head and chest, big flabby belly and ass, wrinkles in his skin even, and a swollen, used erection; while she was young, smooth, busty, delicious. Guys like him don’t get to fuck girls like her without paying for it, usually at least. I watched her face, as she felt Willy’s dick against her twat. I could see her looking at him, putting her hands around his shoulders to hang onto him, then she moaned as she got her cunt rubbed. When he stuck it forward into her hole, she shrieked, her eyes rolled, her jaw trembled. Ashley let out a wail, and I could tell, she was getting fucked.

“Oh, shit,” my buddy growled, sneering at me, “she’s fuckin’ tight!”

Indeed she was — so much so, he had to confirm she wasn’t a virgin. She shook her head at that, but he couldn’t really tell. Her cunt must have been gripping his fat penis without any softening, so as he continued to pound into her body, she remained unbelievably tight for him. Slowly, thrusting into her again and again, her twat started to relent, and he started sinking his thick meat into her cunt. Ashley wasn’t looking at him, her eyes were shut, her jaw open to suck in air. She was wincing too, enduring the fat erection stretching her open, it was work on her part to take that supersized girth of his penis into her teen vagina.

“Uhhh, ohhh, uhhh!” she kept muttering, making sounds not words. “Uhhhh huhhhh, ohhhh, uhhhh!”

Forcing his dick into her cunt faster, making headway and getting the most of his shaft inside her velvety-smooth pussy, my buddy was staring down at her big tits as he fucked her, watching them jiggle around on her chest. “Yeah, baby,” he was gasping at her, “feel it — feel me fuck you — you’re so fuckin’ hot.”

As I typically do when Willy is using some slut’s cunt, I just sat back on my heels by the side, watching the show. I’m more of a voyeur than he is, happy to watch my older buddy fuck the young babe. I’m not gay but I don’t mind seeing his hard cock in action, and actually, it was really sensational to watch a graying, flabby old bastard have sex with the young, energetic, busty teenager. I couldn’t help but grab my dick, slowly jerking it, staring at the loud sex.

She was fucking screaming, by the time Willy had most of his very fat penis jammed into her tight teen cunt. He had both hands under her shoulders, kind of cradling her as he continued to fuck her on top of her. She had her head back, eyes glazy and fixated on nothing, while her mouth was agape and her lungs making unintelligible, pained noises. “Uhhhh!” I could almost see her straining to endure the stretching her pussy was already receiving. “Uhhh — owww — uhhhh, uh huhhh — ohhhh, uhhhh – owwww – uhhhhh!”

“Yeah, honey,” my horny buddy muttered to her, staring at her huge, young tits bouncing underneath him while he drove his thick, married prick into that furry teenage twat. “You’re a hot fuck, baby!”

He was fully leaning over her, his muscular, tattooed arms straight below him, propping his portly body above the booby young bitch. His flabby ass was grinding back and forth, each time pounding into her frame and stuffing his dick as deep as he could. With his mass piling on top of her body, her creamy, light-tanned legs were pressed to the sides, knees against the bedsheets. I could hear not just her moaning and his grunting, but the sounds of his fat dick in that squishy-wet vagina, as well as the creaking and squeaking of the old bed frame and mattress, trying to structurally endure the energetic fucking from my buddy and the girl.

As usual, Willy didn’t have the best stamina — one reason I can usually let him go first. Maybe, I dunno, five or ten minutes after first putting his dick into the girl, he was ready to orgasm. Same position too, him on top, they never changed. He began to grunt and moan, and even drool a little, then his whole, fat body stiffened and he let out an ungodly howl. “Uhh-oooo!” I knew that sound, he was squirting his seed into the bitch’s pussy.

Her hands with bright-pink fingernail polish reached down to his flabby, pale buttocks, pulling the man deeper into her twat as he orgasmed. She suddenly whined too, screaching, and I could tell she was having an orgasm simultaneous with his. What a nice pair they made!

The moment Willy pulled his spent dick out of the slut’s gushing-wet vagina, I jumped at my turn. She welcomed me on top of her, keeping her knees wide to the sides to spread her creamy thighs open, and she wrapped her hands over my shoulders. I felt her legs wrap around my slim body too, her ankles digging into my hairy asscrack, with her fingers clasping around my neck. The high school senior was hanging on, preparing to be fucked by a second penis — mine. I was so fucking hard, I didn’t want any foreplay, I just pushed my erection against the drenched entrance to her vagina. Sloppy from her juices plus Willy’s sperm and stretched to accomodate Willy’s fatter dick, it was well-lubricated and shaped for my penis, and in just one thrust I could get it a good three or four inches deep. She squealed at the feeling, closing her eyes, her lips trembling from being fucked so deep in the one thrust. With a wave of my ass and plunging forward, I got another inch in. Man, the slut was wet! A few undulations of my hips later, I was entirely buried inside the girl, my cockhead as deep as I could stick it, my balls against her slimy asscheeks.

I loved looking down at her while I fucked her. She had a very pretty, Asian face, with those big brown eyes and thin lips, plus all that long, jet-black hair. Her tits were, as I’ve said a thousand times, just fucking awesome — huge, round, meaty, soft, creamy, with super-long, stiff, dark-brown nipples pointing up at me. Her tummy had a bit of flab but was smooth as silk, rippling from each impact of my pelvis into her butt and thighs. Leaning above her, staring down at her body, I lefted her legs from around my waist to my shoulders, so her feet and ankles (still clad in white socks) were besides my head. Her rotund ass lifted somewhat off the bed, her body was gyrating wildly in the air while I slid my married erection back and forth in her sloppy-wet pussy. The faster I fucked her, the more her tits jiggled and the louder she grunted, gasping for air, her hands clutching the bedsheets to hold on while I fucked her.

With Willy taking his turn to sit there watching me fuck the girl, I moved her legs around again. I pushed them off my shoulders and put her ankles together, lying them to my left side, so I was sort of fucking her from the backside — while she lay on her back, with her legs pushed up and together against the bed. Then I laid on my side too, fucking her in a spooning position. Finally I just put the girl on her knees and shoved her face into the bedsheets, raising her big round butt into the air. That sucker had some loose flesh, so each time I jammed my body and cock forward to fill her pussy, a cracking, loud SLAP noise filled the air, with a military rhythm from my consistent fucking — SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP. Ashley began to whine more loudly, and soon she was having another orgasm, feeling my seven inches of heaven so far inside her teen cunt.

I felt my orgasm approaching, and I didn’t let it stop. Like Willy, I kept my dick inside her cunt, and I let it rip. “Here you go, babygirl,” I gushed at her, breathless, as my cum erupted. I felt my cockhead ripping open to shoot out streams of sperm, flooding her teen pussy, mixing with Willy’s spermies already swimming around inside of her. She ground her ass against me, wiggling it, drawing out more of my orgasm while I stucked my dick into her doggy-style. I had a huge, draining cum, my balls emptying of sperm, it seemed to take a minute to unload everything I had for her.

“Oh fuck, oh, fuck,” I panted, falling to my side next to her, “you just fucked two men, you hot slut — don’t you love it?”

She didn’t answer me verbally, but she chuckled lightly; maybe more of an embarrassed snicker, a sort of hesitant laugh.

Willy laid on his side too, across from me with the nude, fucked slut between us. She allowed us to take turns kissing her again, while she plopped onto her back on the bed. I made out with her while Willy fondled her big, sweaty tits; then he sucked her tongue and I moved down to suck her breasts. Soon Willy was joining me, sucking her other boob, and she was fingering her vagina, spreading lots of juices and cum around herself. With her tits in our warm mouths and her finger in her cunt, she had another orgasm, grunting loudly as she tensed and spasmed from a warm, soothing climax.

Soon her hands were on our hard dicks, with her tongue alternatingly in each of our mouths. I was ready for another round, and so was Willy. Of course, so was our hot Asian slut.

I looked at my buddy, and he smiled at me, and we were going to give Ashley our special treatment now.

She didn’t know what was coming, at first. I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me, so she was lying with her fat tits pressed against my hairy chest, her knees and thighs spread open as she climbed aboard. Ashley pushed her ass backwards until her cunt kissed my cockhead, and her eyes rolled up with the feeling she was about to be penetrated. My big paws clutched her flabby asscheeks but my thumbs were hooked over the bend of her hips, so I could manhandle her body as I pleasured. Pushing her backwards, I thrust my pelvis upwards and stuck my dick into her very sloppy vagina, creamy from two male orgasms. Her face was just above mine, she emitted a high-pitched howl, and then continued to whine as I began shoving my dick deeper into her twat.

Willy sat back to watch my cock disappear into her vagina, then he climbed into the action. She didn’t realize it at first, as my graying, 52 year old friend took to his knees directly behind her. But suddenly she felt his hands on her hips, and his peckerhead kissed her buttcrack. She looked back at him with amazement, then down at me, a huge smile on her face. I’d put my hands on her huge tits, holding her torso that way, keeping my cock stuffed in her teen vagina until Willy was in position.

Through the thin walls of flesh inside her body, I literally could feel Willy’s dick entering her asshole, sliding up alongside my erection so deep in her pussy. The bitch was really erupting in noise now, her face straight up, pushing her big boobs into me, her eyes wide open with fright almost. “Uhhh — OWWWWW – ohhhhh gawwwd — UHHHH!” She winced, she gasped, she was fighting to survive the amazing feeling of two pricks in her twin holes simultaneously. I’m sure she’d never had such a delight before in her life. “Uhhhhh — owwwwww!” She was pushing back against us, trying to get us both so deep in her holes at the same time.

The three of us started having some really powerful sex. He and I know how to do this, we were moving our bodies in unison, building up a rhythm to thrust forward into her cunt and asshole, while holding her firmly so she could barely move. Meanwhile, she had four perverted male hands on her asscheeks and boobs, having them squeezed and fondled while we stretched and filled those two tight holes. Willy kissed the back of her shoulder, then made her kiss him by turning her head backwards; I saw him stick his tongue deep in her mouth, just as much as his ass was buried in her tight butthole. As we thrust in and out of her holes, his dick was pressed up against mine inside her body, separated just by thin walls of flesh.

Soon, Ashley was cumming hard, almost crying when an orgasm ripped through her young frame. The pleasure she was enjoying surely was more than she’d ever known. Then another orgasm, and yet another, in rapid succession; she was aroused over the top, almost literally every touch on her body was making her cum. She leaned forward, in the middle of our naked sandwich, stuffing her tits to my face. I instantly started licking them, and they were so huge I couldn’t nearly get all of one breast in my mouth; but I lathered them in saliva, especially sucking and chewing on her rock-hard, long nipples, making her scream and cum in another wave of orgasms.

I don’t know how long we double-fucked her, but it was a while — I know my legs grew tired, after a long day of work on scaffolding, of pushing my dick into her cunt from underneath. Willy was huffing and sweating, trying to keep up, staring down at her teen ass while he fucked her butthole. Sweat was dripping down his gray-haired chest too. “I gotta cum,” he shouted to me, and I knew what he meant. I let him pull the bitch off of me, rolling her onto her back, then he landed on top of her to fuck her again by himself. As he did with his first orgasm, Willy shot his wad into her pussy, deeply, kissing her while cumming in the back of her twat.

Then it was my second turn on top of her, and I did the same thing. Ashley put her hands around my back and butt, holding my cock deep in her cummy twat, while our mouths smashed together. I loved kissing the young woman whom I barely knew, it was slutty and sexual. We moaned into each other’s mouths while my dick was invading her messy, sloppy twat, then soon I was ejaculating, squirting out yet more jism into that hot young cunt.

Man, that was some hot fucking sex with a horny slut!

The three of us collapsed on the bed again, panting at first and trying to catch our breaths. At some point, I said to her with a grateful tone, “Thanks for that, honey — man, I sure would love a date with you some other time.” And upon hearing that, Willy chuckled and chimed in, “Oh, that would be way better than a night with the wife.”

The 18 year old giggled like she was in a candystore, shocked at her options. “Wow — really? Well — that sounds like fun!”

I’m not stupid. Girls say things they don’t mean; so I was going to make sure she lived up to her agreement. I climbed off the bed and gathered my jeans, fishing out my cellphone from my hip pocket. While she lay nude on the bed, all sorts of cum dripping out of her furry cunt, I made the girl give me her cellphone number. I even dialed it to check it, and sure enough, the pocket of her jeans on the floor let out a sing-sing ringtone. So I could call her now, anytime I wanted.

The three of us sat around the bed, naked, for a few minutes. Willy decided he had to go make a call to the wife, so he put on his jeans and shirt, then stepped out of the room to call from the parking lot. Now alone with the slut, both of us still nude in bed, I felt both really guilty for cheating (yet again) on the wife, but also really alive — I had put a smile on a hot, busty 18 year old!

It was still almost too good to be true. “So, were you looking for sex today,” I asked pointedly, wondering how it really happened so fast. “Looked like you were flirting with us all week.”

The teenager giggled again, shrugging her petite shoulder. “Not really — I’m just always horny I guess.” Then she blushed. “I get hot, like, when guys look at my tits.”

“Mmm, those tits!” Very noticeably, I glued my eyes in the direction of her hooters, hanging off her thin torso while she lay on her side next to me. “Fuck, you have the best tits ever, honey.” I reached out, and she let me fondle both her boobs again. Man, I had to have them. I slid down the bed, so my face was lying in front of her chest, I began mouthing those big boobs again. Ashley grinned, rolling on top of me as I lay on my back, so she could feed me her titties back and forth. She was laughing at times, teasing me, barely letting me lick her nipples; then she’s push down and have me swallow as much of her tits as I could.

Soon, I was hard again, and she knew it, feeling my boner against her nude hip. Ashley and I had the same idea, and the hottie slipped down my back, until her huge breasts were surrounding my cock. The teenager began to tit-fuck me, pressing her chestplate against my throbbing, seven-inch erection, cupping her boobs and sandwiching my penis between them like a hot dog in oversized buns. She grinned at me, flashing her pearly-white teeth, seeing me intently gazing at my hard penis between her boobies. The girl rubbed her tits around my cock and balls, at times just tracing my penis with a hard nipple, or brushing my wettened cockhead with a nipple and areola, until later squeezing both hooters around my cock again.

Willy had slipped back into the room, getting undressed but only to put his underwear back on. He was done fucking her, and when he squatted in a chair near the bed with a long look on his face, I knew he wanted to get going. He’d had his two cums, he was done with the girl.

Not me. I rolled Ashley onto her back again, and started fucking her a third time that afternoon. She was so horny, rotating her hips in wild circles while my erection was flying back and forth in her drenched vagina. Staring at each other, soon we were making out again, enjoying the hot sex.

For my third orgasm, I pulled out and jerked off — where else? — on those tits. I just had to see cum on them. I didn’t have a lot of sperm for that third orgasm, but enough to put a little cream over each boob, allowing the teen to spread my jism around her fleshy, soft mountains, grinning up at me as she did.

Now that, my friends, was how you fuck a hot slut!

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