Morning Mummy night time cousin’s yummy – part 1

Imagine a 75kg hot matured big asset ( similar to Vidya Balan actress)fair lady eaten by school studying boy.

Opening the sean: Myself(college student), my cousin Sundar (school boy) and my mom all sleeping ( just imitating) in a single bedroom on floor with mat.

Mom lying in between me and cousin, Just a half an hour gap after we all laid down, Sundar started his action.

First he put his hand on my mom stomach just like unknowingly in sleeping.
Mom doesn’t respond, then he scratches her pallu and laid his hand on her bare belly. Just a 2 minutes of attention again his fingers started to scratch her bare belly entirely with finger insert in her belly hole.

Now mom little bit shaked but not resisted maintained like in deep sleep.
Gaining confidence, Sundar hands further traveled to her huge tits, started to give nice massage to her huge boobs with blouse.
Then unhooked her blouse hook one by one.
His hands work out below her pallu was nice visible even in dark room.
Now her blouse was fully open upto her arms and her boobs just covered by her pallu, Sundar hands playing with her nipples was nice visible.
During pinching her nipples mom maintains her silence by just bitting her lips.
After a half an hour playing, Sundar hands traveled to her vagina, first he scratched with her saree, then he takes more advantage and lifted her saree from leg and kept his hand on her bare pussy,
Now mom got more excited and turned opposite side (heads down) with little annoying but Sundar further proceeded with no delay.
Since her blouse already half opened now he removed completely from back and thrown aside, Then he started to scratch her bare back and started to lick, during licking his hands started rubbing her butts both with and without dress.
Mom pepping by slightly open her eyes ensured weather I m sleeping and remained calm.
Sundar almost removed all her bottom from back in mean time, now he laid little up and gently turned my mom to his side, Mom little resisted out of shy then turned up, Then he stripdown her pallu and full saree just like villans removing in flims.

Now mom’s dress condition woster than padan flim deepika padukone , he embraced with half naked, He knows very well she was not sleeping but started to utilize her in that condition.
Later he doesn’t left her inskirt too, he stripped and thrown aside.

Now mom was fully nude in front both of us but still maintain as if like in deep sleep.
Only my dad tied mangalyasutra was still with her.

Sundar become more aggressive and removed his dresses became nude and started to hug her. Starting from belly to pussy he licked like anything. Then he stretched her legs and inserted his small size pennis in pussy and started stroking.

Within a 5 minutes he spilled his cummings and slept over her.
Then a 5 minutes of gap again started his mischievous, like this more than 5 times he played and slept her side.

At early morning mom wake up semi weared all her clothes and runs to bathroom and taken full hair bath.

Wearing turban on head she came to bedroom and waked up Sundar to wear dresses and left.
In Daytime she maintain normally as if nothing happened on last night.

The way she felt in trap of Sundar and not worried loosing virginity in front of his own son will be revealed in next part.

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