A husband walks in on his wife and her best friend

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It felt like any other Tuesday, when I left for work, kissing my wife Carol goodbye. Work was productive and I actually got my inbox cleared early for a change. Leaving the office at 6 instead of 8 felt like a victory. I wanted to surprise my wife, maybe even get in a quickie before dinner. Only, I was the one who got surprised.

I heard the moans the moment I came through the condo door. Living room. On the couch, its back to the front door. Both voices female.

Approaching the back of the couch, I recognized my wife’s blond-haired head first, face down in a 69 with someone. I crept closer, caught the sight of long strawberry-blond hair splayed over the couch’s edge. There’s only one woman Carol knew with that natural shade of hair, her life-long friend Shannon, who lived across town.

I ran the back of my fingernail down Carol’s spine and she shivered. She turn her head to confirm that it was me, then breathlessly said, “Hi, hon. Shannon stopped by,” before lowering her head to lick her best friend’s privates some more. I don’t think Shannon knew I was there, yet, Carol’s thighs were firmly against her ears and her eyes were closed.

“I can see that, sweetie,” I said. To the best of my knowledge, Carol and Shannon had never been intimate with each other before, but this was probably not the time to ask about that. Instead, I disrobed, came around the couch, and knelt by Carol and she turned and sucked my half-hard dick into her mouth, quickly making me fully stiff.

I heard a mumbled, “Why’d’ya stop?” before Shannon noticed me, squealing, “Chad! Oh, fuck! We… we…”

“Everything’s fine, Shan,” I reassured her. “You aren’t doing anything wrong.”

“Anton left me for her,” she said, as explanation, right before returning her tongue to exploring my wife’s pussy. Anton was her slime-ball of a husband, caught in the cliche of a dentist cheating with his fresh-out-of-school hygienist. He begged Shannon for a second chance, only to leave anyway? Idiot.

I could guess the rest. Shannon would have come over for sympathy, and it turned into something else. Something delicious. Something from a wet dream.

Carol pulled off my cock long enough to say, “Don’t overthink it, Chad. Fuck my mouth!” Carol was bossiest when she was turned on and anything that got between her and an orgasm, whether hers or mine, was her enemy, even if it was my tendency to think too much.

I pushed steadily forward with my hips, felt Carol swallow around my glans and into her throat I slipped. In and out I thrust, giving Carol time to breathe and swirl her tongue around me. Behind her head, I saw Shannon’s plump-lipped pussy glistening from some combination of spit and secretions, and couldn’t resist reaching for it with my left hand. I slipped two fingers between her engorged labia, coating them in her wetness, then slid them repeatedly on either side of her clit. From the renewed moans coming from between Carol’s legs, Shannon was appreciating my touch.

Carol backed off to swirling her tongue around my cockhead, stroking my wet shaft with one hand, pressing her thumb along the underside on the up stroke. “Come for me, baby,” she mumbled, already knowing how close I was.

Shannon might have thought Carol was talking to her, too, as she began to spasm under my fingers, crying out, “AArrgghhHH! Cummmminggg!!” just as my own ejaculation burst forth, shooting across Carol’s lips and chin, maybe half getting into her mouth, the rest dripping down her cheeks and jaw, as she was mostly horizontal still.

Carol slipped off of the couch long enough to spin around and bring her mouth to Shannon’s, sharing my spunk in a deep kiss that made Shannon’s eyes bug out as my taste registered. This gave me my first good look at Shannon’s naked body. Sure, I’d seen her in bikinis before, but fairly modest ones. Two inches shorter than my wife, Carol had confided that her friend outweighed her by 10 pounds and felt insecure about her weight. It all showed up as curves and a softer build than Carol’s more athletic figure. To me, she was centerfold gorgeous, and my wife knew I felt that way. On her back, her firm D-cup tits spread out only a little bit, and I pictured myself tit-fucking them.

As I watched the two of them exchanging my cum, I raised my hand and licked Shannon’s juices from my fingers. ‘A little tarter than Carol’s’, I thought, trying to commit her flavor to memory. In case this was as far as contact with Shannon actually went. Sure, Carol and I had talked from time to time about having a threesome and Shannon’s name had certainly been raised as a prospect, but was today that day? Or was this just between the two of them?

My erection returned, just from watching them and imagining what might be next. I’ll admit, I was in my head too much again and didn’t see the hand that reached over to take hold of my dick. Looking down, I saw it was Shannon’s. She said, “Earth to Chad. Are you in there?”

I gave my head a quick shake, saying, “Sorry. Looking forward instead of being present in the moment.”

“Looking forward to fucking me, I hope,” she said.

“Top of the list,” I said.

“There’s a list?” Shannon asked, chuckling.

Carol answered for me, “It’s not like he just started thinking about it two minutes ago, hon. Or did you really not know that Chad’s had a thing for you for as long as we’ve both known him?”

It would have been pointless to protest that, because it was true.

“Well, yeah,” Shannon responded, still stroking my dick. “It’s not hard to tell when a guy’s eyes are drawn to your body. I just didn’t expect it extended to fantasizing about fucking me, when he’s got you, Miss Perfect Body.”

“Are you kidding me, Shannon?” I asked. “You’re both perfect in my eyes, just in different ways. But it’s not just your bodies that draw me in, it’s the whole package. If… if I could have married both of you, I would have.”

“We’re going for the deep conversation, are we?” Shannon quipped.

“Maybe not right this minute,” I said. “You keep jacking me like that, soon I won’t be able to think straight.”

“Let’s take this to the bed, guys,” Carol said. “That cock needs to be put to better use than just being frigged.”

I helped both ladies up, and walked hand-in-hand to the king bed in our bedroom. Carol directed me onto my back, then knelt against my shoulders, lowered her pussy to my face, and I started licking her right away. I didn’t know how long they had been making love before I walked in, so I didn’t know whether Carol had come already, but she certainly hadn’t since I’d been home. I set out to bring her to orgasm quickly, rapidly flicking her erect clit.

As a result of Carol blocking my view, I could feel but not see Shannon climb over my cock and put it between her labia, rubbing her clit with the head several times before moving the shaft to line up with her opening. Slowly, she lowered herself as we both savored the hot, wet sensation of consummating this fantasy I’d had for the previous ten years, since meeting them both in college.

Reality is never the same as fantasy, and this was so much more than I had imagined. In comparison to Carol, the feeling of her thicker legs against my sides, a tighter pussy and the slight difference in weight were not anticipated but delightful. Even her hands bracing herself on my chest felt different.

“Unnngghh!” she grunted, as she finished taking me inside and lifted her hands to start bouncing on me. “Oh fuck you feel good in me, Chad!”

“Mmmm-hmmm” I grunted back, my tongue deep inside Carol at the time. The vibration made Carol giggle right before she came, spasming around my tongue.

I raised my hands to caress Carol’s breasts, only to find Shannon’s hands already there. I followed her arms to her own chest, and palmed both of her tits, her hard nipples nestling between my middle and ring fingers, where I could give them a little squeeze.

Shannon was bouncing on me hard and fast. I felt Carol lean forward, and her right arm slid by mine to rub the junction between my cock and Shannon’s slit, before she moved slightly to caress Shannon’s clit. Only a few moments of this were needed before Shannon jerked and started to cum, gyrating her pussy into Carol’s hand, while I started thrusting up into her. My hands dropped to her hips as I pulled her back down onto me with each stroke, her ass slapping against my legs.

Shannon cried out, “Fuck me, Chad!! Ohshitshitfuck!! Aaaiieee! Cummming again!”

As Shannon came down from her latest crescendo, I still hadn’t gotten Carol to cum, so focused entirely on her, sucking her clit into my mouth, and driving two fingers into her cunt, seeking her gspot. It only took a couple of strokes across it before she screamed, “Chad, ohmygod right there right there!! Oohhhhh!! Fuck!!”

Shannon had resumed her up and down motion on my dick, and I felt my orgasm getting closer. Carol rolled off of me, still shuddering, and I could make eye contact with Shannon. As we gazed into each other’s eyes, I felt pure love flowing between us. I reached for her tits again, and pinched both nipples, just as I launched my first spurt of jizz into her, and she came yet again, collapsing against my hands. I let her down far enough to latch onto one nipple with my mouth, while still squeezing the other between my fingers.

“I’m still cumming,” she whispered. The way her pussy was rippling around me, she didn’t have to say it. I thrust into her three more times as my erection wilted, then let her lay on my chest, my cock still held inside her.

Shannon lay her head on my collar bone, facing Carol on my other side. Carol leaned over me to kiss Shannon, then lay back on my other shoulder.

After a minute, she asked, “Chad?”

“Yeah, hun?” Here came that deeper conversation.

“Were you serious when you said you wished you could have married both of us?” she probed.

I answered, “It was love at first sight, for both of you, the moment we met. If Shannon had not already been dating Paul back then, I don’t know if I could have chosen between you both. If I had known then what I just learned tonight, I would have tried dating both of you the minute she and Paul broke up. How that would have worked out, I don’t know.”

“And now?” Carol asked.

“I still love you both, although our life together certainly gives you an edge in the amount of time we’ve had to demonstrate that love. Are you headed somewhere with this?” I asked.

“I want Shannon to move in with us once her divorce is final. I want to share you with her. If you’re willing, that is.”

I turned to Shannon and asked, “Is that what you want, Shannon?”

She smiled sweetly and said, “I realized over the past few weeks that my happiest times were when I was with the two of you. For ten years, I’ve been measuring every guy I dated against you, and they fell all short. I settled for Anton when he proposed, because he came close, until even that proved to be a lie, a facade for a fucking cheater to hide behind. I don’t want second-best any more, even if means I’m only getting half of you, although it also means I get half of Carol, too.”

Carol said, “What you walked in on tonight was the result of Shannon asking me if she could marry us. I think it’s a perfect answer to where our hearts are, where they’ve always been, don’t you?”

Without any hesitation, I said, “Since it appears you proposed to us, Shannon, my answer is ‘Yes, we’ll marry you.’ I guess I didn’t just walk in on a tryst, I walked in on love.”

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