Evil step sister take advantage of brother

I got her suitcase and picked up the breakfast dishes. A few hours later she called for me to carry the case down stairs before her ride got there. She was going to Europe with Mrs. Wellington and a few other ladies. Mrs. Wellington was very old and crabby and “proper” and way too stuck up.

My stepmother wanted to make a good impression so I was to make sure the entire foyer was shiny clean. I was at it for a couple hours and when the bell rang I was just finishing polishing the floor. I went to get the door and my stepmother along with Lori and Amanda stood by. The girls were dressed in brand new summer dresses, looking their best; I was wearing my dirty jeans with missing knees and a stained t-shirt.


I opened the door and Mrs. Wellington entered, she was with a couple other women and a cute girl about Amana’s age. I couldn’t help stare until she smiled at me and I looked away. She was introduced as Mrs. Wellington’s granddaughter and was going with her on the trip.

Introductions went around and Lori and Amanda performed their courtesies. Mrs. Wellington’s nose went up when attention turned to me. “Who is that?” she asked. My stepmother immediately responded that I was the cleaning boy.

Realizing how bad it looked for her that I looked so bad she said to her girls, but loud enough for all to hear “Girls while I’m gone make sure to get him a new uniform, since he apparently tore his old one. That IS why you are out of uniform?” She ended with more of a statement than a question.

I took the cue “yes Ma’am and I sorry I wasn’t prepared”.

Amanda had a familiar look on her face. “Mother, what kind of uniform should we get him?” She clearly knew her mother was in a bind and was playing with her.

“Whatever you feel is appropriate dear. I trust your judgment” she said, trying to get the subject over.

“Oh GREAT” Lori said,”I always have to do everything”.

Amanda offered to take on the job. She whispered to Lori for several seconds. Lori smiled and actually giggled and agreed.

“Well you girls be good while I’m gone. Lori you’re in charge” my step mother said.

And with that I carried my stepmother’s bag to the car and disappeared. I went about my regular routine for the rest of the day and the next. I had just one less breakfast to deliver and no worry about shower inspections. This occurred to me as I was sweeping the dining room. Should I take the chance?.

When my early morning routine was done I decided I could spare the time before getting the breakfast dishes to get in the shower. I stepped in and soaped up and there was Tiffany, I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks now. She was naked and under the warm water with me. She asked me to wash her little tits for her while she shampooed her red hair.

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