Evil step sister take advantage of brother

Lori and Amanda looked me over and went in before me. At least my extreme nervousness made my erection disappear. The moment before following my sisters in, I wished for the days when I had a uniform.

I went through the door and made my way among the girls. Lori and Amanda stood near the door to the kitchen just watching. At first no one seemed to notice, but then one by one conversations fell silent, then whispers turning to exclamations, “oh my god! he’s naked!”. Most of the girls were as sheltered as my step sisters and probably had never seen a naked boy before. I was sure they were all still virgins.


Everyone stopped what they were doing, there had to be at least twenty of their friends in the room. Most of them had been there they day at the pool. If they thought they gotten an eye full then, they were surprised now. Lori and Amanda watched the scene with amusement.

My face felt hot, I felt all eyes on me. I stood still having nowhere to go where I would be less exposed. I realized that my step sisters hadn’t told their friends that I’d be naked. My state was a shock to them making the initial realization and my humiliation last longer.

I tried to act like nothing was going on, I continued to go around the room asking various girls if there was anything I could get them. I got some dirty remarks and had my butt grabbed a few times. I was thrilled to note that Tiffany wasn’t there. As I walked around people would stop talking and watch my dick go by.

I couldn’t believe this could happen. My body was on display for 20 girls… 21 I thought as the bell rang. Just as I was starting to get over what was happening there would be yet another person to see me naked for the first time.

I went to the front door and opened it. There were three girls standing there chatting, Tiffany was among them. Their talking ceased as they took in the view. Their eyes went from my face to chest to my balls. Tiffany was the only one to look back up at me, into my red face. I shrugged my shoulders having nothing I could say. The size of her smile told me what her initial thoughts were.

Lori came over to greet the new arrivals. She introduced me and told them that I’d be their server for the night. The girls sounded excited and told my step sister that she was awesome. Two of them ran to Amanda giving hugs and greetings. Tiffany stayed behind, “Wow” she remarked.

She crossed her arms and took a small step back to get a fuller view. “So this is the rest of you huh?” she said, having a little fun with me. “Kind of makes us even”. As she looked, my excitement overcame my nervousness and my dick grew. She watched as it got semi-hard and then fully erect. “Wow” she repeated and walked into the party.

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